Tarot February 22: Embracing Self-Love and nurturing with The Empress

On February 22, with Grace Gabriella's guidance, let The Empress card remind you to love yourself a little more. Take a moment to appreciate your inner strength and beauty, and embrace self-care and compassion. 🌸💖

Welcome to your February 22nd tarot message!

The Empress is the fourth major arcana, a card of self-love, warmth, emotional mastery, and femininity. Today, creative, romantic, and sensual energies are strong, and it’s a Friday, Venus’ day.

What Does the Empress Symbolism Represent?

The fourth major arcana, or ‘Card 3’ (as the Fool is represented as ‘0’), the Empress depicts a beautiful and sensual woman sitting on a throne. She is elegant, curvacious, and healthy, with a warm, mature, and serene look. She has a peaceful aura.

The Empress signifies beauty, compassion, elegance, emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and maturity. She is surrounded by nature, a beautiful lush forest, and a winding stream beneath her.

Her robe displays pomegranates, a symbol of fertility, while her head displays a crown of 12 stars. The 12-starred crown signifies her connection with the mystical realm, cycles of the universe, and the natural world.

Beneath her are lots of cushions portraying comfort, security, and stability, as well as one with the planet Venus. Venus is the Goddess and planet of love, beauty, abundance, pleasure, femininity, wealth, friendships, and sensuality.

1. Sensuality, Fertility, and Mother Earth

The Empress has a peaceful aura, which shows you’re being called to embrace your divine feminine essence. Regardless of your gender, we all have an inner divine femininity. 

Fertility, sensuality, and a close bond with nature are called for. These can lead you to your highest self! Dance, make art, write poetry, or engage in self-expression- self-care, aromatherapy massage, a long bath…

Put on your favorite music, treat yourself to a self-care pampering day, or set some time for romance with your lover. Female energy is amplified today, which will be more abundant in the future.

The more you love yourself healthily and care for your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, the more you can find pathways to prosperity, abundance, and connection. The Empress represents sensuality and fertility- creative, artistic, and imaginative gifts!

Being sensual, getting in tune with your body, working with Mother Earth through self-care, working with crystals, gemstones, herbs, essential oils, or flower remedies, gardening, farming, growing vegetables and crops, etc., are key.

Any of these activities today will park the place of deep inner remembrance, which can help in love, career, health, relationships, family bonds, vocational or professional growth, or any other life area.

2, Inner Beauty, Motherly Instincts, and Nurturance

Inner beauty coupled with motherly instincts are relevant today, so take time to nurture these qualities. Nurturance, caring, empathy, compassion, and sensitivity- female qualities linked to the Empress, expand and amplify.

In love and business, at home or in the workplace, and romantic and platonic partnerships, you can find wonderful success, love, and harmony! All you have to do is adopt a more gentle and empathic disposition.

It’s rather miraculous that the Empress card was pulled today because it’s a Friday, the day of love and self-care associated with Venus. Everything nurturing, feminine, magnetic, loving, and self-care-oriented comes into today’s energy.

You may find greater inspiration, or healing ideas come to you. Spirituality is often associated with the Empress, like beginning a new path in some holistic or spiritual healing field. Or starting a meditation, yoga, or self-therapy practice.

The Empress is a call to deeper awakening, self-love, and nurturance. There’s equally a natural tendency to seek out natural beauty, i.e., less superficial notions of beauty, allure, and attraction.

You might literally take on the role of “mother” to your own children, other people’s children, strangers, or animals! Go with it; flow with your feelings and instincts. Instincts, feelings, and emotional intelligence replace logic and intellect now.

3. Sexuality, Intimacy, and Creative Projects

The third main meaning is linked to female sexuality. Unlike Mars, whose sexual desires encourage us to be more energetic, upbeat, and spontaneous, as well as possibly lustful, Venus emphasizes romance.

The energy is deep, sensual, and romantic, and possibly erotic. At the very least, we require soul-merging and bonding over anything overly lustful or “lacking depth and intimacy.”

Venus also rules companionship, pleasure, and intimacy, so harmony and a strong bond can be found. If you’re single, consider looking for a soulmate. Go by resonance, shared passions, interests, and morals. You may also find your soulmate in your social circle.

If in love, spend sufficient time with your lover now. Sexual union and release is one of the most powerful ways to heal from old wounds, become closer together, find mutual respect and understanding, and release negativity.

Self-intimacy and self-love in the form of self-pleasuring, exploring your sexuality in privacy and secrecy, and getting romantic with yourself through dance or self-care are also strong points of the day.

Work with your Sacral chakra today, and remember to be creative! Artistic and imaginative expression allows emotional blocks to be released and sexual energy to flow.

Finally, if you want to have children or expect news of a pregnancy, this is an excellent day for positive thinking and action. Pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and giving birth are closely connected to the Empress. Be mindful of these themes.

4. Shadow Healing with the Empress. Be mindful of:

  • Creative blocks, a lack of imagination and inspiration, and relying too much on emotions and instincts.
  • Codependency, extreme submissiveness, and an overly compromisable or passive nature.
  • Getting lost in romance, self-love, or erotica, remember to stay grounded and self-controlled!

Embrace Pleasure, Love, and Romance with the Empress while Honoring Your Need for Independence and Boundaries!

A final theme to be aware of is codependency vs healthy attachment. Retain your self-sovereignty and some boundaries while exploring or expressing your sexual, romantic, and intimate needs.

At a lower vibration, Venus can give rise to blurred boundaries, unhealthy submissiveness, excess pleasure, and hedonism.


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