Tarot March 9th 2024: Navigating Decisions with the 7 of Cups

"☕️ Join Grace Gabriella on March 9th for a heart-to-heart tarot session! 🌟 We're unpacking the 7 of Cups 🃏, exploring its maze of choices and dreams. Let's navigate this together, finding clarity in a whirl of options. 🌈"

Welcome to your March 9th tarot message!

The 7 of Cups is a wonderful energy symbolizing opportunities, wishful thinking, and illusions. There’s an aura of fantasy and responsibility in the air, a fine blend of the two. Choices are available.

What Does the 7 of Cups Symbolism Represent?

The 7 of Cups symbolism represents choices, decisions, and multiple opportunities. It’s a great energy, especially if your life has become boring, dull, or stagnant. There is a man standing in front of 7 cups, each with a unique gift inside.

This ranges from jewels to symbols and life themes to a wreath of victory. In others, however, there are less wonderful choices, like a snake or dragon, which suggest curses; bad choices. 

There are clouds in addition to the cups, portraying confusion and illusion, in addition to multidimensionality and multiple possibilities. The general vibe of the 7 of Cups speaks of wealth, gold, and victory- love, luck, success, and so forth. But wrong choices can be made. 

1. Illusion and Fantasy

Illusion and fantasy are the main message, specifically being prone to unrealistic notions or ideas; or tempted by sin, lust, greed, fantasy, instant gratification, hopeful wishing, and false promises.

This is not a negative omen, yet the 7 of Cups does depict a snake, a dragon, and curses. Not all cups have beautiful gifts in, in other words. The snake represents sin, lust, and temptation; the dragon signifies chaos and destruction- a burning uncontrollable fire.

Curses are the opposite of blessings. So, this is something to pay attention to today. You may be wanting to move home, start a new career, or leave a relationship. Some major life move or change is in order, and you hold considerable power over your fate.

The 7 of Cups speaks of destiny, and creating a legacy. Definitely strong foundations in love, friendship, or career. Be very mindful of impracticalities, a lack of grounding, a lack of higher self awareness, and irresponsibilities or clouded vision.

Raw emotions and clouded vision are both possible, for instance being steered by your desires. Or being tempted. As for vision, diminished idealism, clear sight, intuition, perception, and self-alignment are possible.

The effect is not being able to see manipulation, deception, or illusion for what it is. Also, being prone to “the grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome, which isn’t true or correct. 

Be very mindful of the ego today, which connects you with your lower mind misaligning you from your Higher Self. Try to lose superficiality and shallow, surface-level belief systems. 

2. Multiple Choices

The universe guides you to multidimensionality, a wonderful phenomena. Multidimensional perception, multiple choices, and multitasking through evolved perception, awareness, and observation skills are possible. 

New opportunities flow to you, there are many options being presented. This is great news, a positive omen; you can find the luck, love, abundance, friendship, or security you need. 

Welcome, invitations, and connections can come about through listening to your gut feelings, your instincts, and your Higher Self. Always listen to your inner voice. Be mindful, stay conscious, and keep your Third Eye open.

Cups are associated with water, which signifies intuition, instincts, advanced emotional intelligence, knowledge of sacred and universal laws and cycles, divine truth, self-awareness, psychic instincts, and imagination.

Divinity flows through you, which opens you up advanced knowledge of self, others, and the universe- the great mystery of life. Knowing your purpose, life path, soul’s plan, destiny, or fate is key to the 7 of Cups.

3. Love, Luck, and Success

Regarding fate and your life purpose, this is an excellent card for your Higher Self, your legacy and life path, and your soul’s mission. In love, career, service, community, family or home life, business, friendship, and the realms of money, success is here.

Faith and hope aren’t bad things, but wishful thinking is. This means recognizing there are bad choices to be made, and using your intuition combined with life experience, to oversee your decision-making. 

The 7 images shown, bringing deep wisdom, and guidance, are:

  1. A human head: This represents love, romance, and friendship, and/or platonic or business bonds. Companionship is available at a high level, if you should choose.
  2. A shrouded glowing figurine: Desire and passion- following your highest joys towards illumination and enlightenment. Evolution of Self, belief systems, and your best life and path.
  3. A snake: Original sin, temptation, lust, or greed. The snake is not inherently bad, the snake actually symbolizes wisdom, psychic instincts, and powerful transformation! But, in this case, the snake signifies excessive libido and sin.
  4. A castle or tower: Power, stability, security, strong foundations, and a loving home are possible. Support, connection, and longevity in love and friendship are possible.
  5. A treasure hoard: Wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, achievement, professional victory, social status, and prestige; need we say more?!
  6. A laurel wreath: Victory, honor, status, accomplishment, mastery, expertise, talents, and being the top of your field. The cup for this “gift” shows a skull, which could also signify vanity and pride.
  7. A dragon: Fire, chaos, destruction, and the need to control and power others the burning temptation to dominate, abuse personal power, and gain status or authority over someone or a group of people! 

4. Shadow Healing with the 7 of Cups. Be mindful of:

  • Being overwhelmed by all the choices in store for you. 
  • Indecisiveness, a lack of morals or responsibilities, and getting enticed by sin, pleasure, or instant gratification. 
  • Being overcome by fantasy, seduction, lust, freed, illusion, desire, or wishful thinking (fantasy). Try to stay practical and responsible, in the real world. 

Project the Ultimate Vision for Your Future With the 7 of Cups

To conclude, you have the power to project your intentions, hopes and wishes into the ether, the place where Spirit meets the material world and plane. Intention setting, envisioning, and manifestation powers are called for now.

Stay grounded and practical while focusing on the larger vision and holistic picture for your life. Stay present, optimistic, and mindful.