Tarot March 17th 2024: Finding Rest with the Four of Swords

On March 17th, 2024, Grace Gabriella leads a Tarot session focused on finding rest with the Four of Swords. 🌟 Experience the calm and reflective energy of this card, learning how to embrace tranquility and give yourself the gift of peace and rest. ✨

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Welcome to your March 17th tarot message!

The 4 of Swords symbolize meditation, contemplation, and relaxation– needing rest to realign and recuperate your energy. Swords symbolise air and intellect, but an emotional aspect is present.

What Does the 4 of Swords Symbolism Represent?

The card shows a knight lying horizontally on a tomb, dressed in full armor- a sign of being protected, but with his hands in prayer. Deep rest and healing are needed; the energy speaks of exhaustion, burn-out, and defeat or stagnation.

One sword lies beneath the knight, representing one single point of focus. Three swords hang above him, pointing down towards his head and torso. The stained-glass window above him shows a woman and child together.

This final imagery suggests motherly, feminine, and nurturing energy watching over him, sending him emotional support while he recuperates. The 4 of Swords brings mixed energy.

1. Meditation, Contemplation, and Recuperation

Rest is paramount today for your mental and psychological health, recharge, and realignment. The card speaks of meditation, rest, and recuperation: slowing down, engaging in prayer, and finding yourself.

You will need to take your mental well-being seriously today, and potentially over the next few days. If this is a message for a future time, take note! Rest and relaxation are essential for healing and self-development.

The knight on top of a tomb imagery shows this. His hands are in a prayer position, showing the importance of prayer and meditation, or calling on your guides and angels. Archangel contact, spirit-animal communication, or deep spiritual cleansing is in order.

You might want to ask for help from your guides, angels, and spirit protectors. You have the strength to pick yourself back up, but there is also support around you. Today is not the day to go it alone- you must be open to external sources of help.

As swords link to the air element, the focus is on your intellectual and mental strength. Mental tenacity, wit, and perseverance can see you through with the added element of spiritual prayer and guidance. 

2. Burn-out, Exhaustion, and Realignment

The second main meaning is burnout, mental exhaustion, and realignment. To contemplate and recuperate, you must first accept that you’ve got some healing to do. This may be deeper trauma work like healing from PTSD, depression, or a horrible event.

Or it could be more minor, like perpetual stresses from work, self-inflicted pain through toxic behaviors or bad habits- or faulty belief systems, or being overly giving, overly stubborn, or overly people-pleasing. The list is endless.

The main theme lies in exhaustion and burnout. Your mind, body, and spirit need rest. The energy today represents needing to recharge your batteries so you can continue to create, connect with others, and achieve and accomplish.

Solitude, introspection, contemplation, and soul-searching detach from chaotic stories and distractions are necessary. You will need to ground to recenter and realign. 

Not all suit cards bring other elements into the mix, but the 4 of Swords incorporates elements from emotions (explained below) and earth. The tomb represents strong physical force, structure, and grounding.

So, recharge your batteries in nature, consider working with herbs, plants, gemstones, or special crystals, and walk barefoot on Mother Earth. Mother Nature restores and revitalizes when all hope is lost!

3. Empathy-Motherly Energy (Female) Watching Over You

However, there is a motherly, empathic, and nurturing female energy present in your life, potentially supporting you or watching over you. This is a great omen from the universe! 

Air is a masculine element, while emotions are feminine. Although you have the mental and psychological strength to recuperate, you are being sent healing vibrations from the universe and ether to provide you with the emotional support you need.

A mother and child (the stained glass above the scene) clearly symbolize divine protection; unconditional love, nurturance, empathic support, care, and selflessness. Someone or some female entity or spirit is selfless with their support for you.

Divine protection, spiritual guidance, and motherly blessings are present in your life. You should show gratitude through prayer and some rituals, like cleansing, purging, meditation, honoring your altar or shrine, or setting a big intention of gratitude.

4. Shadow Healing with the 4 of Swords. Be mindful of:

  • Burnout, exhaustion, and stagnation.
  • A loss of hope or faith in the Great Spirit, the divine, or your ancestors, passed over loved ones, and spirit guides.
  • A loss of faith in prayer, meditation, and spiritual cleansing and healing. 
  • A loss of faith in the women in your life, either living or deceased.

Take A Step Back, Clear Your Mind, Destress, Pray, and Engage In Retreat With the 4 of Swords:

Silence and stillness are required now. It’s time to go on a retreat, increase your meditation practice, or detach from chaos and the stories of others. Your angels and spirit guide highly advise you to focus on yourself!

Soul-searching and introspection or simply contemplation is a catalyst for healing and release. Anything you’re going through, pain, conflict, stress, anxiety, challenges, blocks, or trauma can be overcome today. 

Reassess your priorities too, as your future remains unseen. Creating new connections, prosperity, and opportunities must be clear and karma-free.