Tarot March 12th 2024: Embracing Partnership with the Lovers

Grace Gabriella's tarot card reading on March 12th, 2024, shines a light on the Lovers 🌟, focusing on the essence of partnership and togetherness. 🤝 She'll guide you through the day's potential for deep connections and heartfelt relationships. 💕 Let's uncover the secrets of love and unity with her insightful journey. 🃏

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Welcome to your unique March 12th tarot message!

The Lovers is the 6th major arcana representing love, harmony, relationships, choices, alignment, and core values. Also, intimacy, values in friendship and love, romance, and sexual union!

What Does the Lovers Symbolism Represent?

The Lovers card depicts a naked man and woman standing beneath an angel, archangel Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals,’ representing both physical and emotional healing. Raphael is blessing them both, reminding them of their union with the divine.

The couple stands in a beautiful fertile landscape, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Behind the woman is a tall apple tree with a snake winding its way up the trunk. The serpent and apple tree signify temptation, distraction, and original sin (disconnection from the divine, sacred, and holy).

Behind the man is a tree of flames, 12 flames linked to the 12 zodiac signs, the natural cycles of time, and other universal themes like the universal laws. The man looks at the woman who is watching the angel.

This imagery represents the path of the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious. Also, of physical and mental desire to emotional needs and spiritual concerns.

1. Love, Harmony, and Relationships

Love, harmony, romance, relationships, and emotional currents come with the Lovers. One of the main symbolism features is emotions. Emotions signify sensitivity, empathy, and the realm of feelings and instincts.

Conscious connections and relating come into the Lovers card too. This tarot energy is not just about romance and sexual intimacy, it’s also about platonic intimacy within personal and professional partnerships.

Today brings the added dimension of it being a Tuesday too, Mars’ day. This represents a warrior-like energy, masculine sexuality, and themes of assertiveness, dominance, force, aggression, vitality, passion, and libido.

Mars brings the power, life force, and libido, in fact, a powerful planet of lust and positive masculine passion in equal measure. When the Lovers appear on a Tuesday, it’s a wonderful time for honoring your need for sacred bonding.

Sexuality can be explored, accessed, or experimented with and expressed. Sexuality is not about out-of-control primal passions or impulses that serve your genitalia; with the Lovers, sex and intimacy a bridge to deeper connection.

Nurturance, compassion, kindness, selflessness, loyalty, devotion, faith, friendship, respect, cooperation, compromise, balance, and sensitivity flow with today’s vibe. Openness, vulnerability, and heartfelt sharing too.

2. Divine Love and Soulmates

Moving a step up from love and romance, the Lovers represents divine love, soulmates, and finding a life partner. Divine love is when the divine masculine (DM) unites with the divine feminine (DF), and this means first finding balance within.

Once you’ve found balance and harmony of each within, you can unite with your divine partner. This transcends being man or woman; every human has an inner DM and DF. Once you’ve unified and balanced your inner DF and DM you can unite with another.

The energy today sparks higher consciousness within love and romance. A higher vibration of intimacy, connection, and sexual union can be sought and achieved. This card is excellent for divinity!

As it’s Pisces season, the sign of the mystic, healer, dreamer, empathic nurturer, and unconditionally loving Old Soul, this influence is only amplified further. Today, it’s all about universal love and unconditional compassion within relationships.

Another symbol of the Lovers card is the volcanic mountain in the background, which portrays a phallic shape (clue in the imagery!), as well as the eruption of passion. As the man and woman are naked, the spotlight is on purity and innocence.

Love shouldn’t be toxic, connected to karmic energy, or part of some 3D ‘girlfriend-boyfriend’ type paradigm. Love should be ecstatic, full of sacred and holy union, transcendental, and blissful. This is what the Lovers offer.

3. Morals, Ethics, and Dual Forces

On a personal level, the Lovers symbolize morals, ethics, and dual forces, the coming together and uniting of opposites, opposite energies, or dualities. Like man and woman, yang and yin, and divine masculine and divine feminine.

Similar to the Devil imagery and symbolism, which also shows a naked man and a woman, the Lovers signifies choice. You always have a conscious choice to pave your own way, make the right decisions, and choose morality and heart.

There’s a sense of purity, nobility, and integrity present, moreover humility and innocence, as can be seen by their naked forms. Your inner child can be accessed and explored within the realms of love and romance.

To make good choices in love, you need to be clear about your morals, personal beliefs, and values, and then stay true to them. Make decisions based on weighing up the options in front of you, what you desire, what qualities you like.

Also, what values, lifestyles, and paths fall into your needs and style in love. The Lovers suggest taking the higher path! One key example regarding sexuality is choosing tantric sex over lust. 

Do not make decisions based on fear, worry, guilt, shame, blame, hate, or self-pity, or circulated or repeated trauma. 

4. Shadow Healing with the Lovers. Be mindful of:

  • A lack of self-love, self-care, morals, values, or ethics.
  • Misalignment of your true values and/or faulty or distorted belief systems when it comes to love and sex.
  • Circulating unhealed wounds, pain, and trauma..
  • Although not with all the symbolism of the Devil card, being bound, tied to, or restricted;  controlled, manipulated, or entwined in toxic cycles, with/to. Choose the path of higher love and tantric or romantic intimacy.

Tune Into Divinity and Soul for Ultimate Bliss and Union

Cosmic and celestial vibrations pour down on you from the heavens and ether, bringing in a mix of platonic intimacy and loving romantic frequencies. You can explore your sexuality, find deeper intimacy with your lover, be more romantic, or increase self-love.

Enrolling on a massage therapy or course or beginning a new path in alignment with nurturing and healing values also ties into today’s message.