Tarot February 26th: Seeking Wisdom with the Hierophant

Welcome to your February 26th tarot message!

The Hierophant is the fifth major arcana, representing spiritual wisdom, tradition, and religious structures and institutions. This is a very high vibration tarot card, so sacredness is on the horizon…

What Does the Hierophant Symbolism Represent? 

The Hierophant depicts a holy and religious looking man who is a teacher or expert sitting between two pillars. These pillars form a sacred temple, and he is the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess. 

He rules the star sign Taurus, and wears three robes; a red robe, a blue robe, and a white robe. Red symbolizes passion, blue communication, and white purity.

He also wears a three-tiered crown, which symbolizes the three worlds over which he rules, the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. In his left hand is a Papal Cross, a triple scepter that signifies his religious status.

His right hand is finally raised in a religious blessing with two fingers pointing towards heaven and two towards earth. Below him are two followers kneeling beneath his feet, asking for his wisdom and guidance…

1. Spiritual values 

Today’s cosmic message is to get in tune with spiritual values that serve your soul and true path. Your life path, plan, and purpose is called into the spotlight. The Hierophant represents morality, conscious choice, and the tried and tested.

For instance, ideas, beliefs, and philosophies that have been reinforced throughout the centuries, or Ages! Today’s energy brings routined and structured doctrine, values that can be learned from and further shared, with some order and grounding.

Your spiritual views and beliefs may be vast, expansive, or unlimited, in tune with holism and multidimensionality, yet the way you engage in such beliefs- either learning/receiving or sharing/giving, should have some structure.

Traditional values are called into conscious awareness. A prime example is taking the teachings of Buddha seriously, reading the Bible, or joining a new spiritual organization or school of thought with a strong and respected following.

As Taurus energy is strong, this signifies grounding, duties, responsibilities, practicalities, empathy, generosity, and benevolence related to your religion or spirituality.

Taurus is conservative and resistant to change, however equally compassionate. The empathy and compassion aspects open a portal to holistic thinking, interconnectedness, divine truths, and established wisdom- concrete ideas.

2. Work with a teacher, guide, or mentor

You’re being guided to call on the help of a teacher or guide, or an expert, mentor, or elder. Consider how to advance your education, profession, vocation, skillset, or service. Be open to wisdom and new information, as well as ideologies and qualifications.

New qualifications might be just what you need right now, to excel and move forward with your hopes, plans, and dreams. It could very well be that your aspirations are tied into spirituality at this time.

Consider taking a class, workshop or course, either online or in person, that can help you develop. Aim for self-mastery. Think about leveling up, reaching new heights, and open yourself up to new knowledge and wisdom. 

Alternatively, you are being called into elder or expert status. You might be attracting new clients, getting a promotion, or leveling up in general. If you work in any counseling, holistic, well-being, religious, or spiritual field, this is an excellent cycle.

The Hierophant is a positive omen. It’s also a Monday, the day of the Moon, so consider how you can be more emotionally intelligent, receptive, magnetic, nurturing, and caring, as well as selfless, instinctive, and intuitive in your dealings.

Learning through structure and age-old traditions is key to the Hierophant too. If you’re looking to expand your mind and heart or broaden your horizons, go with something or someone reputable.

Look for reviews, followings, and real-world status. This is not a “superficial” route, but a wise one. Taurus can be both superficial and wise beyond years, so there’s a hidden message here. Moreover, always consult your intuition before agreeing to something.

3. Subconscious and conscious unification

The guidance inspires harmonizing your subconscious and conscious minds, as its subconscious memoires where hidden information is kept. Past wisdoms and experiences flow up through the subconscious and subtle planes….

Then, they reach your conscious mind. Journaling, self-therapy, music healing, art or nature therapy, meditation, yoga, tai chi, nature walks, and even sleep can stimulate subconscious knowledge!

As the Hierophant is spiritual morality and wisdom of the highest order, a lot of the answers you’re seeking lie in your subconscious mind.

Dreams coupled with seer-like qualities tend to expand with the Hierophant as well, so be open to any messages or guidance being shown to you in dreams. 

You may be visited by one of famous psychologist Carl Jung’s “dream characters” representing the universal archetypes. For example, a wise old grandmother or grandfather figure. These universal archetypes bring an elder, sage-like energy.

4. Shadow Healing with the Hierophant. Be mindful of:

  • An overly rigid or conservative outlook and belief systems- be open-minded and open to change and evolution of the times too.
  • Challenging the status quo for the sake of non-conformity; unconscious rebellious tendencies…
  • A lack of personal beliefs, ideologies, and philosophies, as well as freedom.

Transform Conservative Views into Freedom and Self-Expression with the Hierophant! Merge the Old and the New:

A final message of the day is to balance, merge, and unite old ways- the tried and tested- with new systems and ideas. Can you put an original spin on something old? Is one of your primary belief systems perhaps a little outdated?

Be more imaginative, intuitive, and open-minded while respecting and honoring existing religious and spiritual systems. It’s a great day for emotional intelligence….