Tarot March 1st 2024: Embracing Change with the 8 of Cups

Join Grace Gabriela on a transformative journey this March 1st, as the 8 of Cups calls us to seek deeper meanings and embrace change 🌟. It's a time for personal evolution, where walking away opens the path to new beginnings 🚶‍♂️💫. Let Grace guide you through the shadows to the light of self-discovery and renewal 🌈

Welcome to your March 1st tarot message!

The 8 of Cups is a card of withdrawal, escapism, and abandonment. The energy speaks of disappointment and loss, specifically related to an emotional bond or connection.

What Does the 8 of Cups Symbolism Represent?

The 8 of Cups card shows a man walking away from 8 cups, with their arrangement appearing as if one cup is missing. The message is clear: emotional unfulfillment, incompletion, a lack of wholeness, and loss or disappointment.

He has turned his back on the cups and is walking away to the mountains, with a river nearby. The river symbolizes emotions, feelings, and instincts, while the mountain signifies challenges and hardships- a difficult journey.

There is a Moon in the night sky that illuminates the path ahead, and it’s clear that this man is leaving in the dead of night, a sign of wanting to go unnoticed and disappearing. This represents escapism and avoidance or emotional aloofness and detachment.

1. Turning your back

You may be guided to turn away from a situation that has only brought setbacks and disappointment. An unfulfilling job, relationship, living environment, creative project, or path has not worked out, and you’re receiving signs to give up.

Something that once brought great happiness, love, and connection is now only bringing you sorrow or is about to. The presence of the Moon in the card shows deep emotions and feelings, so it’s clear you genuinely cared.

Don’t worry! The universe rewards sincerity. All of the genuine feelings, affections, and emotions you showed, combined with the real-world time and effort you put into this relationship or project, will not be in vain.

But, first, you must recognize that all has failed, to a degree. You’re trying to revive or restart something that has completely lost its spark. There is no use, it’s pointless, and continuing to pull the dead horse will only result in more suffering.

You might be going through a state of misery and pain- deep processing, clearing, and cleansing could be on the horizon. Trauma might need to be explored and released through meditation, counseling, or self-therapy

2. Emotional goodbyes

Cups represent water, which symbolizes your inner world; emotions, feelings, spiritual perspectives, core beliefs and ideologies, instincts, subtle sensations and impressions, and intuitive forces.

Water is also symbolic of psychic and extrasensory gifts, ethereal visions and wisdom, divinity, connection to the subconscious mind, and a link with the Creator- God, Source, or the Great Spirit.

This means that an ending on some emotional and/or spiritual level is in order. Emotions and spirituality are deep, they are linked to “yin” energy, which is deep, unlike “yang” energy which tends to be more superficial and surface level.

Some of your deepest and greatest wishes and desires are not serving your Higher Self. Something you may have wished for on a soul level, possibly a lifelong dream or intention, since childhood, has not served its purpose.

It’s not lived up to what it was meant or hoped to be. A person, group, organization, belief system, or ideology has let you down. You are being forced to walk away, to abandon hope and faith.

Closure follows the 8 of cups, as well as great healing and happiness, so there is hope on the horizon. The first step to getting there is acceptance. You must recognize the failure, accept defeat, and count your losses.

3. Change and new beginnings

The 8 of Cups is telling you it’s time to leave behind whatever isn’t working for you and look for something different….

Posted by Tarot Lori on Monday, 12 February 2024

The positive side to the 8 of Cups appearing today is that change is on the horizon. The Divine has worked things out for you, as this person or project has clearly not fulfilled their potential.

Escapism and withdrawal are not healthy, yet it’s from silence, space, and introspection where wisdom and self-knowledge arise.

Taking time to evaluate, withdraw, contemplate, evaluate, and soul-search can spark Higher Self awareness, as well as clear sight, intuition, and holistic, multidimensional perspectives.

Wholeness, closure, and healing will soon be found, if not already. Accept the loss. Practice forgiveness. Send healing intentions of light and closure out into the subtle planes, into the universe

Avoid repression at all costs- this is a key message to the 8 of Cups. Don’t repress or deny your emotions, no matter how intense they appear. Your authenticity, realness, and vulnerability are what will lead to great joy, connection, and love in the future!

4. Shadow Healing with the 8 of Cups. Be mindful of:

  • Falling into self-pity, self-doubt, and perpetual despair. The symbolism signifies abandonment, withdrawal, and escapism
  • Trying one more time when reality shows “Your cups have run dry.”
  • Indecisiveness, aimless drifting, and a lack of closure or healing.

Accept Endings and Closure with the 8 of Cups- Count Your Blessings While Being Realistic with Failure. Hope is On the Horizon:

Stay optimistic, have faith, and do some shadow work or self-therapy. Healing is needed now, which means forgiving, accepting, and letting go. You must first embrace to clear and cleanse.

Refind your joy too. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate what brings you peace, joy, and happiness. What are your passions? What are your true heart’s desires? Establish some new intentions, goals, and visions.


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