Tarot December 21: Seeking Solitude with The Hermit’s guidance for inner reflection

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Welcome to your December 21st tarot message!

The Hermit, the 10th major arcana, represents introspection, soul-searching, and inner guidance. The cosmic theme of the day is to attune to your inner Hermit, a symbol for being alone, reflection, and finding your source of wisdom and strength.

What Does the Hermit Symbolism Represent?

The Hermit card depicts a Hermit standing on top of a snowy mountain, symbolizing spiritual illumination, mastery, and accomplishment. In his right hand, there is a lantern with a six-pointed star inside, also known as the Seal of Solomon.

This represents wisdom and higher power, while the lantern represents the Hermit walking his path with nothing but a lamp to light his way, illuminating only a few steps of his journey in front of him.

In his right hand there’s a long staff, portraying power, authority, and boundaries. There is always a staff (tool) available to clear obstacles in his way, as well as ground, balance, align, protect, and center him. There is always protection available.

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice! Meditate on the Hermit’s symbolism.

Create a sacred space for meditation, prayer, and ritual to align and cleanse any negative energy from the past 6 months. Go inside, dive deep, and get out old journals and books or healing tools that remind you of your worth.

Solitude and Introspection

The Hermit’s energy inspires solitude and introspection, which, in turn, provide wisdom. Sacred and self-knowledge are available. You’re being guided by your angels and the divine to go within, soul search, and contemplate life’s deeper meanings.

Meditation, sound therapy, shamanic journeying, entering transcendental states of consciousness and awareness, and healing of any and all kinds can be found with the Hermit. Therapies are advised, whether it be self-therapy or visiting a therapist or counselor.

You might feel called to see a hypnotherapist, dream therapist, or reiki practitioner. You might feel guided to enroll in some complementary or holistic therapy course. In solitude and quiet time you find your truth, passions, and true talents.

Activate your Third Eye through a 24 hour water cleanse or fast. If you feel you can’t do just water, try a fruit fast. Your Third Eye becomes awakened through a purified system, a pure and balanced mind, body, & spirit system.

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Ametrine crystals are also excellent to use. Any Third Eye crystal is ideal, in fact. Make sure you cleanse and charge them before setting a little intention. Place it under or on top of your pillow at night. Alternatively, you can meditate with it to receive its healing properties!

The Hermit can help you to combat apathy, laziness, and a lack of faith and motivation to make significant changes. Small steps are necessary for the big picture vision. The Hermit can help you to be more idealistic, visionary, and pragmatic.

Protection and Higher Self Guidance

Ask your angels, spirit guides, and Higher Self for guidance. Become aware of the multiple energies at play, the many frequencies inside and in your life. Become conscious of your vital life force- where has it been? Who have you given your energy to?

In life, we often “spill.” We energize people, events, and stories, unconsciously or consciously giving them energy. The Hermit’s energy allows you to take back your power, while recognizing where you may have spilled or become misaligned.

The Hermit asks you to find inner strength, self-alignment, and higher guidance through recognizing, and taking steps towards ensuring, you are always protected. Trusting, having faith in the universe, the Great Spirit, and the Divine are part of the Hermit’s message.

Also, actively find ways to increase your boundaries. Ask your spirit guides what your next steps are, what your true path is, and where you should be directing your energy. Energy goes where awareness flows. Energy flows where attention goes.

Soul-Searching and Find Your Authentic Voice

Journey within. Get out your sage, palo santo, incense, crystals, healing tools, sound instruments, and shrine items out. Take real time to reflect and evaluate your current life trajectory. Where are you going? Where have you been? What are your long-term goals, aspirations, and dreams?

This major arcana guides you towards the depths of your soul, the deepest parts of your psyche. Faith, trust, and inspiration can be sought and found. You’re being asked to let go of fear and step into the Unknown.

Travel, adventure, and a spiritual pilgrimage may be in divine order. Or you could be guided to take a journey through philosophy, reading, books, study, and meditative activities. Going within provides external answers.

Self-knowledge, wisdom, knowledge of sacred laws, and everything to do with self-mastery and self-evolution are part of today’s wisdom. The Unknown within and around is a source of inspiration and wisdom- there is much wisdom to be found in the subconscious and astral realms.

Shadow Work, Anyone?!

Darkness is a space shamans and spiritual seekers enter to find their authentic selves. Awareness of your shadow attributes, traits, and follies are found in the shadow, subconscious, and astral realms.

Through the Hermit’s symbolism, you will find there will always be a light to guide your way. Illumination is always available. Darkness is where light comes from, so any life question, query, or concern can be found and illuminated.

You can work with today’s energy for secrets coming to light, mysteries and life’s deeper meanings being unraveled, and dormant or previously unknown gifts coming to conscious light.

Shadow work and integration is a golden ticket to greatness today. There’s divine support, guidance, and powerful wisdom available in shadow work. If you’re quite introspective and solitude-loving naturally, this is an excellent energy for leaving your bubble.

The Hermit is great for all sorts of divinatory, spiritual, and healing work, in addition expanding your horizons, stepping out of your comfort zone, and making significant changes.

Lifestyle choices better in alignment with your life’s purpose and Higher Self come into the Hermit’s domain, as do exploring the metaphysical realms and dimensions, including esoteric knowledge and key teachings on spirituality and the Healing Arts.

These things can serve as a doorway to your Higher Self, soul, and life’s deeper purpose. Personal truth can be discovered, moreover escaping everyday routines, the mundane, and the habits and cycles that serve your ego or material needs can be transcended.

Some final advice: go on a weekend getaway, a healing or wellbeing retreat, or a spiritual pilgrimage. Aim for deeper sacredness, like incorporating daily prayer, meditation, and sacred or shamanic rituals for purification.

The Hermit’s energy cleanses, purifies, and aligns


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