Tarot December 20: Unlock Your Inner Strength for a Journey of Self-Discovery

Unlock Your Inner Hero: A Tarot Journey into Strength, Resilience, and Self-Discovery on December 20! Delve into the cosmic comedy of the Strength card, decoding courage, devotion, and compassion with a twist of unexpected humor. Join us for a day that promises laughter, insight, and a unique cosmic adventure! 🔮😄 #TarotUnleashed #InnerHeroAwakening

Welcome to your December 20th tarot message!

Today is a day of strength, resilience, and self-sovereignty. The Strength card is the ninth major arcana representing courage, devotion, and compassion. The card itself contains a lot of symbolism you can learn from today.

What Does the Strength Symbolism Represent?

The Strength card depicts a woman stroking a lion, with the woman giving off a calm, gentle, and serene vibe. She is full of compassion, yet strong and direct with clear confidence and self-authority.

The lion is ferocious looking, yet the woman knows how to tame him. He is clearly a wild beast with strong primal instincts. The message is: today you’re being asked to look within and without to find what core qualities you’ve been neglecting.

You’re being guided to be both gentle and strong, compassionate and bold, and loving and strong. Feminine and masculine qualities and strength are called for. The infinity symbolism on her head represents timeless wisdom, infinite wisdom, and unlimited resources and opportunities.

This signifies you have unlimited time, energy, and wisdom to see your goals through to success. Also, to manage and harmonize unruly or chaotic emotions- inner world sensations that could lead to external trouble. 

The woman also wears a white robe, representing purity, innocence, and faith, as well as spiritual illumination, cosmic consciousness, and clairvoyance. There’s an infinity symbol, the figure eight, over her head, a sign of infinite wisdom, potential, and spiritual power. 

Finally, she wears a belt and crown of flowers showing her connection to nature, to fertility, beauty, sensuality, protection, harmonious vibrations, and sensitivity. Mother Earth is a feminine principle symbolizing feminine power and energy; subtle force.

Taming the Inner Beast

Primal instincts, urges, and out-of-control desires can be tamed and controlled with the Strength card. Today, look inside. Explore your past, past feelings, emotions, and experiences that have brought deep pain and fear.

Specifically, around primal or anti-social experience, the events and real-world mishaps that have brought fear to you. Scary, intimidating, and threatening or sadening experiences that have made you think life is a cold and unjust place. Reflect on these.

The lion symbolizes the wildness and primarily within. All humans have this. There are only two zodiac signs, for instance, that are firmly against violence, and these are Libra and Pisces. All other zodiac signs have violent capabilities and tendencies. 

We all have a Root chakra, a need for survival, security, and self-preservation. This brings anger, rage, and a need for protection. The Strength major arcana lights up these primal and animalistic aspects of the self. 

The lower self and mind can only be tamed and controlled with courage, compassion, and empathy. Work on cultivating these three qualities. Amplify your spiritual vibration through self-care and healing practices that make you more conscious, mindful, and soul-aligned.

Self-Control and Self-Mastery

In other words, consider exploring your individual coupled with the collective shadow for true healing, self-alignment, and security and protection. All chaotic, destructive, and violent, antisocial, or aggressive thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can be healed and soothed, with empathy and mindfulness, as well as compassion, empathy, and grace.

Nurturing, caring, sensitive, patient, and discerning qualities are equally linked to the Strength card. Strength asks you to slow down, go within, and explore your emotions and feelings. Be authentic. Get real this is the time to be more honest with how you really feel, what your needs and desires are in relationships, and how you can call on spiritual powers of protection and divine grace to increase your life force.

It requests that you be much more self-controlled, in addition to gaining greater self-mastery over your communications and interactions. For example, you may consider beginning a career in care, counseling, social or support work, or any healing, therapeutic, or any other field that requires an empathic and mindful touch.

With patience and gentleness comes wisdom, with mindfulness and empathy comes self-empowerment, and with sensitivity and kindness comes courage and boldness. You can speak your truth, support and empower others, and live with greater diplomacy, fairness, and equality. 

Tact, poise, sophistication, soul, and sensitivity are called for. Diplomacy is a beautiful gift to tune into today, as is self-awareness. Aim for humility, modesty, and integrity, and apply it to any challenges or real-world events you may have. 

But, don’t forget the importance of your boundaries, discernment, or inner strength and stamina. 

Courage and Compassion

The Strength major arcana symbolizes courage, power, and influence over the external world. This means influence and control over your own, as well as the emotions and reactions or responses of others. We can’t control how others react or respond, but we can influence them. 

Personal triggers can be worked through today, in addition to the wounds and traumas of your past. The energy of today is a call to conscious and compassionate action, being more honest and accountable, and deepening your connection with your internal realm.

Instincts, emotions, and senses are the name of the game. Reaction is unconscious, often explosive and rooted in some harmful intention. For example, to cause fear, panic, or feelings of unsafety and attack in another. This can be offensive or defensive, but the end goal is the same, harmful intent.  

Emotional triggers lead to violence, separation, and disconnection on one or more levels, moreover, a loss of self-respect, dignity, grace, and so forth. Today’s message is to explore and contemplate your triggers so you can find greater peace and harmony.

All relationships, business bonds, family connections, friendships, and your relationship with your partner can improve. You can find your own source of strength, self-sovereignty, self-autonomy, and personal power and courage to discover how to navigate intense and darker emotions, projections, and instincts.

A Karmic Influence

The infinity symbol brings a karmic influence into the mix, guiding you towards your highest light and purest potential. Old belief systems, negative energies, and toxic cycles can be released with grace, compassion, and love. 

Any wrongdoings, misconduct, or unkindness on your behalf can be explored with patience and forgiveness. Today is the day to get deep, explore your roots, and examine your past without prejudice or bias. It’s not a time of dishonesty or a lack of real-world practical awareness, vision, or wisdom. 

Being a soul warrior of truth, justice, and devotion to what’s right and just is being asked of you from your angels and Higher Self. Be clear on your energy, your energy speaks for itself, and your intentions ripple out to affect time and space. 

To reach the level of strength and mind power to tame wild beasts (primal urges and instincts!) you need to embrace, accept, and master yourself, your shadow and light attributes included. 

Some additional key qualities to reflect on: inner calmness, patience, problem-solving, dignity to overcome life’s challenges, maturity, composure, and subtle-majestic power. Loyalty, self-respect, and clear boundaries coupled with logic and analytical thinking merged with intuition and imaginative innovation. 

Furthermore, this major arcana helps you to see just how powerful your empathic abilities are; can you listen, nurture, persuade, counsel, and gently coerce instead of using force or control? Now is your time to master your emotions.


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