Tarot March 16th 2024: Celebrating Achievements with the 6 of Wands

On March 16th, 2024, participate in a Tarot card reading with Grace Gabriella, centered on celebrating achievements with the 6 of Wands. 🏆 Explore the victory and recognition this card symbolizes, and learn how to properly acknowledge your successes and milestones in this enlightening session. 🌟

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Welcome to your March 16th tarot message!

The 6 of Wands is a card of progres, confidence, and public recognition- success and achievements! It’s a great day for applying feminine nurturance to highly charged passions and plans for accomplishment.

What Does the 6 of Wands Symbolism Represent?

The card shows a man wearing a victory wreath around his head while riding a decorated white horse through a crowd of cheering people. His horse signifies strength, innocence, and purity (white) with public recognition and prestige (decorations).

The group represents public recognition for his achievements, while the rider holds an upright wand. This wand is wrapped in a wreath on the top, and the man is unafraid to show off his accomplishments. 

He is not arrogant, but cheerful and optimistic- the crowd around him is also happy to celebrate his achievements with him, which suggests nobility, integrity, good morals, or charity. 

1. Public Recognition and Achievement

The first main message of the day lies in public recognition and achievement, your destiny, career, legacy, vocation, or service to the world! It’s a powerful card of public and social success, victory, and having climbed the social ladder.

Your hobbies, talents, qualifications, hard work, hustle, sacrifices, determination, ambition, and perseverance have paid off. You’re in a great phase or are about to enter one. Your life is full of professional recognition.

This is not a hoping, wishing, and dreaming card, but a very realistic and practical one; real-world actions, stages, and successes are being shown to the world. The horse equally portrays action, movement, and accomplishment.

Important milestones in your career or legacy have been achieved. You are confident, self-assured, and likely famous, wealthy, or both! Or are receiving fine levels of these things, even if not at the very top of your field (the Queen or King).

The chaos of the 5 of Cups has been conquered and transitioned through. Now, you are on a sure path to prestige, victory, fame, great wealth, or legacy status. Happy outcomes are assured through your hard work and hustle. 

2. Good Qualities Linked to Success

Success and recognition are clear, but it’s not just about being victorious, famous, or wealthy. Good qualities are linked to your journey to success. Key themes of the today’s energy include merging business, fame, or stardom with:-

  • Purity
  • Nobility
  • Morality
  • Sound ethics and values
  • Integrity
  • Humility and modesty
  • Charity
  • Selflessness
  • Service
  • Altruistic, environmental, and humanitarian themes

Linked to the embodiment and pursuit of such pure or good qualities includes overcoming, transcending, and letting go of unhelpful qualities. This includes guilt, shame, or fear surrounding your career and life path.

The 6 of Wands symbolizes your life path, purpose, and ultimate mission- who you are, what you came here to create, and where your true passions and talents lie, to help and inspire others.

Focus on releasing guilt, fear, blame, resentments, past pains, shame, and insecurities if you’re still holding onto them. Healthy pride can be achieved today, free from ego and unnecessary conflicting emotions. 

3. Independence Vs Public Support

A final major theme for you to tune into and integrate is the universal lesson of independence balanced with public support. You can find real synergy between the following concepts today:

  1. Independence Vs community
  2. Self-autonomy Vs teamwork
  3. Personal power and authority Vs collaboration and compromise
  4. Being a boss or leader Vs learning how to be adaptable and easy-going
  5. Taking charge, standing in the spotlight, and reaching expert or ‘top of the field’ status Vs staying humble, gracious, modest, down-to-earth, loving, benevolent, and charitable
  6. Being a trail-blazer- flying solo Vs receiving support, help, and assistance from others

The 6 of Wands appears when you need help in these areas. Polarities are not advised, all dualistic energy, qualities, and characteristics are meant to harmonize and unify. A final note: the universe has your back! There is support all around you, and within. 

Awards, public titles and recognition, new clients, better pay, promotions, and a new level of prestige are also possible over the coming weeks or months. Stay open and receptive to help and support, even if it means loosening your grip on your magic wand.

4. Shadow Healing with the 6 of Wands. Be mindful of:

  • Private achievement and secrecy- be open to sharing your successes!
  • Fear of being seen as egotistical, arrogant, attention or spotlight seeking, successful, or accomplished. If you happen to be naturally passive, modest, or humble, possessing a gentle-feminine disposition,, the qualities of fire may seem toxic to you. 
  • An overpowering ego, narcissism (minor or major), or a fall from grace.

Find Your Authentic Voice and Stand In the Spotlight With Grace and Humility with the 6 of Wands! Be A Beacon of Light and Inspiration Without Ego:

Fear of public recognition, public speaking, or showing your talents and gifts to a larger crowd could be possible today, so it’s paramount that you find inspiration in the fire element, further realizing that you can be accomplished and humble.

Success, fame, or wealth don’t have to be equated with narcissism, unhealthy ego, or a soulless mindset or lifestyle. Life involves duality, which is clearly seen in the 6 of Wands symbolism (6 being a feminine number and wands being fire).