Tarot December 25: Transforming with Death and embracing life’s inevitable changes

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Welcome to your December 25th tarot message!

Death, the 14th major arcana, represents endings, transitions, and transformation. It’s time to come to terms with ego death, physical death, and the reality and concept of loss. Fortunately, endings and closure lead to new beginnings! So let’s see what’s in store.

What Does the Death Symbolism Represent?

The Death card depicts “death” as a skeleton dressed in black armor riding a white horse. He signifies invisibility, invisibility, and eternal life, moreover is a messenger of life’s transitions. He is dark, yet the horse is a symbol for purity.

White portrays purity, faith, clairvoyance, innocence, and intuition, as well as spiritual illumination. The armor shows he is always protected, while his black flag with a white five-petal rose, symbolizes beauty, purification, and immortality.

Number 5 represents change, endings, and movement. In the background there’s a river with a boat akin to magical boats escorting the dead to the afterlife.

On the horizon, the sun sets between two towers, a symbol also appearing in the Moon card, which signifies a new cycle each day. This is a positive omen.

1. Endings, Loss, and Closure

Endings, loss, and closure can be reflected on or experienced today. It’s Christmas day, so you will either be in a life cycle where you do not have the blessing of loved ones or family near to you, or in a position of soon saying goodbye to loved ones (after meeting up for holiday spirits).

Death is a symbol for goodbyes in the spirit realm and on the physical plane. Death represents saying goodbye to those who have touched your soul. Today, reflect on the loss of a pet or family member or both.

Wake up and say a prayer to bless your passed over loved ones in the spirit realm. Sit in meditation or prayer to send healing light and love to their souls. Make sure you do this today! The stars are sending you some high spiritual vibrations for closure.

Secondly, think about how lucky you are to be around friends and family. If you are with your family, friends, work colleagues, a community, or with your own partner and children, really appreciate your time together.

Any positive energy given to life and good health will amplify for beautiful manifestation and rewards in the next few months. Gratitude is a powerful vibration that allows for higher consciousness energy to flow, as well as new life force, prosperity, and loving bonds!

Thirdly, consider a bit of depth and soul to any goodbye you give the people near you today or within the next three days. Make eye contact, see their Higher Self, and set some pure intentions for their best life. Really feel it. Emotions and sincerity go a long way when it comes to today’s energy, which ripples out into the coming week.

2. New Beginnings and Transitions: Releasing the Past

Death asks you to come to terms with transitions and endings that lead to new beginnings. As you release the past, clear old cycles, and heal from old wounds, new space and energy emerges. Death may seem dark, but it’s a very powerful omen.

Old emotional baggage, scars, and wounds can be transcended today, or at least worked on. Is it time to work on trauma? The energy today inspires honesty and accountability. It’s time to clear, cleanse, release, purge, and purify.

This can happen on any of the planes, the emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual dimensions. Purification and cleansing follows releasing and accepting. Grief and loss can be dealt with, as can tuning into your subconscious to bring to light hidden, secret, or repressed forces, emotions, and so forth.

Overall, the energy of today motivates you to treat yourself with compassion, love, and kindness. This signifies getting real with your feelings and emotions around grief and loss.

Release the past, the chains that bind you, which are usually rooted in unforgiveness, a lack of self-awareness, and an inability to let go. Your angels are saying: humans can be stubborn creatures! We tend to hold on to destructive emotions for much longer than we should.

Feel, clear, cleanse, purify, and release. Always end any prayer or ritual work you do with a hand over your heart, or your Heart chakra, followed by a strong intention.

3. Unhealthy Attachments

Furthermore, unhealthy attachments coupled with toxic wounds can be overcome today. Destructive relationships, cycles, and negative patterns of conditioning can be overcome.

Death guides you to heal from pain to find more joy, to return to innocence, laughter, and connection, as well as intimacy, happiness, and soul bonding. Perhaps you need to cut ties with a person, place, or group? Maybe there is unresolved business in your aura.

You might want to sage or cleanse your energy field and home or office space today. Make it a big cleanse! Just don’t burn anything. Cutting toxic ties leads to new opportunities, healing, and fresh energy and perspectives. Your life path can be found.

Also, your life purpose can shine through when you say goodbye to toxic mindsets and attachments. You can find great wisdom and power in endings; renewal, transformation, and breakthroughs are part of Death’s symbolism.

Death asks you to transition inside yourself, to the place of soul knowing and growth. Old and destructive friendships, relationships, and bonds that only serve your younger self can be moved away from. For instance, your immature, naive, or toxic self.

The message for today is one of honesty, transparency, and authenticity, additionally helping you to see the bigger picture vision for your life. You might be able to clearly see for the first time how certain situations and events may have been karmic.

Death assists you in clearing karma and entering new and healthy chapters, where soulmates, soul family, and supportive partnerships are the new norm.

Discover peace and wisdom with the Death Tarot: Embrace endings, see beyond illusions, and uncover amazing truths.

Loss is an inevitable part of life, and today there are powerful currents from the cosmos asking you to accept, embrace, and heal. To heal, you must be both rational and in tune with your feelings- don’t bypass anything.

Never overlook the spirit of gratitude either. This is a key message. With regards to physical loss, you can start to accept and see how there is beauty in death. Death is the most powerful card to work with dealing with any major life ending, loss, or traumatic event.

As we grow older, we experience more loss. Whether it be ego loss, saddening endings, or actual death, you can find beauty and solace in your own longevity.

As the Death major arcana symbolizes endings, you can find closure with loss on any level; jobs, work, career, money, luck, love, death, and past cycles or chapters that were full of joy and wonder.


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