Tarot December 18: Navigate Life’s Choices with The Lovers’ Guidance

Unlock Your Love Destiny: The Lovers Tarot Reveals Secrets to Transform Your Relationships! Explore Sacred Symbols, Break Free from Toxic Cycles, and Embrace Higher Love Today. Your Path to Passion, Intimacy, and Soulful Connections Starts Now!

Welcome to your December 18th Tarot message!

Today is a message of balance, unity, and love, unifying opposing forces. The Lovers is the seventh major arcana, with the number 7 representing light; 7 is linked to kundalini energy, which is your spiritual life force.

Sensuality, sexuality, and psychic and spiritual powers are connected to kundalini energy. The Lovers is a call to recognize duality and dualistic forces in all things. Let’s find out more.

Love, Romance, and Partnership

Love, romance, and partnership are on the cards for you today, or you should be finding ways to enhance these themes in your life. The Lovers is a call to deeper sensuality, depth, and soul bonding. You can find more intimacy in your life.

You’re being asked to explore the parts of you that need nurturing, bonding, and connection. Today is a call to companionship. If you’re in a loving partnership, you’re being guided to find fun and joyous things to do with them. Creative cooking, baking, gardening, exchanging massages, performing meditation together, going on a trip, or making love are all possibilities.

If you’re single, you’re guided to mingle. Explore your love interests, and be open to meeting a new person who spars your passionate and romantic side. Contemplate the potential soulmates you’ve met on your journey so far. Could any of them be “the one?”

As the Lovers also represents conscious choices, you’re being given a chance to explore, contemplate, and evaluate without pressure. Consider sitting in prayer, ceremony, or meditation to explore your options and your love style, needs, and desires.

What Does the Lovers Symbolism Represent?

The card itself depicts a naked man and woman standing beneath archangel Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals.’ This represents emotional and physical healing; Archangel Raphael blesses them and reminds them of their union with the divine. 

This naked couple portrays purity, innocence, and unity, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Once you find balance and harmony with your inner masculine and feminine energies, you can then unite with a lover who is your perfect match. 

Yin and yang complement each other. The Lovers further symbolizes a spiritual connection within a sexual and primal bond. They stand in a beautiful landscape, symbolic of the Garden of Eden. This further represents fertility, natural beauty, and a deep connection with both natural and spiritual laws. 

There’s an apple tree, the apple being a symbol of knowledge, grounding, and connecting to the sacredness of life and self. Also, longevity, good health, and fortune. There’s a snake, which signifies wisdom, self-knowledge, personal power, kundalini energy, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening!

Behind the man is a tree with twelve flames, specifically representing the 12 zodiac signs. A final element to the Lovers card is in the man looking towards the woman who is looking towards the angel, which signifies the path of the conscious (man) to the subconscious (woman) to the superconscious (angel). Also, the journey from physical needs and desires to emotional intelligence to spiritual illumination.

You can reflect on all of these symbols to further your reflection and self-care practice today. Apply the meanings to your own life, needs, and desires.

Karmic Vs Higher Love

Perhaps you’re someone who is ready to transcend karmic love, the toxic cycles linked to youth and immaturity. Today’s message is to embrace your Higher Self in alignment with love, sex, and intimacy

Toxicity is linked to karmic love; when we are in the darkness, unaware of our shadow attributes, we tend to fall for karmic soulmates. These are the soulmates who activate and spark our rainbow bodies, but also toxic traits. They bring us joy, ecstasy, passion, love, and companionship; however, they keep us in karmic cycles. 

This means perpetuating negative karmic repercussions, for example, bad karma repealed from jealousy, envy, and hatred or wrong acts committed “in the name of love.” Higher love, true love, doesn’t ask us to engage in sin. 

So, contemplate how a higher lover soulmate might be better for your life path. For instance, finding someone older and mature or someone in a community, conscious festival, or spiritual scene setting.

Conscious Choices and Free Will

Today, you’re being asked to reclaim your sovereignty and independence. You’re given a blessing by the angels, specifically Archangel Gabriel, to refind your personal power and free will. You don’t have to be bound to toxic cycles! 

The Lovers card is closely tied to the Devil card, which symbolizes the devil binding two people, a naked man and woman, together. They’re bound through lust, temptation, and sin. They believe they don’t have a choice, yet they do. 

This is something interesting to note. Finally, the holistic symbolism of The Lovers represents passion, love, raw emotions, sensuality, desires, sexual needs, intimacy, companionship, and relationships of all kinds. 

These are the energies to work with today for your best life. As a spiritual person, you likely have some strong sensitivities. If you are an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP), the Lovers can help you overcome shyness and timidity.

Ask your angels, spirit guides, and personal team to shower you with love and strength. Call on spiritual support; you can heal your wounds and clear toxic energy from your auric field today. Past pain, trauma, and heartache can be released for good.

Primal needs can be balanced with spiritual values, and ethics, emotions, and instincts can be harmonized with logic and reasoning, and yin and yang- feminine and masculine energies can be unified and balanced. 

Once you find harmony within, you are much better equipped to find your ideal soulmate! Stay positive, work on healing your wounds, and connect to your source of power, vulnerability, and innocence. 

Today is a day to be honest and authentic with your emotions, feelings, and intentions for love. Finally, an interesting final thought: have you explored multiple belief systems? The Lovers can present choices related to monogamy, polyamory, and celibacy. This is a call to open-mindedness, greater vision within the realm of love and intimacy, and self-evolution.


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