Tarot December 28: Facing Sudden Changes and upheavals with The Tower’s shock

🌟 See how The Tower tarot card illuminates your path through December 28's surprises. 💫 Uncover ways to turn upheaval into a journey of self-discovery. 🔮 Delve into the transformative power of tarot in navigating life's unexpected turns.

Welcome to your December 28th tarot message!

Today’s message brings the energy of chaos, change, and upheaval, great awakening, and new beginnings birthed from old systems crashing down. The Tower represents old energy being cleared away for the new to emerge.

What Does the Tower Symbolism Represent?

The Tower Card is a symbol of chaos, sudden change, and great awakening, with the card itself showing a tower perched on top of a rocky mountain. Lightning is striking the building, two people leap out, head first with their arms outstretched, and chaos and destruction ensue.

The tower itself is solid, dependable, and (apparently) unbreakable, however, it has been built on very shaky, moreover false foundations. This represents dishonesty, deception, and BS in any relationship or bond formed.

The lightning represents a sudden and unexpected surge of energy and life force, and it takes only one strike of lightning to bring it down. The lightning enters the top of the building and further knocks off the crown. The building is on fire and the people are desperate to escape.

Finally, there are 22 flames, which signify the 12 signs of the zodiac coupled with 10 points of the Tree of Life.

1. Goals and Relationships Build Off of Deception or False Promises

Intentions, goals, and relationships built off of false promises, manipulation, and deception are part of today’s message for healing and insight. Lies, manipulations, and pure BS too! In other words, what in your life is false?

It’s very important to examine, evaluate, and explore today, or you will receive messages and news that bring the energy of old systems crumbling down. From youth to early adulthood and sometimes later, we entwine ourselves with others.

We create stories, desires, and ambitious long-term plans and goals, in love and otherwise, that often aren’t meant to live. Spiritually speaking, this can be called “a karmic cycle.” Not everything is toxic, but we all have toxic traits to transcend.

The Tower symbolizes lies and false promises or contracts, verbal or written, created from misdirection, faulty belief systems, and intentions that could harm or destroy. Not everyone is honest or authentic, in other words. Not everyone lives with purity or grace.

Today is the perfect opportunity to examine who may be pure and noble, and who isn’t; what contracts do you currently have that may not ring true with your heart or Higher Self? What is false? Who is of noble heart and spirit, and who is deceptive?

The Tower brings endings and destruction, yet new space and fresh perspectives, moreover profound wisdom and insight. Like old roots that have become moldy and lifeless, you need to pull out all that doesn’t serve. It’s time to let go.

Weak foundations need to be made clear, and they will be today. Consult your dream diary, ask your angels or spirit guides for guidance and insight, and connect to the divine and spirit realms for potent wisdom and light to shine through.

2. Chaos, Upheaval, and Disaster

Health problems, financial loss, natural disasters, divorce, mental illness, and even death are possible areas for examination today. These can serve as direct portals to higher consciousness, as well as a happier, more knowledgeable, and wiser life.

Pain, trauma, and heartbreak are inevitable-you may be drawn to shadow work today, or exploring your wounds, fears, and securities on a deep level. Primarily, the energy of the day is about releasing old systems, beliefs, and relationships that aren’t good for you.

Chaos leads to new creation, destruction leads to deeper self-knowledge, self-worth, and understanding, and loss or death ensures future strength to handle the most challenging situations.

Today, reflect on accepting, embracing, and understanding, as well as being completely honest and accountable. A shadow trait today’s energy can help you to overcome is self-denial and delusional tendencies. Perhaps you’ve been living in fantasy-land?

The Tower signifies divine intervention, angelic and heavenly support, and celestial contact! Old belief systems, relationships, and mindsets are crumbling down, falling away for the new to emerge. What you next create will be built off of honesty, nobility, and integrity.

Grief, friendship loss, career or financial failure, and heartbreak can be addressed today, with full honesty, self-awareness, and empathy. Compassion and closure are on the cards. Deeper clarity combined with fresh perspectives are available for you today.

Be open to messages from the ether, the divine, or your Higher Self regarding what needs to change in your current worldly reality. New chapters are in store, but, to access them, you must let go of the past.

3. Shadow Healing with the Tower:

Codependency, extreme domination or submission tactics, and controlling or obsessive behaviors.
Possessiveness- the inability to let go; clinging onto ideas and people or places that no longer serve you!
Repression, self-denial, and blocks to your Higher Self, your spiritual body, and astral and multidimensional wisdom.

Discover how Destruction and Chaos Lead to Creation and New Perspectives with the Tower; Come to Terms With Your Darkness, Take Accountability, and Shine A Torch On Illusions and Deception.

Meditate on the symbolism of the Tower today. Perform a deep and long meditation, with deep breaths, sage or another cleansing/clearing herb or resin, and music that stimulates the soul.

Ask your subconscious for guidance, picturing the Tower card clearly in your mind’s eye and then asking what’s occurring on a deep level, what is hidden or repressed in your life, right now.

Consider how working with your dreams can stimulate repressed memories or wisdom. Perhaps you’ve been seeing others and the world with rose-tinctured glasses?! We sometimes only see what we wish to, hoping to see the best in others.

Today, be honest and clear with all agreements, connections, and contracts in your life. Cord cutting might be in divine order too, so be prepared to get real and level up! You can’t bring dead seeds into a fresh new garden.


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