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Justice Tarot Card

Welcome to the fascinating world of Tarot! In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of the Justice Tarot Card and its significance in various aspects of life. So, let’s dive right in!

Justice Tarot Card Description

The Justice Tarot Card is a symbol of balance, fairness, and karma.

It depicts a seated figure holding a sword in one hand, representing logic and reason, and scales in the other, symbolizing the weighing of options. The figure also wears a crown, signifying justice and authority.

This card often appears in readings when a decision needs to be made or when evaluating situations that require impartial judgment. It serves as a reminder that fairness and balance should guide your actions.

The Justice Tarot card prompts you to assess situations with objectivity and to make decisions that are guided by reason rather than emotion.

This card serves as a reminder that justice is not only an external concept but also something that you must strive to embody within yourselves.

Furthermore, the Justice Tarot Card reminds you of the karmic consequences of your actions. It suggests that the choices you make today will have repercussions in the future, urging you to consider the long-term effects of your decisions.

By aligning your actions with the principles of justice, you can create a more balanced and harmonious existence.

Key Facts

Upright Fairness, integrity, legal disputes, cause and effect, life lessons
ReversedInjustice, dishonesty, failure to take responsibility, deceitful practices, negative karma
Yes or NoYes
Numerology11 (or 2 in some decks)
Astrological SignLibra
Key Facts: The Justice Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

In its upright position, The Justice Tarot Card encourages you to seek truth, exercise integrity, and strive for fairness in every situation.

This card suggests that justice will prevail, but it also emphasizes the need for personal responsibility.

When The Justice Tarot Card appears, it indicates that an essential decision needs to be made based on logic and unbiased judgment.

It advises you to consider the consequences of your actions and make choices that are just and fair.

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health
Fair and balanced relationships built on trust and equalityCareer success through hard work and just decision-makingFocus on maintaining a balanced lifestyle and seeking harmony in physical and mental health

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Justice Tarot Card

In love and relationships, the Justice card is all about creating a fair and balanced partnership. It’s like a playground seesaw that’s perfectly balanced with you and your partner.

The card asks you to be honest with each other, and any issues or conflicts will be resolved fairly. It could also mean a need for compromise in the relationship.

The Justice Tarot Card suggests the need for balance and equality in a relationship. It reminds you to treat your partners with fairness and respect.

This card may also indicate the need for open and honest communication to resolve relationship issues.

Career and Work – Upright, The Justice Tarot Card

In career readings, the Justice card signals fairness in the workplace. Imagine your boss treating everyone equally and fairly. If you’ve been working hard, your efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

It also suggests legal matters or contracts might be involved. Make sure to make ethical choices in your work.

When it comes to career and work, the Justice Tarot Card advises you to maintain a strong work ethic, and be just and fair in your professional dealings.

This card indicates that your efforts will be rewarded, and justice will prevail in career-related matters such as promotions, conflicts, or financial matters.

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Justice Tarot Card

When it comes to health, the Justice card represents balance. It’s like eating a good diet for a great health. You might need to make healthier choices and take responsibility for your well-being.

If you’ve been dealing with a health issue, you may see fair resolution or receive the necessary treatment.

Therefore, in terms of health and wellness, the Justice Tarot Card encourages you to take a balanced approach to your well-being. It reminds you to make informed decisions about your health and to be mindful of the consequences of your choices.

This card may also signify the need for seeking justice in medical or legal matters related to health.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Justice Tarot Card

Spiritually, the Justice card suggests balance and karma. It’s like the saying “what goes around comes around.”

Your actions have consequences and can affect your spiritual growth. The card asks you to be honest with yourself and strive for spiritual balance. It’s a call to examine your actions and their effects on your spiritual journey.

From a spiritual perspective, the Justice Tarot Card reminds you that your actions have consequences in this life and beyond.

It urges you to live in alignment with your spiritual values and to embrace the idea of karma.

Reversed Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

When the Justice card appears reversed, it often indicates a lack of fairness, imbalance, or injustice. This could be a sign that you’re not taking responsibility for your actions or maybe avoiding the consequences of your decisions.

Imagine getting away with cheating on a test; it’s not fair, right? That’s what the reversed Justice card is all about.

You could be on the receiving end of injustice. Perhaps you’re being treated unfairly, or you’re caught up in legal issues that don’t seem to be resolving in your favor.

When The Justice Tarot Card appears reversed, it may indicate a lack of balance, dishonesty, or unfairness. It serves as a warning that you need to re-evaluate your actions and decisions to restore harmony and justice.

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Relationship conflicts or unfairnessUnjust decisions affecting career growthBeware of potential health issues related to stress or imbalance

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Justice Tarot Card

In the context of love and relationships, a reversed Justice card may signal imbalance, unfairness, or lack of open communication.

It’s a reminder to make sure everyone in the relationship is treated fairly and problems are discussed honestly.

In relationships, the Justice Tarot Card reversed may indicate conflicts, power struggles, or feelings of inequality. It urges you to address any imbalances, communicate openly, and work towards restoring harmony.

Career and Work – Reversed, The Justice Tarot Card

When the Justice card appears reversed in a career reading, it may suggest workplace disputes or unethical behavior. It’s like a co-worker taking credit for your hard work.

This card advises you to stand up for fairness and resolve any ongoing disputes in a just manner.

The Justice Tarot Card reversed warns you to be cautious of unfair treatment or unethical practices. This card advises you to stand up for yourselves and seek resolution if you feel that justice is not being served.

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Justice Tarot Card

In terms of health, the reversed Justice card implies a need to rebalance. You may need to make healthier choices and take better care of your body.

It’s a wake-up call to restore balance in your physical and mental health.

The Justice Tarot Card reversed may highlight imbalances or unethical practices within the healthcare system. It reminds you to take charge of your well-being and seek justice if needed.

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Justice Tarot Card

On a spiritual level, a reversed Justice card encourages reflection on past actions and their consequences. Like when you tell a lie and feel guilty about it.

It’s about acknowledging the impact of your choices on your spiritual journey, learning from them, and striving for spiritual balance and honesty.

From a spiritual perspective, The Justice Tarot Card reversed suggests that your actions may have karmic consequences. It encourages you to reflect on your choices and seek.

It’s about acknowledging the impact of your choices on your spiritual journey, learning from them, and striving for spiritual balance and honesty.

The Justice Tarot Card: Yes or No

The Justice Tarot Card typically represents fairness, truth, and law. When posed with a ‘Yes or No’ question, the appearance of this card usually indicates a balanced and impartial decision is needed.

The outcome will likely be a direct result of your past actions and decisions, embodying the principle of cause and effect.

If the card is upright, it often leans towards a ‘Yes‘, especially if your intentions and actions have been just and honorable. It signals that justice will be served and the outcome will be in your favor.

If the card is reversed, however, it might lean more towards a ‘No‘. This could indicate unfairness, lack of accountability, or unbalanced decisions coming your way.

The Justice Tarot Card and Astrology

In essence, the marriage of the Justice Tarot Card and astrology offers a profound insight into the cosmic balance of actions and consequences.

It reminds you of the intertwined dance between fate and free will, and the universal law of harmony that governs both the cards and the stars.

The Justice Tarot Card is deeply interconnected with the realm of astrology. This card is associated with the zodiac sign Libra, a sign known for its focus on balance, fairness, and harmony.

Like Libra, the Justice Tarot Card represents the need for balance and considered decision-making.

Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, emphasizes relationships and the scales of justice, both of which play crucial roles in the interpretation of the Justice card. It’s a call to understand the dynamics of give-and-take, compromise, and the middle path.

A strong Libra or Venus placement could indicate a natural ability to see both sides of a situation, seek equilibrium, and maintain peace.

The Justice Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Justice card is associated with the number 11. Number 11 is a master number representing intuition, enlightenment, and spiritual awareness.

It carries a powerful energy that can bring profound insights and a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.

When you encounter the number 11 in your life, it’s a sign that you are on a path of spiritual growth and self-discovery. Embrace your intuition and trust your inner wisdom to guide you towards higher truths.

Number 11 also reminds you to stay balanced and fair in your actions, just like the Justice card. By aligning with the energy of this number, you can make well-considered decisions that lead to positive outcomes for yourself and others.

The Justice Tarot Card as a Daily Card

Drawing the Justice Tarot Card as your daily guidance speaks to a day of reckoning, balance, and truth-seeking.

In essence, the Justice Card as advises mindfulness, fairness, and honesty in all dealings. It’s a reminder that the universe operates on a principle of balance and that today, more than ever, you’re a part of that cosmic dance.

It prompts introspection, encouraging you to assess your choices and actions to ensure they align with your personal values and principles.

When the Justice Tarot Card appears as a daily card, it serves as a reminder to approach the day with fairness and integrity. It encourages you to make decisions based on logic and seek justice in your actions and interactions.

How to Interpret it as a Daily Card?

Interpreting the Justice Tarot Card when drawn as a daily guide requires mindfulness about the day’s energies and the potential challenges or revelations that may arise through the day.

As you start your day, reflect on choices or decisions that require careful consideration. Consider the consequences of your actions, and strive to act in a fair and just manner.

How it might Impact your Day?

Drawing the Justice Tarot Card as your daily guide sets the tone for a day steeped in balance, fairness, and introspection. At its core, the Justice card can prompt reflection on personal choices.

The influence of The Justice Tarot Card on your day will depend on how well you maintain balance and fairness. It suggests that your decisions may have long-lasting effects.

As you move through the day, you might find yourself contemplating decisions, ensuring they’re approached with impartial judgment. This is not a day for hasty choices but rather for thoughtful deliberation.

Furthermore, if your day involves engagements like legal matters, contracts, or formal agreements, the Justice card suggests approaching them with clarity and fairness.

So it’s important to act with integrity and consider the potential impact on others.

How to use The Justice Tarot Card in a Reading?

When using The Justice Tarot Card in a reading, consider its placement and surrounding cards to gain insights into the situation at hand.

When integrating the Justice Tarot Card into a reading, it’s vital to grasp its fundamental attributes: fairness, balance, and accountability.

Its appearance brings forth themes of equity, cause and effect, and the notion that every action has its consequences.

Firstly, assess the balance between emotions and rationality in the situation, as the Justice Tarot Card often highlights the need for it. Secondly, contemplate the repercussions of the actions taken and decisions made.

The card signifies cause and effect. It prompts you to reflect on the essential values of fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Lastly, the card serves as a valuable tool for evaluating legal, ethical, or moral dilemmas.

How to use The Justice Tarot Card in a Love Reading?

When the Justice card emerges in a love reading, it delves into themes of balance, fairness, and mutual respect within relationships. This card can indicate the need for open communication and honesty between partners.

It might highlight issues of give-and-take, urging one to assess if both parties are contributing equally to the relationship.

For singles, the Justice card can signal the karmic nature of an upcoming relationship or the need to resolve past relationship matters before moving forward.

It suggests you to assess about how fair your relationship is. Look for any imbalances or power struggles. It reminds you to talk honestly with each other. Also, it can help you evaluate the long-term potential of the relationship.

The card serves as a reminder that in matters of the heart, genuine partnership thrives on mutual respect and understanding.

How to use The Justice Tarot Card in a Career Reading?

In a career-oriented spread, the Justice card shines a light on professional integrity, balance, and decisions. It might suggest that you may face an ethical choice or will be rewarded for past good deeds.

It can also indicate legal matters or contracts in the professional domain. If one feels they’ve been treated unfairly at work, Justice assures that balance will eventually be restored.

The Justice Tarot Card for your job also helps you to evaluate conflicts or disputes in the workplace. For those in legal or decision-making roles, this card reinforces the importance of impartiality and integrity.

Ask yourself if chances of current opportunities or promotions are fair.

It reminds you to assess the ethical implications of career choices. Additionally, the card enables you to gain insights into legal or contract-related matters.

How to use The Justice Tarot Card in a Health Reading?

In the context of a health reading, the Justice card can address balance in physical and mental well-being. It might urge you to take responsibility for your health choices, emphasizing the idea that actions have consequences.

For some, it might indicate the need for a medical diagnosis that is fair and accurate.

On a holistic level, it can point to the importance of mental and emotional balance, urging you to address any stresses or imbalances in their life. It could also suggest that past choices about health may have effects now.

Consider if the healthcare you’re getting is fair. The Justice card can help you evaluate legal or insurance matters related to health.

Essentially, the Justice card in health readings stresses the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit and the constant need for harmony among them.

The Justice Tarot Card in Relation to Other Cards

Understanding the Justice Tarot Card in relation with other cards can offer a more profound insight into a situation. The interplay between cards can either enhance, modify, or sometimes even counteract the energy of the Justice card.

When interpreting the Justice Tarot Card in relation to others, it’s essential to consider the overall energy and theme of the spread.

The universe could either influence, refine, or deepen the message that Justice brings with the help of the other cards.

Remember, justice is all about fairness, balance, and truth. So, when it’s paired with different cards, it adds a layer of honesty to your readings. It helps you to understand if things are fair in your life or if you need to make some changes.

Are you ready to explore how The Justice Tarot Card connects with the other cards? Let’s dive in!

Complementary Cards

When you see the complementary cards for The Justice Tarot Card together in a reading, they boost each other’s messages and help you to understand things better. They’re like best friends that complete each other’s sentences!

The Justice Tarot Card often complements with the following cards:

  • The High Priestess: Brings intuitive insight and wisdom to the balance
  • The Emperor: Represents authority and structure in decisions
  • The World: Signifies the completion of a karmic cycle

Contrasting Cards

Now, let’s check out the contrasting cards that stand out from the Justice Tarot Card. These cards show a different side of things and gives you a whole new perspective.

Let’s look at the contrasting cards that challenge the Justice Tarot Card:

  • The Fool: Represents impulsive actions or lack of foresight.
  • The Devil: Suggests imbalance and addiction.
  • The Tower: Signifies unexpected upheaval and loss of control.


The Justice Tarot Card reminds you of the importance of fairness, integrity, and balance in your life. It serves as a constant reminder that your actions have consequences and that you should strive for justice in all aspects of life.

Whether in relationships, career, health, or spirituality, the Justice Tarot Card beckons you to make decisions based on truth and equity. So, remember to seek justice not only in the world around you, but also within yourself.


What does the Justice tarot card symbolize?

The Justice tarot card symbolizes fairness, balance, and the consequences of our actions. It represents the need for impartiality and making ethical decisions.

What does the upright Justice card mean in a tarot reading?

In an upright position, the Justice card suggests that fairness and truth will prevail. It indicates legal matters, accountability, and the need to make just choices.

What does the reversed Justice card mean in a tarot reading?

When reversed, the Justice card may indicate injustice, dishonesty, or a lack of accountability. It warns against making hasty decisions and advises seeking fairness and balance.

How does the Justice card relate to relationships?

In relationships, the Justice card advises maintaining fairness, honesty, and open communication. It encourages resolving conflicts through compromise and seeking justice for both parties.

How can the Justice card influence career and finance readings?

The Justice card suggests that career and financial matters will be resolved fairly. It advises making ethical choices, taking responsibility, and seeking balance in professional endeavors.

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