Tarot December 29: Rekindling Hope and inspiration with The Star’s light

Step into the Starlight on December 29! 🌟 Discover how The Star in your Tarot spread can transform your day with its hopeful glow ✨. Get set for an enchanting revelation of inspiration and celestial wisdom! 🌌

Welcome to December 29th’s tarot message!

The Star is the 19th major arcana, a feminine number that inspires purpose, hope, and renewal, as well as spirituality, faith, and a connection to the celestial and ethereal realms. The Star is a beautiful message to have today, so let’s find out more.

What Does the Star Symbolism Represent?

The Stardepicts a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pool, holding two containers of water. The one in her right hand represents the conscious mind and the one in her left is the subconscious mind.

She pours the water into the pool to nourish the earth to continue the cycle of fertility, which also signifies the realm of feelings, emotions, and instincts. The second container nourishes the earth, representing grounding, security, and stability.

One foot is on the ground and the other in the water. Her nakedness represents her core essence, her innocence, while the large star above her portrays the truth of her soul, her divinity, and power and sovereignty.

There are finally 7 smaller stars symbolizing the 7 chakras, the significant power portals within you; the 7 chakras lead to your highest awakening and most balanced life.

When they’re harmonized, unblocked, and awakened, they represent kundalini power; wholeness, harmony, and spiritual enlightenment, as well as a range of sensual, psychic, instinctive, creative, and intuitive gifts.

1. Intuition vs. logic, Feelings, and Instincts vs. Mind and Intellect

The Star symbolizes alchemical processes of transformation, healing, and self-realization, so what an excellent energy to work with approaching 2024.

The realm of emotions, instincts, feelings, depth, soul, and the subconscious can be alchemized into ideas, concepts, and the realm of intellect, logic, and higher analytical and cerebral reasoning.

The Star is about alchemy, ultimately: how can you take your feelings and subtle impressions and sensations and find deeper wisdom and understanding?

Instincts can be channeled for wit, logic, and intellect while feelings and emotions can be alchemized into advanced ideas, concepts, and higher thought forms.

The Star, today, guides you to deeper clarity and feeling, which, in turn, enlightens and livens your mind. It’s all about transmutation.

While transforming feelings, senses, and emotions into the realm of thought, idea, and intellect or logic and the imagination. Through emotional depth, wisdom, and intelligence, you become more psychologically gifted and powerful.

With this profound wisdom and self-knowledge, you can receive abundance, prosperity, and professional upgrades. The Star is here to show you that multiple dualistic states are necessary, you can’t live in one state or vibration perpetually.

The water element signifies soul visions, imaginative abilities, spiritual and psychic powers, instincts, and the ethereal, divine, and subconscious realms. The air element symbolizes everything to do with the mind- all cerebral, psychological, and mental gifts.

Scientists, inventors, educators, speakers, teachers, authors, lecturers, artists, musicians, performers, entertainers, coaches, counselors, and virtually anyone who requires both emotional intelligence and higher mental reasoning can benefit from today’s cosmic message.

What to do with this information? Well, whatever you want! You are a creator, you can create whatever your heart desires. The key is to recognize how emotions and mind, feelings/instincts, and cerebral powers are linked.

Subconscious wisdom and knowledge can be transferred to full consciousness. Imaginative and spiritual clues and triggers can become profound intellect. Subtle sensations and power can be alchemized into higher angelic consciousness.

2. Purity, Faith, and Hope

A message of purity, faith, hope, inspiration, and spiritual enlightenment, the Star represents sacred knowledge and angelic contact and communication. The cosmic message today is to fine-tune and strengthen existing belief systems.

Oh yes, it’s a fabulous day for exploring your core ideologies, beliefs, and intentions. Any goal, plan, aspiration, dream, intention, or vision you have can be worked on and mastered. It’s time to bring hidden emotions and desires into tangible form.

Realistic planning, dreams and visions, imagination combined with practicalities, faith in your abilities and worth, feeling inspired and motivated to succeed and achieve. These are all possible.

Pure intentions go a long, long way, as do clear plans. Create structure, order, and a clear plan of action, and you will see results. Try your best to stay committed and disciplined, as the Star calls for devotion. Conscious action comes from subtle power.

The Star asks you to have faith and, moreover complete trust in your soul’s purpose and calling. Self-realization, self-actualization, and spiritual awakening are available. Refinding your purpose, aligning with your soul mission, and increasing self-autonomy, self-sovereignty, and soul talents.

You can work with the Star to find your place in your community, become a leader, teacher, or way-shower, and emerge into the world with your talents, core abilities, and services perfected. The Star appears after a period of introspection, study, or professional and personal growth and expansion.

Also, qualities including social grace, charm, charisma, sociability, warmth, etiquette, confidence, self-esteem, sophistication, prestige, originality, courage, self-expression, enlightenment, spiritual illumination, and intuition are available with the Star.

3. Shadow Healing with the Star:

  1. Disconnection from others, excessive solitude, and extreme “lone wolf syndrome.”
  2. Social anxiety, fear of public space, and apathy.
  3. A lack of motivation, vision, and self-knowledge or awareness to follow through on your goals, aspirations, and dreams.
  4. Pessimistic thinking, depression, low moods, extreme independence, or a lack of self-autonomy. Harmony and integration are called for.

Come to Terms with Faith, Hope, and Higher Spiritual Ideals with the Star; Realize You Are the Captain of Your Own Ship, Find Strength In Your Authentic Voice and Creative Talents!

The energy is about finding your place in the world, moving through the journey of the tarot into Stardom. It’s a powerful day for self-evaluation, creation, and manifestation. As one of the final major arcana, you’re guided to integrate all of your lessons.

Any blessing, wisdom, teaching, lesson, life chapter, cycle, or pinnacle you’ve overcome can be strengthened and integrated.

The Star is symbolic of Aquarius, the expressive and charismatic cerebral air sign with the glyph of the Water-Bearer. You can better express your truth, share your talents, and find your authentic inner voice.

Divine energy, inspiration, angelic and higher consciousness, deeper purpose, life path and soul alignment, visionary and idealistic qualities, and multidimensional awareness can be expanded.


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