The Meaning Of The Four Of Wands Tarot Card

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The Four of Wands Tarot Card

Enjoy this deep dive into the optimism and play of The Four of Wand Tarot Card.

The Four of Wands Tarot card is like a graduation party. It gives your community good vibes, celebrations, and a sense of belonging.

Picture yourself hitting an important milestone with a little help from your friends. It feels good to realize your relationships are a rock-solid source of support.

It’s an engraved invitation to pause and celebrate your success and the support of your friends, family, and cohorts. Let’s explore the details together and discover why the Four of Wands says it’s time to party!

Four of Wands Tarot Card Description

Before diving into this card’s lucky vibes, let’s take in the visuals.

This picture-perfect moment signals a party! We see two friends waving to us from an arch made of Wands. These are the famous Wands of Tarot Legend, decked out with flowers and fruits. There’s even a chance someone has tied the knot!

Zooming in: 

  • Wands symbolize the celebration that comes with a win
  • Number Four is a moment to pause and see how far you’ve come, 
  • Fruits & Flowers represent an abundant harvest or the completion of an important task
  • Castle & Bridge is a welcoming sight, a homecoming
  • Golden Sky is giving optimism, positivity, and joy

Key Facts

UprightCelebration, joy, harmony, homecoming, stability
ReversedLack of harmony, breakdown in communication, transition, home conflicts, insecurity
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignAries
Key Facts: The Four of Wands Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Four of Wands

We’re picking up good vibrations when The Four of Wands pops upright. It’s a bright light of positivity and celebration. It’s like taking a victory lap after you’ve worked hard to win the race.

So lighten up! Play, dance, and most of all, appreciate the stability and support in your life! Your friends and collaborators are truly golden. Appreciate their role in your victory.

Let’s break it down:

CELEBRATION – Graduations, weddings, & anniversaries! All kinds of major milestones are indicated here. You can look forward to a fun celebration among people who care.

STABILITY  –  At this celebration, everything feels perfectly balanced and comfortable. There are no conflicts or hard talks to have.

ACHIEVEMENT – Whether you did this on your own or with help, this card is a flag of success! Reaching big or small goals always comes with a sweet taste of satisfaction.

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
Celebration and harmony in relationships; a time of joy and unitySuccessful completion of a project or milestone in your career; recognition and celebrationGood health and overall well-being; consider outdoor activities and social connections

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Four of Wands

Love is in the air, and The Four of Wands signals big things to come!

Committed Relationships – Successful first dates. Lovely wedding celebrations. It’s all here! Your loving connection is growing stronger.

Unity Vibes – You and your sweetheart are on the same page! You have a mutual understanding. 

Singles On The Scene – If you’re looking for love, The Four of Wands signals potential romance. There is a match for you out there, someone with the same long-term goals for life and love. You just have to be available!

Career and Work – Upright, The Four of Wands

Stepping into the career spotlight, the Four of Wands is a mark of achievement.

  • Success Alert – Big wins coming in! Look out for promotions, new job offers, and opportunities to do work that excite you!
  • Celebrate Wins – Mark even small achievements with a victory dance. Every win adds to your stability, the ultimate reward for the hustle.
  • Teamwork – You’re more productive when you work as a team! This card says you’re smashing goals with the help of your workmates.
  • Recognition – Your boss and coworkers can see and appreciate your awesome work ethic! You’re an asset and a good example.

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Four of Wands

Celebrate feeling better, younger, and renewed!

  • Health – If you aren’t feeling tip-top, healing is on the horizon. You will conquer the current challenge and come out feeling better than ever!
  • Positivity – This is a shout-out to your efforts and the improvement you can see! You’re getting better all the time!
  • Recovery – If health problems are getting you down, you’re making a comeback. You are resilient, and you will bounce back brilliantly with a plan.
  • Selfcare – Celebrate you! Now is the time to dive into activities you enjoy and celebrate your progress.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands pops upright to signal a time of spiritual uplift and community support!

  • Community – You will find your spiritual community and link arms with your fellow seekers. We all rise with optimism and a little help from our friends.
  • Inner Harmony – You are invited to a party with your higher self. It’s a green light to dive into meaningful practices that resonate and find peace.
  • Vibe Boost – Enjoy the natural optimism and connection to the Great Big All-of-Everything, and celebrate every moment!
  • Discovery – You are gaining access to your inner light. Embrace the serenity that comes from learning your place in the universe.
  • Enlightenment – When you nurture feelings of spiritual connection, life’s mysteries begin to unravel, and there is a greater sense of peace.

Reversed Meaning of The Four of Wands

When it pops in reverse, expect stress and hard conversations.

  • Drama – Tension and disagreements can steal the spotlight from your planned celebration.
  • Celebrations Postponed – Your exciting projects or events may have to wait. Expect unexpected delays and cancellations. Don’t hesitate to reschedule.
  • Lack of Harmony – Awkward vibes creep in. Cooperation and unity are out the window. Watch out for misunderstandings and conflicts!
  • Shaky Ground – Instability or feelings of uncertainty make you unsteady. It’s hard to feel like you have a solid place to stand.

So, when you see The Four of Wands in reverse, remember to ensure everything is in order before you celebrate. The surrounding cards and overall context will help you tell the rest of the story.

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Relationship conflicts or tension during gatherings or celebrationsCareer setbacks or delays in completing projects; reassess your strategiesWatch for potential stress affecting your health; prioritize relaxation and self-care

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Four of Wands

This is like a check engine light flashing on your dashboard. So pay attention!

Tension – Do your best to avoid miscommunications. When the going gets tough, talk it over.

Rocky Road – You need to be on the same page together. Feeling disconnected, outside pressures make matters worse. It may be time to renegotiate the terms of this relationship. Trust and understanding are key to a strong foundation.

Reinforcement isn’t the end of the world but a wake-up call. Look beneath the surface and talk about the problems, heart-to-heart. If you need counseling or guidance from an elder, now is the time to ask. Seek balance in your romantic world.

When you spot the reversed Four of Wands, it’s time to talk, set things right, and return to loving ways.

Career and Work – Reversed, The Four of Wands

On the job, this signals more workplace drama than usual.

Power Plays – Sometimes, the workplace is a battlefield. If you don’t fight to win, you will certainly lose. Step up and show them what you’re made of!

Teamwork Hurdles – Working with teammates is very challenging when cooperation and progress exit stage right. Encourage your team to work together.

Plot Twists – Expect the unexpected: Delays and complications cause you to take the long way to your goals. But this is no time to give up! Bounce back from challenges and do something original.

It’s time to flex your problem-solving muscles and work harder for a good outcome. You can do it!

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Four of Wands

Health Alert! When The Four of Wands pops reversed, pay attention.

If you feel ill, take it easy on yourself! Don’t make matters worse by pushing too hard.

If it feels like you’re tired when you shouldn’t be, that’s fatigue. Sometimes, doing extra means you need more time to recover. If that doesn’t help, see your health pro.

It’s time to get your health priorities in order. Take a break, and prioritize your own well-being. Schedule your check-ups, and talk to your health pro when you need help.

So, when you feel down, recognize that your body needs your attention. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity!

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Four of Wands

This is a clue that you are lost in a maze of doubt and confusion.

You are questioning your spiritual path. You feel disconnected or set adrift. It’s time to be honest about what’s causing the disharmony.

Rituals that used to soothe now put you to sleep. When it feels hollow or unfulfilling, you’ve hit a roadblock on your quest for peace.

Are you avoiding the changes you know will make life easier? Sometimes, it feels like getting on a rollercoaster. Fear not, friends! Dig deeper and explore uncharted territory. There, you will find a real spiritual connection.

See it as an invitation to venture farther into mystery. The satisfaction you seek is just beyond your comfort zone!

The Four of Wands: Yes or No

The Four of Wands in the tarot deck primarily symbolizes celebration, foundation, and a sense of accomplishment.

“Yes! Go for it!”

The Four of Wands is about celebrating big accomplishments, so in a “yes or no” reading, it gives optimism and positivity!

So, if you need a green light, here it is! Embrace what gives you joy, and you will have reasons to celebrate.

The Four of Wands and Astrology

Aries’s fire for progress and play is just right for the Four of Wands. 

Adding Astrology to the mix makes your Tarot reading more meaningful.

Aries is the playful child of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, it’s all about making a good start, taking action, and charging ahead! The celebratory vibe of The Four of Wands is a milestone: ending one chapter and beginning another.

Aries qualities you can work with:

  • Sparkling Personality – Aries is a natural dynamo, bringing life to any party.
  • Taking Charge – Aries and The Four of Wands both symbolize celebrating loyalty and getting pumped up over big wins and a bright future!
  • Energy Boost – Expect a burst of fun and fiery energy as you enter this celebratory mode. 

The Four of Wands and Numerology

Numerology is about the symbolic meaning of numbers, and The Four of Wands vibrates the number four. Like the four legs of a chair, it symbolizes stability, structure, and a solid foundation.

With The Four of Wands, we celebrate the win. We celebrate the foundations of family, friends, and institutions that have helped us along the way.

It reminds us that these fun times are built on loyal and consistent relationships. What we celebrate will endure! 

The Four of Wands as a Daily Card

This a sign of warmth and positivity coming into your day. Celebrate even small victories and the friends that helped you make them.

Here are some key takeaways for this card in a daily drawing:

  • Celebrate Minor Wins – Hundreds of things go right for you daily, and these small achievements add up. Soak in the joy of this wisdom and appreciate the good things that happen all the time.
  • Plant Seeds – Today is your day to plant seeds that will grow into opportunities.
  • Relax – Kick back and enjoy the successes you’ve already made.
  • Ponder – Take the time to notice what’s stable in your life. Acknowledge what’s going well for you.

How it might Impact your Day?

Expect an infusion of feel-good vibrations! This card encourages you to tackle challenges with sunny optimism. You’ll succeed with a bit of help from your friends.

Feeling a lack of harmony in your life today? Try to spread some joy, showing unity in the magical way you can. Recognize your wins, strengthen friendships, and celebrate stability wherever you find it!

How to use The Four of Wands in a Reading?

Context is key when looking at any card in a Tarot spread. 

Hints and clues in each card help you look beyond the simple meaning and see what it adds to the overall story.

Here are some tips for making the connection:

  • Suits of Cards– Each suit relates to an element (air, fire, water, earth) and its corresponding ideas. Learn your suits and compare them in the reading. For instance: Are there a lot more Wands than Cups? Wands = fire, and Cups = water, and you can see how the two of them may add up to some heated interactions!
  • Numbers on Cards – As a “four” card, The Four of Wands represents a moment where we mark our progress. Are there any other “four” cards in the spread? Or any other “celebration” cards? This can give you a better idea about the details of your celebration and what’s included!
  • Card Positions – Sometimes, we assign meaning to the card’s placement in a spread. If this card appeared in the “past” position of a “Past, Present, & Future” spread, it could mean the celebration is behind you. 
  • Card Colors – The Four of Wands looks like a merry celebration, and the golden sky, the colorful garlands and flowers, and the stoney gray color of the castle and bridge convey positive attitudes and stability

How to use The Four of Wands in a Love Reading?

In a love reading, this card signals warmth and positivity. At their best, fiery vibes include passion and hot times, fun activities, and adventures.

Look at this card in the context of other cards in the spread:

  • Position – Different positions in a spread have different meanings. For example, if the position is called “near future,” then the party is coming up soon but not happening now.
  • Other Cards – Compare The Four of Wands to the cards around it, and ask yourself what the overall message may be.
  • Symbols – Wands, fours, happy people. Compare these with the other cards in the spread and see if you can find a pattern or an overarching theme.

How to use The Four of Wands in a Career Reading?

This is about good times and the support of your coworkers, inviting you to celebrate a productive workplace vibe. The guidance for using it in the reading is the same as for a love or general reading; just apply it to your job situation instead.

How to use The Four of Wands in a Health Reading?

In a health reading, this card hints that you are happy and healthy, perhaps after a recovery. The guidance for using it in the reading is the same as for a love or general reading; just apply it to your job situation instead.

The Four of Wands in Relation to Other Cards

The point of a tarot spread is to view the cards together, adding layers of understanding to the overall situation. Naturally, each card has its own message, but with the context of other cards, the answers get you closer to the heart of the matter.

The Four of Wands gives an energy of fun and frivolity. It’s safe to let down your guard and celebrate good company! But just what is the celebration about, and what kind of support did you enjoy in making this achievement? That answer may lie in the cards you lay down around it.

Here are some tips for comparing The Four of Wands with other cards:

  • Paired with Positive Cards: Many good things happen for you when The Four of Wands is surrounded by positive or harmonious cards!
  • Balanced with Negative Cards: If The Four of Wands appears with challenging cards, you may have struggled to achieve this. Celebrate now, but be aware that trouble is waiting in the wings.
  • In the Company of Major Arcana Cards: Major Arcana cards sitting near The Four of Wands means your accomplishments come with deeper spiritual or life lessons.

The Four of Wands is just a small part of the overall story a reading tells. The key to a good reading is to blend its message with the messages of the other cards in the spread.

Complementary Cards

Some cards reinforce the Four of Wands by spelling out a similar story or adding depth and dimension to the tale of achievement. When it shows up with complementary cards, the message of completion and celebration becomes more detailed and precise.

Here are some cards that complement The Four of Wands:

  • The Sun – Together with The Four Wands, The Sun adds to feelings of elation, success, and overall positivity.
  • The World – Signaling a finish line and fulfilling your goals, together with the Four of Wands, we get a lovely combination of successful feelings and an overall sense of satisfaction.
  • The Ten of Cups – Feeling emotionally fulfilled and enjoying your family life, this card is very similar to The Four of Wands’ vibe of joy, fun, and unity.

Contrasting Cards

Some cards contrast with the energy of The Four of Wands, signaling that your celebration will be brief. These contrasting cards can provide a wake-up call when you’re distracted by optimism.

Here are some examples of cards that contrast with the energy of The Four of Wands:

  • The Tower – Sometimes, things fall apart no matter how hard you try. In this way, the Tower starkly contrasts the stability and light vibes of The Four of Wands.
  • The Five of Cups – Pointing to losses and regret, this card paints a very different picture from the upbeat unity of The Four of Wands. 
  • The Ten of Swords – This card is about betrayal and the emotional pain when good times end. This contradicts the positive, grounded vibe of The Four of Wands.


So now we come to the end of this article, and the message of The Four of Wands is revealed.

It brings delight, achievement, celebration, and a sense of support that makes you feel like you could do anything! Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and who helped you get here.


What does the Four of Wands tarot card symbolize?

The Four of Wands represents celebration, harmony, and stability. It signifies a time of joy, achievement, and the completion of a significant milestone.

What does it mean when the Four of Wands appears in a tarot reading?

When the Four of Wands appears, it suggests that you are entering a period of happiness and contentment. It indicates a time of celebration and the fulfillment of your goals.

What does the Four of Wands reversed indicate?

When reversed, the Four of Wands may suggest instability or a lack of harmony in your life. It could indicate delays or setbacks in achieving your goals or difficulties in maintaining relationships.

How does the Four of Wands relate to relationships?

The Four of Wands signifies a strong and stable relationship. It represents a harmonious partnership, celebrations, and a deep sense of connection and commitment between two individuals.

What actions should be taken when the Four of Wands appears in a tarot reading?

When the Four of Wands appears, it is a reminder to celebrate your achievements and enjoy the moment. It encourages you to nurture your relationships and create a harmonious environment in your life.

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