Tarot March 3rd: Cultivating Joy with the 3 of Cups

Get ready to unlock the joy with Grace Gabriella and the 3 of Cups! ๐ŸŽ‰ Imagine this: a card that whispers secrets of stronger friendships ๐Ÿ‘ซ, endless laughter ๐Ÿ˜‚, and those unforgettable moments ๐ŸŒŸ that make life sparkle. Eager to see how this little card ๐Ÿƒ can make a big difference in your day? Keep reading!

Welcome to your March 3rd tarot message!

The 3 of Cups is a card of friendship, creativity, and collaborations. Celebrations are in order, a uniting of spirits and forces for some co-creation or recognition or completed works.

What Does the 3 of Cups Symbolism Represent?

The card shows three young women dancing with each other in a circle. They are raising their cups high in the air, a sign of celebration, joy, and unity. They are happy, overjoyed, in fact, and are looking at each other with appreciation, respect, and honor.

The three women symbolize creativity and expression, as well as the mind, body, and soul/spirit connection. It can also relate to the holy trinity. They are bound together in friendship, good spirits, and collaboration and teamwork.

Each woman contributes to the group or has contributed, and now it’s time for happiness and fun! The ground is further layered with flowers, signifying harvest and fertility, fruits- symbolizing health and longevity, and a pumpkin; a celebration of an abundant harvest.

1. Joy, Celebration, and Unity

The first main message is one of joy, celebration, and unity; friendship, community, and more specifically, sisterhood!

If you’re a woman, this is a very positive card to pull. If you’re a man, you should pay attention to the women in your team or part of your project.

Projects, collaborative efforts, and teamwork get a boost. Today, turn your focus to any and every collaborative effort you’ve done in recent weeks or months. Any project you’ve worked on, charity or non-profit cause, or business venture, you’ve participated in.

Sisterhood and female energy unite for a celebration of hard work well done. Whether it’s a current project that’s only just coming to a close, or a long-term project you’re looking back on, the universe is telling you: well done. You did an amazing job.

And it’s time to celebrate! Fun, play, connection, laughter, community, and an optimistic mindset come with today’ vibe. 

Creative collaborations of past, present, and future origin are a direct cord to abundance, happiness, and prosperity. If you’re currently considering whether to do something alone, going solo is not the option for you right now.

Always choose community. Choose teamwork and collaborative ventures and projects. More importantly, pour your energy into something worthwhile. Don’t give into lone wolf syndrome; no man is an island. The connections in your life are valid.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration

Here are some new ideas to integrate into your life and consider:-

  • Join or start a women’s circle, like poetry, sharing, or therapeutic circle.
  • Seek out new female members for your team; women bring a unique type of intuition combined with emotional intelligence!
  • Become more conscious of feminine undertones and currents in your life, like emotional bonding, instincts, feelings, subconscious clues and triggers from the environment, and pay attention to the cycles of the moon.
  • If you’re a man, give more respect to the divine feminine energy showing up in your life.
  • If you’re a woman, work to integrate your inner divine feminine more.
  • Unique female activities and concepts to ponder: how women living together tend to synchronize their “moon cycles” to the same time! Cranio-sacral therapy, is a unique therapeutic practice for females to process emotions and heal from sacral-related pain and wounds or trauma seeking a woman’s guidance for wise counsel, intuitive wisdom, or gut feelings.

In addition to joy, unity, and celebration, ideas and personal and universal truth are coming to the forefront of your mind. Your imagination should be serving you now, while a blend of intuition and logic can inspire you to new heights.

Self-awareness, intuition, positivity, mindfulness, and meditation are part of the 3 of cups Symbolism. Always count your blessings! Look on the bright side- be a “cup half full” person.

3. Just Rewards and Good Harvest

A common goal or project worked hard on is now, or about to, produce excellent harvest. This signifies abundance, fertility, prosperity, new connections, new clients, and lots of luck and love.

Visionary and idealistic abilities are linked here, so result your memory back to the times you’ve had a spark of genius or brilliance; or accepted the input of others, when you’ve been in a leadership position (and could have turned them down due to ego).

Positive energy and optimistic intentions, coupled with a ‘yes’ attitude and character, reap very good rewards. 3 of Cups is a green light from the universe to share your gifts and talents with your peers, co-workers, and community.

Also be open, adaptable, and receptive, as these three qualities produce greater abundance. People with big egos, arrogant personalities, or a need to be the only one shining (creating solutions or innovative ideas) can block themselves, and others!

If you want to create prosperity for yourself, loved ones, and friends, be open to collaborative input and so forth.

4. Shadow Healing with the 3 of Cups. Be mindful of:

  1. Egotistical or narcissistic influences- the need to be number 1, outshine others, or be the only one offering great ideas, inventiveness, innovation, originality, and talent.
  2. Supreme independence, “ lone wolf syndrome,” excessive partying or celebration, a lack of practical awareness or hard work, and ‘three’s a crowd.’ ~ Stay focused, keep your projects and collaborators conscious, and try to lose any arrogance.

Come Together With Friends, Find Unity and Good Will, and Bond in the Spirit of Connection & Community with the 3 of Cups!

Upbeat, optimistic, and enthusiastic high energy comes with the 3 of Cups, and it’s friendships and relationships in your life that are serving you now. This is the main message. Be more mindful of how you communicate and interact with others.

Finally, stay open to philosophical and innovative ideas and solutions. Never close yourself off from a lucrative or prosperous partnership because your ego wants to be the only boss, star, or leader.