The Meaning Of The King of Wands Tarot Card

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King of Wands Tarot Card

New to Tarot? Just pulled the King of Wands? If the inspirational King of Wands was pulled out of your deck and you want to know what it means, keep reading!

The King of Wands is a bonafide leader, and he leans into his sense of creativity and ambition whenever he can. He has a fatherly energy, with his desire to share guidance with you, and he wants you to follow his lead by being a creative leader yourself! 

The King of Wands is unapologetically a visionary, but while this king knows how advantageous it can be to be bold and enthusiastic, he also knows that sometimes enthusiasm goes overboardDon’t steamroll others in your pursuit of success.

Want to know what else this card is wanting to share with you? Read on!

Key Facts

UprightLeadership, confidence, passion, charisma, success, fatherly energy, self-possession
ReversedOverbearing, arrogance, impulsiveness, lack of direction, bad leadership, lack of success
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignLeo
Key Facts: The King of Wands Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The King of Wands

The King of Wands is fiery and knows how to bring his ideas to life despite opposition. This drive to succeed inspires the people around him, and you can become someone like him, then inspiring the people who come after you. 

When he steps into the room, everyone feels his presence because he’s confident, and he has the creativity and leadership prowess to back up his position of power. His boldness can be piercing at times, but you can count on him to be honest.

With this card, you’re meant to blaze a path of your own and show everyone around you what you can really do. Make decisions with confidence, but make sure that you’re also listening and delegating to the people on your team when their skills would come in handy.

The King of Wands is reminding you to use your charisma when you’re championing your cause because others may realize you’re speaking the truth about your cause when you’re excited about what you’re committing your time and energy to and want to support you. 

The King of Wands is also passionate about what he does, giving everything he does 100%, and sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of what he’s passionate about. If you can identify with this, then make sure that you’re balancing resting and working. 

While there’s a lot to be excited about, make sure that you’re not steamrolling other people in your mad dash to the finish line. You’re creating great things, yes, but you have to consider other people’s contributions to your success. 

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
A confident and passionate partner; someone who takes charge in relationshipsLeadership and success in your career; the ability to inspire and motivate othersGood physical health and vitality; maintain an active and dynamic lifestyle

Love and Relationships – Upright, The King of Wands

In love, the King of Wands is a great sign! He lets you know that someone is about to be confident or bold in your love relationship and that you are meant to take the lead in your relationship without fear.

Your partner may have something that they’re struggling to address, and it might be time for you to address it yourself. This can help you to build a stronger bond with each other, and you might be raring to move ahead in this connection

Enthusiasm in your relationship, creativity when it comes to planning datesand passion in your words to each other these are all good ideas to further your love life with another person. This card can also bring a confident partner into your life, so get ready! 

Career and Work – Upright, The King of Wands

In career readings, the King of Wands is ready to showcase your leadership abilities and provide you with opportunities to move up the corporate ladder as a confidentpolishedambitious version of yourself. Alternatively, you may be working with someone like this. 

The King of Wands knows that the drive that you show goes a long way with employers and with employees, and you may have the opportunity to inspire and influence others in the workplace, so try to be the best version of yourself to bring this out of the people around you. 

Trust your instincts, and be innovative when you’re going after your career dreams. There may be a path to success that others haven’t thought of yet, and this may be your niche. Wherever you go in your career, blaze a trail!

Health and Wellness – Upright, The King of Wands

In matters of health and wellness, The King of Wands in the upright position brings a surge of vitality and energy to your life. You are entering a phase of robust health and increased enthusiasm for maintaining your well-being.

Embrace your inner leader and take charge of your health journey. Set ambitious fitness goals and pursue them with passion and determination. Your strong willpower will help you stay committed to your exercise and wellness routines.

This card also encourages you to explore new physical activities or sports that excite you. Engaging in activities you’re passionate about will not only improve your fitness but also bring you joy and fulfillment.

Incorporate creative practices into your wellness routine, such as meditation, art therapy, or journaling. These activities will help you channel your energy positively and maintain emotional balance.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The King of Wands

In spirituality, the King of Wands can create empowerment and inspiration for those who feel lost or alone. You may encourage others who are feeling lost and alone by helping them or teaching them ways of healing or dealing with their problems.

The King of Wands wants you to know that your passion fuels your soul, and you’re meant to follow that vision that you’ve been given; the one that you feel in your soul is in your future. Visualize where you want to go and go!

Artistic and expressive pursuits help you to connect with your spirit, and when you allow yourself to emotionally feel what you’re creating, rather than just creating mechanically, then you’re feeling more of the King of Wands’s innate energy.

The King of Wands is passionate, ambitious, and inspiring to those around him.

Reversed Meaning of The King of Wands

When you see the King of Wands flipped upside down, it can indicate that you are overdoing it. You might be exhausting yourself by burning the candle at both ends, working too many hours, or obsessing over a project that you need to take a break from.

If you’re finding that you want to be a leader but that you don’t actually have the qualities of a good leader, then it’s not the time to seize leadership despite your shortcomings. It’s time to work on yourself and make sure that you’re humble enough to lead.

The King of Wands reversed is trying to tell you that leadership doesn’t just mean having power and control over others; it means being there for the people you’re leading and helping to bring the best out of every person on your team. 

If you’re able to take a step back and acknowledge where you’ve been unmotivatedunmotivating, or dominating in your life, then it might be time to take a step back and reassess what you’re bringing to the table as a trailblazer and a leader. 

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Overbearing or domineering in relationships; consider listening and compromisingLeadership challenges or setbacks at work; reassess your approachWatch for potential stress or burnout; prioritize relaxation and self-care

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The King of Wands

When the King of Wands appears upside down in a love reading, it can mean that you need to figure out a balance with your partner! While you might care about one another, you might be competing for leadership in the relationship, and a compromise must be found. 

You could need to adjust how you approach each other, as the reversed King of Wands can also be warning you that there’s too much passion, where they are taking over your life’s focus, or too little passion, where there’s no spark between you. Strike that balance!

Approachability and understanding are important in a relationship, and when you’re being competitive and assertive 24/7, you’re likely pushing your lover away. Find a way to be more patient, or you risk losing the other person. 

Alternatively, when you see the King of Wands reversed, your partner may be acting in these ways and damaging the relationship.

Career and Work – Reversed, The King of Wands

In career readings, the reversed King of Wands warns you that you’re running over the people you’re supposed to be working with! Your brashintense way of approaching your workplace, your coworkers, and your bosses could be hurting your career’s progress. 

The reversed King of Wands wants you to fight for what you want, but not at all costs! It wants you to make sure that you’re making appropriate decisions, creating with care in mind, and reacting to frustrating circumstances with calmness.

It could also mean that there is someone in your workplace who is dominating others or the job you to be cold-hearted or assertive toward others. This energy could be damaging for you in the long term, and you may want to move away from it. 

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The King of Wands

The King of Wands reversed in a health reading often indicates that you’re overdoing it. You might be overindulging too muchworking out too much, or letting yourself do the work of three people. 

Your ambition needs to be directed toward your health right now because if you’re letting yourself be distracted by your competitive nature or your desire to do more to cause you to let your health slip, then you’re missing the forest for the trees.

When you’re listening to your drive instead of your body, you’re only hurting your ability to do more in the future. Make sure that you are thinking about the future as well as the present and any damage your body may be taking because of the intensity.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to seek out professional health advice when you’re feeling lost or unsure of what your specific issue requires. 

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The King of Wands

You may feel uninspired or unmotivated when the King of Wands appears reversed in a spiritual reading. You might feel like you’re not going anywhere, and that’s fine with you when in reality, you should be letting your inner fire drive you toward your real passion. 

If you’re living on the surface instead of going deep spiritually, or if you keep sending your spiritual problems to the bottom of your list of importance, then you might be noticing things going wrong right now. Find a way to remedy this!

When you get impatient, you’re forgetting yourself, your goals, and what you want for your long-term future. Don’t let your rashness get ahead of you, because you’re cheating yourself out of the future you want when you do. 

When the King of Wands is reversed, this is your cue to slow down, be patient, listen to others, and be honest with yourself about whether you’re running over others or unmotivated. 

The King of Wands: Yes or No

The King of Wands is a yes, he wants you to make a powerful and confident choice, and he knows that you have a way that you’re leaning. It’s time for you to trust your instincts and take charge of the direction your life is going. 

Consider your goals, and make sure that you’re passionate about your choice. Especially if the King of Wands has appeared, you’re meant to take control of your destiny and say yes to yourself.

However, if you feel uncertain or impatient, then it could be a sign that you need to give it more thought.

When the King of Wands is here, the answer is yes, and do it with passion.

The King of Wands and Astrology

In astrology, the passionatecreative King of Wands is associated with Leo. Ruled by the Sun, this card is associated with Mars in Leo; Leo shares the same instinctualinspirational power that the King of Wands champions.

The King of Wands is connected to Mars in Leo, adding a layer of drive and desire to succeed to this card. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a chance at the crown!

The Ace of Wands’s energy will likely feel more natural to you if you’re a Leo. Similarly, if you are a fire sign, as Aries will understand passion and trailblazing, and Sagittarius will align with growth and inspiration.

The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will emotionally identify with the Ace of Wands!

The King of Wands Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the King of Wands is represented by the number 4 or 14represents stability, foundations, family, and responsibility. 14 represents independence, freedom, and adventure, being a 5 in numerology (1 + 4 = 5)

The numbers 4 and 14 are asking you to do the hard thing and work for what you really want, rather than settling or trying to find a way around the difficult path. Trying to avoid this path is only cheating you out of the rewards that you know you could accomplish for yourself! 

Whether you’re feeling tired after a lot of work or just don’t know whether or not you should keep going, the King of Wands is here to help! Stick with it, and don’t give up; you’re so close!

Number 4 helps us to get busy and start building for the future, while number 14 takes us further with freedom and adventure to grow our character.

The King of Wands as a Daily Card

The King of Wands is no stranger to inspiration! When you see this card as your daily card, it inspires your creativity and focuses your instincts to help you make it through your fears and hopes. 

This card tells you to be an innovative and creative leader and don’t let other people sway you unless they’re making a valid point. Leadership potential is strong, and if you don’t take your opportunities, then it may cause you to struggle in the near future. 

Be enthusiastic about what you’re doing today, and let your charisma and confidence shine through in your daily routine. If you’re able to add a little spark of excitement to the more boring moments, it might help you to make the best of a bad situation. 

The King of Wands wants you to be passionate and enthusiastic, but don’t let it make you impatient.

The King of Wands in Relation to Other Cards

All tarot cards have other cards in the major and minor arcana that back them up by complementing their energy or that challenge them by contrasting their energy. Are you doubling down or finding a balance? Let’s find out!

  • King of Wands’s passion + The King of Cups’s emotion Passionate feelings or passionate, empathetic leadership
  • King of Wands’s enthusiasm + The Queen of Wands’s dynamic energy Letting your enthusiasm drive you forward
  • King of Wands’s charisma + The Four of Wands’s celebration Charisma leading you to success
  • King of Wands’s creativity + The Five of Swords’s competition A need to be creative about how you win, leading others rather than competing
  • King of Wands’s innovation + The Page of Wands’s new ventures New creative or innovative ventures

Complementary Cards

When working with The King of Wands tarot card, certain complementary cards can add depth and meaning to your readings.

These may include the:

  1. The Queen of Wands: The King of Wands shares inner wisdomhidden emotions, and deep intuition with The High Priestess
  2. The Ace of Wands: The King of Wands has the same inspiration, innovation, and confidence as the Ace of Wands
  3. The Chariot: The King of Wands has a shared passion and drive with the Chariot
  4. The Sun: The King of Wands shares optimismvitality, and genuine energy with the Sun
  5. The Knight of Wands: The King of Wands has a similar drive, ambition, and desire to move forward as the Knight of Wands

Contrasting Cards

In tarot readings with The King of Wands, contrasting cards can offer valuable insights by highlighting opposing energies. Understanding these differences helps you grasp the nuances of The King of Wands’ symbolism.

These may include the:

  1. The King of Cups: The King of Wands isn’t as sensitive or compassionate as the King of Cups, indicating a need for balance between showing empathy and taking charge
  2. The Two of Pentacles: The King of Wands isn’t as adaptable or decisive as the Two of Pentacles, indicating a need to balance flexibility and steadfastness
  3. The High Priestess: The King of Wands isn’t as introspective or intuitive as the High Priestess, indicating a need to balance introspection and action
  4. The Hanged Man: The King of Wands isn’t as surrendered or in stasis as the Hanged Man, indicating a need to balance taking action and resting
  5. The Four of Cups: The King of Wands isn’t as contemplative or indecisive as the Four of Cups, indicating a need to make a decision, but not too fast.

When the card in the King of Wands is with a complementary card, it might be telling you to go for it, but in a specific way! If a card in the King of Wands is with a contrasting card, figure out what needs balancing out.


The King of Wands wants you to go after what you want! He refuses to give up, but he knows when to pivot and direct his passions in another direction. Even if others try to dissuade him, he doesn’t have eyes for anything but the prize. 

The King of Wands has the leadership skills, the ambition, and the motivation; all he needs is for you to follow his lead!


What does the King of Wands tarot card symbolize?

The King of Wands represents leadership, ambition, and creativity. It signifies a person who is confident, charismatic, and influential in their pursuits.

What does it mean when the King of Wands appears in a tarot reading?

When the King of Wands appears, it suggests that you have the ability to take charge of a situation and make things happen. It encourages you to be bold and assertive in your endeavors.

How does the King of Wands relate to career and work?

The King of Wands signifies success and recognition in your career. It indicates that you have the skills and determination to achieve your goals and become a respected leader in your field.

What does the King of Wands represent in terms of relationships?

In relationships, the King of Wands represents a passionate and confident partner. It suggests that you or your partner possess strong leadership qualities and are willing to take the lead in the relationship.

What should I do if the King of Wands appears reversed in a tarot reading?

If the King of Wands appears reversed, it may indicate a misuse of power or a lack of direction. It advises you to reassess your goals and approach situations with caution and integrity.

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