Tarot December 31: Celebrating Joy and radiance with The Sun’s energy

December 31 is all about The Sun in your Tarot spread! ☀️ Find out how this luminous card sets the stage for a day of unstoppable joy and energy. 🌟 Get ready to shine bright and usher in the New Year with a glow! 🎉

Welcome to your December 31st tarot message!

The Sun follows the Moon and symbolizes fun, warmth, and vitality, as well as success, positivity, and expression. This is an excellent day for high spirits and positive intentions for the New Year.

What Does the Sun Symbolism Represent?

The Sun tarot is depicted by a large bright sun in the sky, it’s the source of all life on earth, all creation. Underneath it are four sunflowers representing the four suits and four elements.

A naked young child is sitting on top of a calm white horse, signifying innocence, joy, and purity; the child represents being connected to your inner child, pure joy, and inner spirit, as well as playful naivety.

The white horse is a symbol of purity, faith, spirituality, clairvoyance, and divine flow and inspiration, with white linking to the Crown chakra. This is where cosmic consciousness flows and is available. \

1. Vitality, Sociability, Personal Joy, and Empowerment

All masculine, dominant, and yang qualities are linked to the Sun. The Sun represents joy, social charm and charisma, vitality, friendliness, warmth, positivity, optimism, and self-expression. It’s a card of personal courage and confidence, moreover empowerment.

The Sun’s energy is inspirational and motivational, encouraging warmth, radiance, and harmony. It inspires a success mindset, ambition, and conscious action. The Sun brings dominant and assertive qualities, so if you lack in yang qualities you can work with the Sun.

Everything linked to solar energies can be integrated and amplified. For instance, if you are quite feminine, sensitive, emotional, or empathic, the Sun can help you to be more dominant, forceful, assertive, and expressive.

Logical, analytical, and intellectual gifts are linked to the Sun. Complementary to the Moon, the Sun is warm, sunny, and energizing; it encourages intellect, innovation, originality, independence, and problem-solving.

Its energy is ambitious and direct, warming and diplomatic, and extroverted and gregarious. The Sun can be worked with today for any goals, projects, and aspirations. It can enhance romance, long-term goals, creativity, or friendship.

2. Personal Power and Courage

Today is an excellent day for practicing authenticity, being your fullest and most colorful and expressive self. It’s a day to get clear on your goals and ambitions, reclaim your self-sovereignty, and take back personal power.

Self-autonomy, powerful ambitions, a high-achieving attitude, professional cycles, and courage to shine and stand in the spotlight are symbolic of the Sun. Linked to the star sign Leo, who is ruled by the Sun, on this final day of the year, works on masculine courage.

Boldness combined with inner fire that grows, educates, and motivates is part of today’s healing wisdom and message. Be more conscious of the attitudes and belief systems you hold. Work on healing depressive or lethargic tendencies too- this is a high-energy vibration.

You’re being asked by your angels to have courage, to activate and awaken dormant gifts, and to seek pathways to speaking, teaching, or educating others. This is a great day for projects that involve speaking or teaching.

Writers, artists, musicians, entertainers, coaches, authors, publishers, managers, counselors, and tour guides would really benefit from today’s energy. It’s a time to make plans, energize goals and dreams, and step into self-leadership.

If you’re someone who has been considering speaking up against social injustices or mistruths or bringing horrible events and information to light, now is the time to do so. You might want to look into becoming a judge, meditator, diplomat, speaker, or coach.

There’s nothing wrong with assertive communication or boss-mode self-worth today. In fact, you would benefit from this dominant and fiery energy. Become more clear with how you wish to be seen by others, ask your Higher Self what it wants from you.

3. Self-Expression, Creative Life Force, and Your Inner Child

Self-expression, colorful creativity and innovation, fine-tuned intellect, potent life force, willpower, confidence, and social grace and etiquette can be embodied. Also, this energy symbolizes your inner child.

Your inner child is carefree, innocent, and wild– a playful and curious creature! It loves to connect with others, play, be free, and find ways to communicate and express itself innocently. Your inner child desires warmth, love, and joy- companionship too.

Ask yourself:-

  • Is my inner child being nurtured?
  • How can I find ways to nurture my inner child?
  • How can I nurture and care for others whose inner child may be neglected, either by myself or others?

The Sun symbolism says it all, it shows a naked child on a horse looking wild and free. You can contemplate this to find greater freedom, joy, play, originality, creativity, and imaginative and artistic outlets that serve your soul.

Unconditional love is another key message. You’re provided a portal to love yourself and others deeper and better. The energy asks for Higher Self contact, being honest with yourself, your needs, and desires, and accountability.

Transparency merged with vulnerability is key to the Sun. The energy guides you to your highest light and source of potential, your inner source.

4. Shadow Healing with the Sun

  1. Pessimism, negative thinking, depression, isolation, social anxiety, diminished joy, fire, and optimism.
  2. A lack of dominance, masculine strength, force, direct communication, assertiveness, and self-leadership.
  3. Hyper-emotionalism or supersensitivity linked to a lack of yang qualities can be overcome. The Sun is excellent for empaths and people with a highly sensitive disposition.

Refind Your Joy, Personal Power, Courage, Devotion, and Innovative Mindset with the Sun! Create and Shape Your Destiny, Work With Creative Life Force to Activate Your Inner Child

A soul with a vision is a spirit with a mission. Set some intentions for 2024, your love, professional, and personal life. Check in with old friends and potential community members or colleagues who can help you move forward, with grace and class.

The Sun brings a sophisticated and ambitious energy into the mix! Combined with such strong creative and innovative energies, there’s nothing you can’t achieve or accomplish.


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