Tarot March 13th 2024: Planning for Success with the 2 of Wands

On March 13th, 2024, Grace Gabriella focuses on the 2 of Wands for her tarot reading, highlighting strategies for success. She offers a glimpse into how planning and foresight can pave the way for your achievements. Join her to explore how this card's energy can influence your journey toward reaching your goals. 🌟🗺️

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Welcome to your unique March 13th tarot message!

The 2 of Wands is a card of progress, decisions, and personal discovery, as well as future planning and partnership! It’s a ‘discovery’ tarot energy, but there is a lot of passion to be found.

What Does the 2 of Wands Symbolism Represent?

The card shows a man dressed in a red robe and hat, holding a small globe. The world is in his hands, showing enormous potential, the world being one’s oyster, and expanding your horizons.

Red symbolizes passion, vitality, energy, excitement, life force, libido, and self-preservation. He’s standing within the confines of his castle, a sign of contemplating many opportunities while remaining within comfort zones.

He is planning, prepping, and exploring his options, also surrounded by protection- a strong physical structure. This suggests patience, time, and good management and organizational skills. His hand is resting on an upright wand.

A second wand is fixed to the castle’s wall, a further sign that he’s not ready to venture out. In the background, the land is rocky but fertile, implying challenges within the parameters of good foundations and opportunities for success.

1. Planning, Preparation, and Sound Management

Today’s energy inspires planning, preparation, and sound management. The 2 of Wands represents your ability to create structure, order, and foundations that serve your future self.

As wands symbolize fire and creation, these themes can be applied to:-

  • Creating structures that serve your fiery and expressive nature.
  • Creating order for self-expansion, learning, or educational or cultural pursuits.
  • Managing your life with attention to both small details and big picture thinking.
  • Being idealistic, excited, and pragmatic without succumbing to impulsiveness.
  • Taking your time implementing ideas and plans; staying connected to your current home, hearth, or security without “rushing off” on a new path.
  • Fin-tuning, perfecting, and mastering all the gifts of the fire element for future mentor, teacher, or expert-elder level status or to become your own boss, business owner, or leader!

2. Staying Patient and Open-Minded


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Unlike many of the other wands cards which bring the shadow traits of impatience and brash decision-making or an overly zealous mindset, the 2 of Wands symbolizes patience and deep philosophical thought.

Open-mindedness coupled with patience provides a doorway to long-term plans and visions. Secondly, to sustainability and rational, sound, and intuitive thought. Number 2 represents partnerships and harmony (in numerology), in addition to duality.

The cosmic message today, therefore, is to tune into the higher realms of wisdom, inspiration, and spirit, where vision flows. While taking into focus how these themes affect or are directly influenced by the relationships in your life.

The best plan could be one that involves other people now. Or how you can weigh up your options while considering the people and connections in your life. Alternatively, actively seek out ideas, resources, or input from others.

Like a family, friends, housemates, a child, a parent, work colleague, a boss, an employee, or fellow member of your tribe or community People are a resource, people inspire, bringing originality and innovation to the table.

Duality brings oneness; as the number 2 brings partnership, teamwork, and collaboration- cooperation and harmony too, be open to coming to terms with how your plans may have to involve such things.

3. A Clear Plan of Action


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Clear vision, a clear plan of action, and high hopes, dreams, and aspirations are core to the 2 of Wands. Long-term goals should be assessed and created now, moreover solutions and innovation should be created to implement them.

Potential themes include:-

  • Overseas travel.
  • Joining or starting a new community.
  • Volunteering on an animal welfare, charitable, or humanitarian project.
  • Turning a hobby or vocation into a career or profession.
  • Making your passions and talents into something that earns money.
  • Joining forces with others for success.

The amount of empty space surrounding the man is clear- there’s so much! The world is your oyster, unlimited possibilities are available to you. Now it all comes down to which one, or ones, you choose.

Slowing down can also put you in touch with your Higher Self as well, the place where angelic, higher, and divine guidance and wisdom come from. Rushing off on impulse or excitement disconnects you from such a place.

Intuitive power comes with today’s energy. Divine contact, angelic inspiration, guidance and knowledge from the ether, the spiritual planes and dimensions, and God, Source, or the infinite; these are possible with patience.

4. Shadow Healing with the 2 of Wands. Be mindful of:

  • Fear of the Unknown, being a hermit or lone wolf, not wanting to transcend your comfort zones, and a lack of planning, structure, or organization.
  • Not being clear on your personal goals and visions.
  • Disorganization, disorder, staying stagnant from too many choices, indecision, and relying on other people too much or not enough.

Find Unity and Harmony With Others While focusing On Your Own Goals and Plans With the 2 of Wands

This is an excellent time for going within, introspection, soul-searching, discovering your talents or ambitions, and prepping. A new cycle is about to unfold- perhaps next week, next month, or in a new chapter. 

The consensus is: Use this time wisely. Don’t waste it, stay open-minded as well as receptive to the ideas and possibilities swimming around. Infinite potential leads to limitless possibilities.


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