Tarot December 27: Confronting Shadows and facing inner demons with The Devil

December 27 Tarot Twist 🌟: Dive Deep with The Devil Card. Confront Your Inner Shadows 🌑 and Battle Personal Demons 👹. A Day for Courageous Self-Reflection 💭 and Powerful Insights 🔮.

Welcome to your December 27th tarot message!

The Devil, the 16th major arcana, represents addictions, attachment, and the shadow self, in addition to sexuality, primality, and restrictions and limitations. It is generally considered a dark omen, yet there is wisdom to be found in the shadow realms.

What Does the Devil Symbolism Represent?

The Devil card depicts Baphomet, the horned Goat of Mendes, a creature that is half man and half goat. Baphomet originally represented the balance between good and evil, in addition to male and female, human and animal, and the spiritual and primal self.

The Devil has the wings of a vampire bat signifying sucking the blood and life force out of its prey. This symbolizes what happens when you succumb to addictions, your shadow self, and toxic traits.

Above the Devil is an inverted pentagram, a sign of darker magic and the occult. Below him is a man and a woman, both naked and chained to the podium. They appear to be held against their will, but the chain is loose and they can break free whenever they want. This represents free will, conscious choice, and limitations never being permanent!

The naked man and woman have small horns on their head, showing that they become more like the devil (and his energy) the more they stay chained. They also have tails which show their primal and animalistic side.

Lust, primal desires, and other raw chaotic, and destructive emotions keep you bound. They restrict, limit, and suppress you, they keep you blocked, stuck, and chained to karmic cycles. This is the main symbolism to heal and transcend today.

1. Addictions, Toxic Cycles, and Unhealthy Attachments

Today, you’re being asked to examine your addictions, toxic behaviors and attitudes, and unhealthy attachments. This is one of the worst cards in terms of negative or positive omens to come across, but it is Winter for many of us, a time to look inside.

We incarnate with a pure soul, moreover lots of memories from past lives. We may even have a full set of memories and experiences with us, many of us incarnate in “ascended master” form. Yet, with age and life’s challenges and pains, we forget.

Society squishes the soul! It pollutes our minds, with all of its conditionings, judgments, and lower mindsets and frequencies. Society generally encourages the lower self over the higher self; a consumerist society, slogans like ‘sex cells,’ material focus, and unnecessary things.

Society’s conditioning fuels the ego. Thus, we entwine ourselves with false stories, toxic ways, and unhealthy destructive, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Positively, a lot of healing and reflection is available.

Unhealthy relationships, behaviors, chapters, beliefs, mindsets, stories perpetuated, and dramas or bad habits can be released today! It’s an excellent day for cutting karmic cords, engaging in spiritual healing, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

2. Facing Shadows

Shadow work can be done with journaling, dream work (conscious dreaming), art, music, nature, yoga, self-therapy, meditation, or seeing a counselor or coach. Self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy is also great to explore.

The Devil can help you integrate your inner angel, through moving up and through your shadow self, as opposed to denying, rejecting, or ignoring it. We all have an inner angel and inner demon, a Higher Self, and a devilish lower self.

Your shadow self is like the wounded inner child or Lucifer who was pushed out of heaven for trying to take over God’s title and superior status. Lucifer was an angel just like the others, mighty and strong, full of compassion, and in service to the light.

Today, explore your Rainbow Body, your chakras. Essential vital life force flows from the Root to the Crown. In the Root chakra, located at the base of the spine, there are energies such as security, self-preservation, and grounding, but also libido, which can lead to lust, survival instincts, which can manifest as aggression and war or violence, and a need to procreate, which leads to battles and wars regarding longevity.

The second lower chakra is the Sacral. Positively, this symbolizes emotional intelligence, creative life force, artistic gifts, sociability, warmth, sensuality, and intimacy. Negatively, it can lead to hypersexuality, codependency, and emotional problems birthed from deep desires and sexual needs.

The higher chakras seem to have fewer problems, as they portray our need for unity, togetherness, and service. I.e. selflessness, how can my body be used as a channel to make others’ lives less hard?

Philosophically speaking, the lower chakras are symbolic of the shadow self, and further the Devil. When the focus is on survival, we become combative, competitive, and aggressive verging in violence. War and a need to conserve take over, and codependency and toxic cycles.

So, the aim of the cosmic theme today is to recognize these innate characteristics and needs. Work on your Root and Sacral chakras today, and explore their symbolism in depth. Take steps, big or small, to heal, and release yourself from the chains that bind you.

3. Sexual Wounds and Issues

Sexuality, sexual wounds and trauma, and fears, insecurities, or blocks and issues can be examined today. Lust, an overpowering libido, or a lack of libido due to fears and wounds can also be explored.

Immoral behaviors and beliefs, such as, for example, a dom-sub dynamic- extreme domination or submission needs and fantasies, can be contemplated. You’re in a safe space, there is celestial light and a kingdom of angels surrounding you.

This dom-sub theme is very common, it’s not something unusual or strange. It runs deep in our collective psyche, but it can be dangerous. It’s birthed from an imbalance in the female masculine energies, individually within us and collectively.

Overall, there are lots of sexual wounds and fears or imbalances linked to the shadow self, which is strongly tied into the Devil major arcana.

Here’s something to reflect on and aim to heal today

  • Those with more feminine energy tend to be more romantic, sensual, and gentle in love. They are submissive, with a toxic trait linked to this being overly submissive, which can result in violence.

  • Those with more masculine energy tend to be upbeat, passionate, and playful lovers. They are dominant, with a toxic trait linked to this being overly dominant or forceful, which can result in aggression.

Male or female, an imbalance of masculine and feminine energies leads to sexual wounds and violence, minor or major. Too much lust or a lack of libido, the Devil shows up for you today to heal, reflect on, and evolve.

Impulses, out-of-control instincts, and extreme desires can be cooled and tamed. If you’ve experienced sexual trauma, you can work on your shadows and wounds or pain. Take time to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Be more open to gentle activities.

Repressed emotions and desires can be worked on too. The Devil’s symbolism contains restrictions, limitations, and internal distortions. All of your shadow traits can be explored, released, and transcended.

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP), you can become addicted to another person’s stories, games, manipulations, abuse, sex, and need to dominate or control you in more severe cases.

Discover Potent Channels for Wisdom, Self-Discovery, and Shadow Healing with the Devil’s Transformative Energy; Alchemize Your Life with the Devil Major Arcana!

The Devil opens you up to deep avenues of wisdom, insight, and self-discovery, as well as higher self-guidance, understanding, and pathways to honesty. It’s time to be accountable. It’s the perfect day for being responsible and taking healing steps.

Through acceptance of your lower self and lower emotions, you can find integration combined with Higher Self-alignment. Come to terms with your fantasies, needs, and desires; the only way out and through is up and in!


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