Tarot December 22: Embracing New Experiences and the turning tides of The Wheel of Fortune

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Welcome to your December 22nd tarot message!

The Wheel of Fortune represents life cycles, good karma, and lots of luck. Today is an amazing day for fresh starts and new beginnings, whether that be in mindsets, love, health, career, or family bonds!

Positive Karma and Rewards

The Wheel of Fortune is here on the day of Solstice, a powerful day for setting your intentions. The first main theme lies in karmic rewards for good deeds and past actions. Charitable deeds, kindness, and beautiful acts of selflessness or humility will be rewarded now.

Today’s energy is a call to reaping good rewards through past positive karma. Positive actions, words, and intentions reap good karma, it’s this simple. Be a good person, set pure intentions, and live with dignity, integrity, and nobility and you will receive.

It’s an excellent energy for receiving what is justly yours combined with setting intentions for new beginnings and fresh starts. If you hold stellar intentions you will receive stellar rewards.

As it’s both Solstice and Christmas, now is the time to receive, be open to gifts from friends and family, and keep an eye out for new clients or professional blessings.

Additionally, if you’re a natural giver, this energy can help you to be receptive to the gifts and blessings of others. It can be difficult to receive, so be more open to the idea of receiving abundance and blessings.
Life involves a yin-yang balance, a balance of feminine surrender, flow, passivity, receptivity, and submissiveness, and masculine action, assertiveness, dominance, will, and force.

The Wheel of Fortune restores balance. The message of today is to remember the importance of balance, harmony, and unity. You are worthy of love, abundance, and protection! You are a divine being.
What you give out shall return to you. When you give, you are set to receive. When you act with humility and integrity, you’re destined to receive the same level of protection and luck back.

Perform some mantras, such as, ‘I am worthy of abundance.’ ‘I deserve to receive for all the light I shine in the world.’ ‘I am a pure-hearted being who’s good intentions reap positive rewards.’

Good Luck, Abundance, and Prosperity

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes prosperity and abundance, therefore now is a good day to think about money, fertility, and the money you make through your job, career, or vocation. Your services in the world or to society come to the forefront of today’s focus.

Good luck flows to you when you stay positive and keep an open mind. The name of the game is on positive self-talk, optimistic thinking, and being more clear on the thoughts you project out into the world.

Like a circuit, your mind can’t allow yourself to receive without the positivity and openness, or a full complete circuit. If you think negatively or fill yourself with negative speech you ultimately close yourself off to abundance and fortune.

Big blessings are available to you today, either within the next week or so or the imminent future. Reflect on past good actions and where money or gifts are due. Think big, stay optimistic, and give your memory a reboot to times where you put good energy and light out into the world.

You may want to consider buying some Ginkgo Biloba, which is also known as the Memory Tree. This can spark powerful energy pathways as well as initiate memories that may have become lost, pushed down, or temporarily forgotten.

Today, ask your angels for support. Find a way to reconnect to your subconscious mind, where memories and past experiences are kept, either through dreams, transcendental or visualization meditation, journaling, nature therapy, or crystals, therapy, or spiritual work.

Fresh starts are on the horizon, new beginnings in career, wealth, and finances too. You should check in with your income flow, revisit your savings account or future income list, and set your mind on money for the day or some significant part of the day.

What Does the Wheel of Fortune Symbolism Represent?

The card itself depicts a giant wheel with three figures on the outer edges, and four Hebrew letters- YHVH (Yod Heh Vau Heh). The three letters mean God. There are also the words TORA, believed to be a version of the word Torah, meaning “law.”

In the corners of the wheel are four winged creatures, each associated with the four Fixed signs of the zodiac, Aquarius the angel, Scorpio the eagle, Leo the lion, and Taurus the bull. Their wings signify stability, movement, and change.

The middle wheel has the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulfur, water, and salt; on the outer circle is a snake descending on the left hand side, the Egyptian God Typhon, known as the god of evil. The snake represents life force, sexual and spiritual power, and illumination, as well as creative, psychic, sensual, intuitive, and instinctive gifts.

On the right side is Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead who links to the underworld. On top of the wheel is a sphinx, portraying knowledge, ancient wisdom, and strength, moreover majesty and higher truth.

Meditate on the symbolism today, finding ways to integrate it into your daily waking life reality. You might want to set an intention for dreams too, for instance, asking for some dream wisdom or insight to shine through.

This is a card of fortune and fate turning in your favor, rewards for past positive karmic actions and intentions returning to you. Freedom, liberation, and independence are yours. Incredible fortune, abundance, and blessings are on the horizon.

You can break through negative cycles, return back to your center, and align with your North Node. Consider exploring your natal (birth) chart, getting a reading, or finding a free online source. Your destiny and magical future awaits


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