Tarot December 26: Achieving Harmony and balance with Temperance’s guidance

🌟 Unveil the Power of Temperance on December 26th! 🔮 Discover how this Tarot card brings balance to your life. ✨ Tap into its wisdom for unparalleled harmony!

Welcome to your December 26th tarot message!

Temperance is the card of purpose, patience, and balance, also representing your Higher Self. Temperance stands for healing, self-alignment, and angelic contact, your superconsciousness and connection to the divine.

What Does the Temperance Symbolism Represent?

The Temperance card depicts a large winged angel with both feminine and masculine energies integrated, balanced, and harmonized. She is wearing a light blue robe with a triangle inside a square, symbolizing higher consciousness.

This higher consciousness energy is bound and grounded within the material realm. The triangle represents higher consciousness, the transcendental, and union with the divine, while the square signifies structure, order, and the physical realm of the senses combined with practicalities.

The angel balances between one foot on the rock and one foot in the water, a symbol for balance between the earth element- stability, security, and ancient wisdom, and the realm of emotions, feelings, and instincts; water.

She is pouring water between two cups, which represents flow, alchemy, and harmony. In the background, there is a winding path leading to a mountain range, reflecting the journey through life; above the mountains hovers a golden crown encased in glowing light.

The crown signifies taking the higher path, choosing integrity and nobility, staying authentic, moreover remaining true to your purpose and higher mind, your Higher Self.

1. True Path, Destiny, and Purpose

Today, the energy is ripe for finding your true path, purpose, and destiny, aligning with your life path, and discovering your legacy. Hooray! What a wonderful day to be around your favorite things.

Surround yourself with beauty today, with your favorite items at home, feng shui, house plants, crystals, gemstones, pictures, or whatever else may stimulate you to connect to your inner place of peace, happiness, and solace. Follow your highest joys.

Then, tune into your Higher Self, calling on the assistance of the Archangels and angelic realm. Stay grounded- if you want higher energies to flow, you will need to be in a grounded place. Stay secure, grounded, and content in your earthly human reality.

Then, bring in some higher energies. Light vibrations are strong today, which means you can receive visions and insights into your life purpose. Connect to your innate source of wisdom, personal power, and soul-sovereignty. Know that you are seen and protected.

The message is: that you are seen and protected. There is a gathering of angels, light beings, and ascended masters surrounding you today. Consider raising the bar on your life, in a grounded and secure place, at home, to energize your life’s plan.

Get your vision board out or create a new one. Put on some music that inspires you, sparks your soul, and puts you on a course of abundance. divine flow and prosperity.

Check-in on your community or tribe, what have they been up to; what new creations have they magicked up?! Visiting your social media pages could be a great way to examine and explore how you can also shine and evolve.

Find inspiration in your tribe or online community, fellow artists, changemakers, visionaries, teachers, healers, musicians, and dreamers. Pay closer attention to what people are creating today, and make an active plan of action to be inspirational.

2. Higher Consciousness Contact and Communication

Your authentic true self is coming to light. How you express yourself, interact with others, communicate your truth, needs, talents, emotions, and desires, and put your light out into the world is the focus of the day.

All kinds of spiritual, healing, and self-development work are on the cards. If you’ve been looking to explore your connection to the angelic or Archangel realm, connect with spirit guides, or deepen your connection to the ancestral and celestial energies and entities available, now is the time to do so.

Light body activation, healing music, superfood or herbal supplements, visualization and transcendental meditation, breathwork, yoga, chi kung or tai chi, and holding an Amethyst crystal up to your Third Eye could all work a treat!

3. Alchemical Flow Dualistic Forces

The Temperance symbolism is very powerful, as it portrays the balance and harmony of dualistic energies. Yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies, and matter and spirit can come into unification.

The large winged angel with the light blue robe/triangle inside a square symbolism is great to meditate on today. As a symbol for higher consciousness combined with the harmonization of the material realm (matter) with feelings, instincts, and the divine (spirit), there is much insight available today.

You can find deeper meaning, wisdom, and self-knowledge, as well as knowledge of sacred and metaphysical laws. You can uncover secrets related to your life path, in addition to core soul passions that were previously unknown.

Additionally, take time to contemplate or implement how to balance your need for security and structure with your need for freedom and liberation. How can you stay youthful, carefree, or free-spirited while attending to your responsibilities?

You can find real peace and serenity in the knowledge that money is not the root of all evil. In other words, Temperance teaches you to acknowledge that poverty consciousness is a mindset that can be transcended, while abundance is your natural birthright.

Flow, alchemy, and harmony can be found in multiple life areas.

Find Balance, Harmony, and Unification With Temperance: Understand Why You Crave Community and Soul Bonds Seek Higher Things

You can find the unification of spiritual and material values, as well as the balance between order, logic, and practicalities- structure, the physical aspects of life and self, and the realm of instincts, emotions, feelings, subtle sensations, sensitivities, and the divine.

Spirit, the ether, the astral realms, multidimensional wisdom, higher self-awareness, and everything to do with the divine can be brought into balance and harmony. The higher can be balanced with the lower.

Through inspirational and community activities you can find out what’s going on with your soul’s plan, what your angels may have in store for you, and how you can better your future. Today is all about vision combined with conscious action.


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