Tarot March 15th 2024: Trusting Intuition With the Queen of Cups

On March 15th, 2024, Grace Gabriella guides you through trusting your intuition with the Queen of Cups tarot card. 🌊 Tap into your emotional depths and discover how to navigate life's waters with compassion and understanding, as the Queen of Cups becomes your beacon of inner wisdom. 💖

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Welcome to your unique March 15th tarot message!

The Queen of Cups is an inspiring feminine energy representing compassion, emotional intelligence and maturity, empathy, intuition, flow, and subconscious self-mastery.

What Does the Queen of Cups Symbolism Represent?

The card depicts a beautiful introspective woman sitting on a throne at the edge of the sea, holding a golden cup in her hands. It’s adorned with handles shaped like angels. Unlike most cup cards, this cup is closed, showing the containment of feelings.

She sits upon a throne decorated with images of sea-nymphs, fish, and scallop shells. The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind, with water symbolizing emotion, spirit, and subtle and subconscious perception.

A cloudles, bright-blue sky and placid sea surround her; her feet are not touching the water, but resting on colorful pebbles on the shore. She’s connected to her emotions yet not overwhelmed by them

1. Compassion, Caring, and Nurturing

Today’s energy inspires compassion, caring, and nurturing. It’s a card of tuning into the divine light and universal love within self and others, for your soul’s light to grow. As it’s Pisces season, this is only amplified with such potent loving vibrations.

Pisces is the 12th sign, the Old Soul, and is highly mystical, empathic, nurturing, feminine, fluid, magnetic, compassionate, gentle, angelic, and saintlike. They are the sign of unconditional love!

To pull the Queen of Cups during such a sensitive and selfless time is a wonderful omen from the universe. You can take the energy of the Queen of Cups and find inspiration in a number of outlets and activities.

This includes:-

  • Finding guidance and inspiration from your spirit guides, calling on the help of your angels or archangels, and connecting to a higher power.
  • Finding inspiration in art, music, creativity, imaginative outlets, and sensual self-expression. 
  • Finding joy, connection, and inspiration in the bonds you keep, no matter how minor or significant. Connections, friendships, and relationships help to serve your soul, also giving you important life lessons. 
  • Finding balance between the emotional and spiritual planes; becoming clear on your desires and needs in love, friendship, and life.

2. Emotional Self-Mastery

Emotional self-mastery is being asked of you today, which means finding an emotional connection with yourself, others, the plants and trees, animals, the natural environment around you, and everything life has to offer.

Life is a miracle, there is wonder within and around. Emotions are a binding glue that connect you to the sacredness, love, and soul within others. High levels of intuition come into this tarot card, as well as excellent communication.

Communication with an empathic and sensitive touch, that is! The energy is not psychological, but emotional- with spiritual undertones too. Connecting to the emotional depth and sensitivity in others will create the joy you need.

As a queen, she is highly self-mastered; the previous cups cards are an evolution of one’s journey to reach such a high level of emotional wisdom and understanding. So, apply this theme to your life, where and how can you be more empathic?

You might want to consider embarking on a career or path as a counselor, caregiver, artist, musician, poet, spiritual healer or teacher, holistic therapist, charity leader or team-player, or animal whisperer.

Or a psychic, astrologer, intuitive, medium, or any other spiritual or holistic profession. The Queen of Cups sparks higher consciousness and healing gifts within the parameters of emotional depth, wisdom, and mastery.

3. Powerful Intuition and Vision

The Queen of Cups also brings powerful vision and intuition, a unique energy allowing for exploration of your sensuality and artistry- creativity, the creative life force within, in alignment with divinity.

The beautiful introspective woman sitting on a throne at the edge of the sea, holding a golden cup in her hands, which is further adorned with handles shaped like angels; combined with the feet on the edge of the shore imagery.

This paints a picture of the energy in store for you today if you can stay vulnerable and sensitive!

This is not the time for macho displays of power or dominance, nor a business, cold, or calculated mindset.

If you want to find abundance, opportunity, connection, love, or any other pearl in the deep blue sea, you will have to get in tune with your emotions. Emotional balance and harmony lead to tranquility, divine inspiration, amazing creativity, and idealistic vision.

The added symbolism of how the pebbles are colorful signifies innovation, originality, and a “rainbow personality” and emotions, instincts, and feelings are the spark to this.

The queen’s feet are resting on the colorful pebbles too, not directly in the water. So, this a sign of being in control of your emotions, as well as a playful and fun attitude towards them, without being overcome by them.

4. Shadow Healing with the Queen of Cups. Be mindful of:

  • Codependency, supreme submission, and a lack of dominance, assertiveness, logic, intellect, physical vitality or strength, mental power, and boundaries.
  • People-pleasing, mollycoddling (being overly motherly), 
  • A lack of self-love, self-care, emotional depth and maturity, spiritual awareness, and internal stability.

Stay Grounded and Feeling-Centered Yet High-Vibed with the Queen of Cups; Honor Your Sacredness, Emotions, and Instincts for Victory

Being well grounded also comes with this beautifully serene and wise tarot archetype. The Queen of Cups is deep and emotional, but also grounded, just like the sands and shores of the ocean.

Your lesson today is to find practical awareness and responsibility, moreover commitment with the people, projects, and place in your life, without compromising on such depth and intuition.