Tarot December 19: Conquer Your Challenges by Charging Ahead with The Chariot

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Welcome to your December 19th message!

The Chariot represents action, willpower, and determination, as well as success, discipline, and self-control. Today’s cosmic message is one of movement and change, but also structure and discipline.

The Chariot calls you towards your mission or spiritual destiny! Or maybe travel, expanding your horizons, and new pathways of study and healing? Who knows. Let’s find out more.

Travel, Movement, and Change

Today’s cosmic theme is one of change, travel, and movement. You’re being blessed with positive energies and life force to move ahead in life, make significant changes, and change your life story.

You might be guided to enroll in a new course of study, embark on a new professional or cultural path, or expand your horizons through study. The Chariot symbolizes movement, which links to any life area. For example, on the emotional, spiritual, physical, or psychological planes.

The Chariot’s energy brings many blessings, as long as you’re willing to let go of stubbornness, possessiveness, and negative feelings, including grudges, resentment, jealousies, or hatred. You can only welcome positive change if you’re willing to let stagnant or blocked energy move.

Further, actual travel might be on the horizon, and any subconscious or subtle messages you receive should be taken seriously. You may choose to take a trip for study, self-care, healing, personal development, spiritual growth, or professional expansion.

Tune into your Higher Self today, get out old journals, consult your dream diary, or sit in a long meditation. Sage your personal space, your aura, or your room, and discover how to align your chakras. Your subtle energy bodies matter! There’s more than the physical realm and body.

Today, reflect on how you can take more trips for work, self-care, or education, change to a nomadic life, like buying campervans or motorhomes, and increase money saved for holidays, getaways, or spiritual pilgrimages that soothe your soul.

Your Soul Calling, Life Path, or Spiritual Mission!

There’s a level of prestige and fame associated with the Chariot. Today, you can energize your soul calling, life path, or spiritual mission. You can find your life purpose. You can look towards a bright future through being honest with your needs and desires.

If you’ve been seeking answers to important questions, the Chariot can help you. The energy is energizing, aligning, stabilizing, balancing, and centering. It leads to deep insight, inspiration, and self-respect.

Social standing, professional status, fame, victory, and prestige, are linked to the Chariot’s unique vibrations. Take some time today to examine the qualifications, real-world connections, and professional victories you have.

The Chariot calls for real energy, nothing fake, superficial, or rooted in fantasy. The energy is perfect for increasing your qualifications, diplomas, professional connections, and so forth, as well as your services, talents, and unique gifts.

Are you aware of your soul calling or life purpose? Have you attended a monastery, vipassana, spiritual retreat, shamanic workshop, or course aimed to put you on the right path? Within your soul, there is a blueprint of information linked to your ideal path, career, or vocation. Today’s energy is perfect for discovering this.

Healing, Forgiveness, and Moving On…

You can work with the Chariot to develop personal belief systems, in addition to recognizing your worth, self-esteem, and position in the world. Today, on December 19th, reflect on the themes of healing and forgiveness.

It’s only when we forgive that we can move on, moving forward into new chapters with grace, integrity, and nobility. The Chariot symbolizes integrity, selflessness, strength, dignity, charm, charisma, personal power, and authority. Also, modesty and majesty.

As the Chariot is number 8 in the tarot deck (major arcana), this signifies infinity- limitless potential, infinite wisdom, and multiple opportunities for abundance, prosperity, and blessings.

Get clear on your goals, develop strong boundaries, and strengthen your mind. Develop better focus, concentration, and systems for education, study, and learning and self-development. Create a vision board or reflect on the higher vision for yourself.

To align with your future self and best life, you must release the past. This means clearing, cleansing, and letting go- letting go of past belief systems, relationships, and chapters that no longer serve you, or serve your best life and self.

The Chariot inspires psychological growth, awareness, tenacity, mental wit, and strength. You are the captain of your own ship, you steer your destiny. The Chariot teaches you how to be more strong-willed, focused, and disciplined.

Through emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and cleansing, you release the past to make space for the future. Letting go of pain, grudges, unforgiveness, and so forth opens doorways to fresh perspectives and opportunities. This is the wisdom for today.

What Does the Chariot Symbolism Represent?

The Chariot card shows a brave warrior standing inside a chariot, he wears armor decorated with crescent moons, a tunic with a square on, and other alchemical symbols. The crescent moons symbolize what’s coming into being, while the square signifies the strength of will.

There is a laurel and star crown symbolizing victory, success, and spiritual evolution. The chariot has no reign, it drives itself, suggesting natural forces of divine will and inspiration. His mind, willpower, and intentions alone drive the chariot.

He is standing up, not sitting down, symbolic of taking action. In front of him is a black and white sphinx, symbolizing duality, positive and negative forces, and light and darkness, moreover masculine and feminine energies.

A final key piece of imagery to reflect on is how the sphinxes are pulling in opposite directions, yet it is the man driving them. Sphinxes link to ancient Egypt- sovereignty, nobility, and majesty.

You should be directing your mental energies for creation, creating your reality, and influencing your future self. You can attract everything you need and desire into your life, manifest your dreams, and realize your goals and aspirations.

This is an excellent card for psychological will, strengthening and integrating problem-solving, higher mental reasoning, cognitive gifts, intellect, wit, logic, and analytical thinking can be developed and integrated.

If you struggle with psychological or intellectual rapport, communication, and connection, use the energy of today to develop these. Spiritual healing can be combined with professional development for amplified inner majesty and nobility, to make the right decisions for your life path.


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