Tarot February 23rd 2024: Overcoming Fear with the 8 of Swords

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Welcome to your unique February 23rd tarot message!

The 8 of Swords is a message of self-imprisonment, victim mentality, and negative thoughts. This is arguably one of the worst cards to pull in tarot, but wisdom is born from darkness.

What Does the 8 of Swords Symbolism Represent?

The card itself shows a woman bound and blindfolded with eight swords surrounding her. She is stuck, trapped, and blocked from breaking free. Someone has put her there, either a person or a group. There is a dark energy to the scene.

Something is preventing her from moving forward outside the clear physical restrictions and barriers. This may be her beliefs, mindset, emotions, fears, trauma, or current energy levels. Fortunately, she can break free.

She must first believe in herself and develop the courage to take the next step. Liberation and happiness are possible. A pool of water by her feet symbolizes intuitive power; she can use her intuition where her physical eyes can’t help.

1. Limiting beliefs, self-imposed restrictions

Today’s message is one of limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions. You may be at a stale-mate, stagnant, or completely restricted from moving forward in life. Something, a person, or a group of people are preventing you from breaking free.

The energy is negative, but there is a lot of wisdom. And with great wisdom comes great power. Luckily, you are powerful – you have all the capabilities necessary to heal. The things that may be holding you back include:

  • Repressed trauma
  • Unresolved family or ancestral wounds
  • Fears, blocks, and insecurities
  • Unhealthy self-talk, negative programming, and pessimistic thinking
  • A lack of wisdom or courage to break free
  • Conventional or overly conservative and traditional belief systems

Restrictions and blocks are linked to Saturn, the planet of boundaries, authority, and limitation. Saturn’s energy is strong today, so you’d be wise to explore all of the limitations and barriers in your life now.

This can be linked to love, romance, health, finances, work, home, family life, or education. It can be self-created or the will imposed by others. Laws and restrictions come into the mix; some barriers can’t be helped.

But, you can gain considerable strength, self-knowledge, power today, resilience, and tenacity. Work with Saturn to understand your blocks and barriers. Explore all of the positive and negative boundaries in your current life chapter.

2. Victim mentality

The second main message is that you suffer from a victim mentality. This is quite lucky because the victim mentality signifies you’re not a victim! You possess power, strength, and courage.

As is shown by the 8 of Swords tarot card, you can easily take your blindfold off to see better. The pool of water represents intuitive force and power, as well as strong instinctive, feeling-based, and imaginative capabilities.

Swords symbolize the air element- logic, intellect, wit, cerebral and cognitive gifts, and mental abilities. Thus, even though your situation may not appear suitable right now, perhaps you’re examining things from the wrong angle.

Your cerebral mind may not have the answers; your physical eyes might not be able to see solutions now, but what about your intuition!? Trust in your inner voice. Get in tune with your emotions and feelings, the inner world of sensations and subtle instincts.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, which comes from the water element: emotions, recognition of your divinity, sacredness, spirituality, and so on. You may believe your options are limited with no clear path, but reality is an illusion.

Many times, as water shows, we see things as we are or as how we want them to be. Everyone is a mirror; everything serves as a reflection. Your saving grace is to become more conscious, self-aware, and positive. Be open to miracles!

Because you’re not a victim, you merely possess a victim mentality. Swords do bring positivity, optimism, and confident self-expression too. Consider how you can express and communicate more clearly and efficiently to break free of your barriers.

3. The power of your intuition!

Get out of your head and into your intuition, instincts, and heart. The universe is asking you to be brave and see through illusions. Blocks and barriers come with an illusion, which disconnects us from our true selves.

Swords are only concerned with logic, intellect, and cerebral abilities, which is why the woman is entrapped. She is not utilizing her other senses. Positively, the 8 of Swords guides you towards intuition and psychic or extrasensory capabilities.

You can navigate any challenge or block with grace, empathy, self-love, sensitivity, and greater self-care. Self-respect is called for, so stop being a pushover or diminishing your boundaries for others. The people you may believe in may not have your back.

Your beliefs aren’t serving you, your thoughts are muddied, your instincts are clouded, your spirituality is impure, or your relationships aren’t serving you. You might have lots of debt, suffer from depression or low self-esteem, or have let problems go for too long.

These are possible meanings coming into focus today. If you slow down, meditate, and recenter yourself, you will find that you are a powerful creator and manifesto! You shape your destiny.

Release Self-blame, Pessimism, and Victim Mentality with the 8 of Swords! Become the Captain of Your Own Ship – Take Back Your Power

Limiting thinking patterns and being can be released and transcended for goo, hallelujah! Call on the help of your angels, spirit guides, and guardian angels to help you through any difficult situation.


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