Tarot February 20th 2024: Seeking Harmony with the Six of Pentacles

Ever feel like you're just one step away from the perfect balance in life? 🤔💫 Today's Six of Pentacles tarot is your secret weapon to finally getting there! Whether it's love, cash, or just good karma, find out how to make giving and receiving work for YOU. Ready to turn those scales in your favor?

Welcome to your unique February 20th tarot message!

The Six of Pentacles is a wonderful card for generosity, sharing wealth, and community. It’s a day to think about charity, close friendships, and people or projects you would like to be of service to.

What Does Six of Pentacles Symbolism Represent?

The Six of Pentacles minor arcana card shows a wealthy man dressed in a red robe, with red symbolizing passion, physical instincts, vitality, and self-preservation. He is handing out two coins to beggars who are kneeling at his feet.

In his left hand, there’s a balanced scale, a symbol of balance, harmony, and fairness or equality. This is linked to the “cosmic scales of justice,” the natural and divine law and order needed for harmony on this earth plane.

1. Generosity, giving, and selflessness

Today, you’re being guided to get in tune with your Higher Self to discover what is best for you. You may want to consider how to be more generous and giving or how you can be more generous.

Selflessness is called for. To be selfless is to be the opposite of selfish, self-entitled, egotistical, and so forth. Selfless people tend to count their blessings. They appreciate everything in their life- they live for divine simplicity.

This is the message for you today. Be selfless, act with integrity, and live humbly. Being humble and gracious are two essential steps to true prosperity and happiness in this life. Don’t be a hoarder; give generously where you can, and be open-minded.

The Six of Pentacles asks you to share your wealth mindfully and within reason. For example, if you’ve had an amazing day and are going home to a luxurious meal, a warm home, and a night full of love and companionship, stop by the local homeless person.

Buy them a coffee or meal, no matter how cheap. Ask them what their favorite sandwich, fruit, or hot meal is- ask them if there’s anything they need! Small acts of charity are favored today.

The energy is about doing something moderate and being responsible and well-grounded. Don’t give all of your money away! But, be charitable and generous to those truly in need. Other ways you can work with the Six of Pentacles today is to consider the following:

  • Is there a local food bank you can donate to?
  • Is a local charity or voluntary organization hiring?
  • Are there any organizations, groups, or societies you can be involved in, whether it be giving your money, time, or energy away (in reasonable amounts)?

2. Balance, harmony, and the Scales

Scales of Justice
Source: Leonardo.ai

Balance and harmony are called for, along with the symbolism of the Scales. As the actual tarot card depicts, the Scales in the wealthy man’s hand imply the cosmic scales of justice. This is universal symbolism, also often associated with Goddess Maat.

Maat is an ancient Egyptian goddess of balance, justice, and harmony. She decides how pure one’s heart is: have you been noble in this life? Have you been charitable? Is your heart strong enough to warrant blessings in the afterlife?

This can be interpreted in many ways, mainly serving as a general idea for living kindly and compassionately with grace and some level of charity. The beggars, i.e., poor people or homeless people, clearly have less than you.

Choosing not to give to the needy or poor is not a very kind or noble thing to do. It suggests using your brain over your heart. But giving to those in need when you have enough is a heart-centered and moral decision. This gives you more abundance in the future.

Today’s energy asks you to use your heart over your head or your feelings and inner moral compass over your brain. Pentacles bring feminine energy, too, as the earth is yin or female in nature.

Female energy is magnetic, empathic, loving, intuitive, instinctive, and feeling and emotion-based. It’s less concerned with logic, analysis, and law and order and more concerned with intimacy, compassion, and charity.

3. Charity and service with boundaries!

As you can see with the Six of Pentacles tarot card, the man is standing strong and assertive. He is not arrogant; he doesn’t have a boastful look on his face, nor does he look egotistical or smug. Yet, he is being charitable and kind.

Boundaries. This is the key message and something you should take seriously. In the pursuit of wanting to be a decent person, it can be easy to become too giving, too generous, and too charitable. Sometimes, people take advantage of that kindness.

So, the cosmic message is to look for ways to be charitable, act humanitarian, and be of service, but with clear boundaries. Stay self-aligned and self-sovereign. Honor your mental health, listen to your gut feelings, and trust in your instincts.

Your intuition is a powerful light guiding you to the best decisions and choices. A prime example is being conned or falling for a sob story. Listening to your instincts and intuition will help you avoid this.

4. Shadow Healing with the Six of Pentacles. Be mindful of:

  • Being too submissive, yielding, and over-compromising.
  • Being too generous, giving, and kind- remember to trust in your gut feelings.
  • A lack of self-care or self-love, unpaid debts, and one-sided charity.

Give with Genuine Intentions to Attract Future Prosperity; Financial Flow Increases with the Six of Pentacles

Financial harmony allows you to work in harmony with the universe, creating a powerful and beautiful flow of giving and receiving. Like yin and yang, all things must flow, unify, and balance themselves out for true wholeness.

When you have enough and share it, exactly what you need will return to you when you have less or nothing at all. Today, pay attention to natural and sacred laws linked to giving, generosity, and wealth.


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