Tarot February 21st 2024: Finding Courage with the Seven of Wands

Get ready to tap into your inner strength like never before! The Seven of Wands is all about facing those challenges head-on. 🌟🔥 Today's tarot is your personal cheerleader, pushing you to claim your space and shout 'I got this!' Our expert tarot card reader Grace will read today's reading for you.

Welcome to your unique February 21st tarot message!

The Seven of Wands is a tricky card with somewhat negative associations. But strength, resilience, and total courage come from such hardship. Victory is soon to be yours!

What Does the Seven of Wands Symbolism Represent?

The Seven of Wands in minor arcana shows a man on top of a hill armed with a wand in each hand, fighting off six more wands from below. He is defending his successes, integrity, honor, livelihood, and life path– his entire Self and soul.

He is wearing two shoes, signifying an element of surprise; he has been caught off guard, and this battle is not planned. It’s unexpected. He is also potentially unaware of his stance or position but instinctively knows that he must defend himself.

1. Challenges and competition

Today’s message is a big warning about a current or upcoming battle. You seem to attract haters and people who want to see you fail. I’m sorry to share this.

But it’s also a positive sign that you’re doing something right.

You must have some success, luck, a big blessing, an amazing soulmate, or wonderful opportunities coming your way. People at the bottom of the ladder or food chain don’t attract haters, cynics, or competitors without something glorious.

Thus, you have major competition. You’re being forced to defend yourself; your honor, job, professional status, income opportunities, social status, relationship, beliefs, or talents. Everything you’ve worked hard for is under scrutiny.

Everything you hold near and dear is in the limelight, and people aren’t happy. Someone or a group of people are attacking you through self-hate and blame or more realistic and plausible notions.

This may be a physical attack on your well-being, property, or possessions, or it could be an energetic one, like emotional or psychological abuse, gaslighting, blackmail, or even a psychic attack (spiritual warfare).

However it manifests, you need to slow down, meditate, and evaluate the relationships you keep. Really explore this. Both long-distance or secondary associations, close bonds, and relationships are entwined with your life right now.

You’re being challenged! This hardship is causing pain and struggle, However it’s also pushing you to be bold and courageous. You have a real opportunity to level up and upgrade some aspects of your life. Stay strong.

2. The need to protect yourself and preserve

Self-protection combined with self-preservation are coming into focus. You’re being asked by the Universe, your Angels, and your Higher Self to honor and cherish your personal time, space, and energy.

People want what you have. There are envious and jealous people watching you. Secret enemies are coming out of the woodwork or competition at work. Your talents, hard work, successes, achievements, integrity, and values are being recognized.

Self-protection is essential. Work with crystals for their healing and protective qualities. Eat a more nutritious and vibrational, organic, and healthy diet to stay strong mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Keep your spiritual life force and vibration high. Self-preservation should be a top priority right now. This influence may be subtle and minor or more obvious and major. Either way, you are being forced to put up protective measures.

3. Creative battles

An artist facing challenges

The Seven of Wands represents challenges about your creativity. So, if you have an artistic or creative career or field requiring innovation and unique artistry, be mindful of anyone in your orbit.

Simultaneously, watch out for enemies masking as friends or general connections in your community who may have similar talents or crafts. You may be humble, modest, and gracious, believing everyone should have a chance to shine, but not everyone’s the same.

Some people are ruthless, and this is the message of the Seven of Wands. You’re in an enviable position, and power, status, or talent breeds jealousy and resentment. Be mindful of people’s intentions while staying open to manipulation or deception.

Don’t become paranoid; just be mindful. Stay conscious and self-aware, and recognize that cold, brutal, and cunning people are around.

Watch out for surprises, fine-tune and strengthen existing plans, and make sure everything is in place. More importantly, focus on you; staying in your lane is the best advice. Consider a plan B, too, “just in case.”

4. Shadow Healing with the Seven of Wands. Be mindful of:

  • Giving up, exhaustion, and being overwhelmed.
  • Pessimistic thinking verging on total defeat.
  • The faulty mindset or belief system of believing you don’t have enough wisdom, courage, resources, strength, love, support, or power to succeed.

Embrace the Idea of Victory without Becoming A Bully or Tyrant with the Seven of Wands! You can Be Humble and Gracious without Losing

Victory is yours, but you don’t need to become a bully or tyrant to succeed. The message for today is to recognize and accept and then work towards unity and harmony. Sometimes unity means joining forces, finding mutual understanding, and cooperation.

Other times, unity separates you from people who have proven only to be toxic to your life path, well-being, soul’s plan, etc. Through journaling, introspection, and meditation, you will find the answers you seek.

Don’t be naive or too trusting and gullible- people want to challenge you around! However, don’t weaken your morals or ethics to play another’s game. The universe rewards those who act with integrity.


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