Tarot December 23: Finding Balance and fairness with the wisdom of Justice

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Welcome to your December 23rd tarot message!

Justice is the cosmic theme of the day, the 12th major arcana symbolizing fairness, harmony, and higher truth. The laws of cause and effect, righteous action, and justice come into this major arcana’s domain. Let’s find out more.

What Does the Justice Symbolism Represent?

The energy of Justice is similar to the High Priestess and Hierophant, as Justice is depicted by a justice looking figure in front of a purple veil, signifying wisdom, prestige, and self-knowledge, as well as social status and public image.


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She holds a sword in her right hand with scales in her left hand, the sword representing the ability to pierce through illusions, evil, and wrongdoings; the scales portray fairness, cosmic law, and equality.

Justice is wearing a crown with a small square on, a symbol for structured, orderly, and logical thoughts. Finally a red robe with a green mantle and white shoes represents physical instincts of protection and security, empathy and compassion, and spiritual illumination, faith, and intuition.

Higher Laws

Justice represents higher laws, higher truth, and cosmic consciousness. The Scales are a universal symbol for weighing up options, action, mindsets, thoughts, and behaviors. Everything that has led to where you are today is part of Justice’s symbolism, all of your past deeds and intentions.

Today is a day to check in on your intentions, moreover your connection to higher truth. Are you aware of sacred and quantum laws? Do you have books or podcasts and documentaries on esoteric or metaphysical literature? Have you explored the occult, positive witchcraft, the Healing Arts, and ancient philosophies?!

Now is an excellent time to research philosophies like the Hermetic Principles, sacred laws, and the holistic and alternative health and healing fields. Justice energy inspires multidimensional awareness, self-development, and self-evolution.

Today, turn your attention to order, fairness, morals and ethics. Reflect on your belief systems, ideologies, and personal views regarding law, order, society, regulations, and systems for enforcing peace. Harmony is the main message of the day.

Justice ties in closely with the energy of Saturn, bringing a strong and strong energy that motivates you to take the moral high ground. Also, to act justly, righteously, and with full integrity and nobility. Social grace, charm, and charisma should be contemplated on or practiced today.

As it’s Christmas time, a holiday for celebrations and togetherness, you may want to consider applying these values and qualities to any social gathering or get-together you have today.

Aim for unity, harmony, and solidarity; practice empathy and morality, while introducing topics and concepts that bring everyone together in the spirit of harmony. Activate your Higher Self, and always move the energy up towards your higher chakras.

No matter where you are today, alone, at home, out and about traveling, or in a social gathering, keep moving energy and awareness to your Third Eye and Crown chakras. Be mindful of the energy you project, the thoughts you have, the emotions you allow in.

Take time to center yourself, return to your source of personal power, integrity, and truth, and check in with your true feelings and intentions. Justice energy inspires community and wonderful conversation today, that can produce miraculous creations!

Reclaiming Your Power and Voice

The second main theme is regarding reclaiming your power and voice. This energy inspires authenticity at high levels, morality, integrity, and self-empowerment. You can find your voice, speak your truth, and share your wisdom, talents, and truth.

Communication is emphasized today, which signifies self-honesty. What are your true feelings? What are your needs, emotions, feelings, and desires in life? How do you like to communicate with others, what is your communication style?

Do you feel confident expressing yourself to others? Are you able to express what’s deep inside? Self-intimacy is the first step to intimacy with others, but to achieve this you must be honest, moreover accountable.

The energy of today can help you get to the root of personal, family, professional, community, or work related injustices. It can help you to explore any judgments you may be consciously or unconsciously holding onto, belief systems, and superficial or self-righteous tendencies.

An excellent point of evaluation today is the difference between self-righteousness and righteousness. Righteousness stands for unity, community, and togetherness- reclaiming power and nobility, modesty, and beautiful qualities. There’s a genuine desire to help, serve, and be a just, loving, and kind human being.

Self-righteousness is rooted in selfishness, egotistical or narcissistic tendencies, and a sense of self-importance; arrogance, self-entitlement, and so forth. This leads to disconnection, ultimately, whereas righteousness is concerned with humankind. Community, connection, and how we can come together to find balance and understanding.

There might be some opportunities today to transcend self-righteousness, as well as stand up for the underdog. Or you should perform a quick meditation before any social event or gathering to align with such themes and concepts.

Holistically, a situation may need your attention where you are called to bring in some higher truth, offer some rational or intuitive perspective, or play the role of counselor, diplomat, or judge.

Simultaneously, if you’ve ever considered a path in counseling, being a judge, or becoming a diplomat, now is the day to follow some intuitive hunches.

Fairness, Unity, and Integrity

As the 13th major arcana, Justice brings a masculine energy, so today you’re being blessed with masculine strength, energy, vitality, boldness, courage, and direct and assertive energy. Compassion, sensitivity, and diplomacy can be balanced with these traits.

Positive energy fills the day, and you might find gifts or blessings flow to you when you speak your truth and act with courage. Whether you’re standing up for yourself or others, boldness, commitment to justice, and speaking truth “even when your voice shakes” is what leads to abundance.

Respect may find its way to you in unexpected places. The more you act with nobility and integrity, the more prosperity, luck, and beautiful bonds and opportunities flow to you.

When you speak truth, project clear intentions for purity out into the atmosphere, or find courage to highlight certain injustices, distortions, or wrongdoings, the universe rewards you tenfold.

Other core qualities to reflect on or embody today are patience, dignity, sincerity, inner strength, social harmony, understanding, humility, kindness, empathy, tolerance, and compassionate nonviolent communication.

For the best transformation, miracles, and manifestations today, consider incorporating the characteristic of Justice into your meditation, visualization, or self-therapy practice.


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