Tarot March 8th: Cultivating Patience and Wealth with the 4 of Pentacles

"Grace Gabriella here, inviting you to a special tarot session on March 8th! 🌟 We'll dive into the 4 of Pentacles, discovering how patience can lead to wealth. 💰 Let's uncover these secrets together, shall we? 🤗"

Welcome to your March 8th tarot message!

The 4 of Pentacles represents self-control, saving money, and conservatism, as well as security and scarcity. There are mixed signals in the air, but a lot of wisdom to be found.

What Does the 4 of Pentacles Symbolism Represent?

The 4 of Pentacles shows a man sitting on a stool with his hometown in the background. His arms are tightly wrapped around a coin, fearing he may lose it. This signifies control and scarcity or a poverty mindset in equal measure.

Another pentacle is balanced on his head, suggesting a connection to spirit, while two more sit beneath him, directly under his feet; showing a bond with Mother Earth and natural life force and ancestral energy linked to nature. 

The man is clearly attached to his money, so can’t move or go anywhere. The image suggests he is alone with no-one to speak to, no friends, family, or community and so forth. His entire energy is fixated on one thing: Wealth.

1. Self-Control and Preservation

The first main message is a positive one. You are either currently or are being guided to focus on your security, wealth, and savings- your resources, money, security, shelter, and so on. This is positive as it brings security.

Longevity, wealth accumulation, and stability, moreover feelings of safety come with the 4 of Pentacles. This is a card of wealth and abundance coupled with choosing to secure shelter, essential ‘Root chakra’ living. 

You have likely created security and abundance by focusing on your goals. Ambitions, vision, and work or service too. So, the 4 of Pentacles symbolizes rewards for hard work well done.

Self-preservation is a good thing. Stop to take note of everything you’ve created. Count your blessings, send gratitude out in the ether, and recognize your hard work and accomplishments. 

Today’s energy suggests real material and physical success from a long cycle of hardship, struggle, or hustle. Congratulations! You’re surrounded by prosperity and security, and this can serve as a strong foundation for future growth.

In fact, if you can see this card as positive, it’s a clear sign you’ve created a strong foundation. Future success, fertility, and wealth flows from this space as long as you can let go of greed, scarcity/poverty mindset, as so on (explored below). 

Long-term financial success is possible too, not just a “quick fix.” Key messages include:-

  1. Save your money, think long-term planning.
  2. Watch your expenditure don’t be impulsive or impractical with money.
  3. Consider a saving plan, retirement package, or sound and safe investments. 

2. Fixation and Materialism (Pros and Cons!)

The second theme is to do with the fixation you have on wealth and material possessions. Depending on where you are in life, today’s card can bring either a positive omen of luck and success or a warning message.

Today, examine your relationship with money. This can include the money you earn, savings, inheritances, gifts from friends and family, and money in general. The theme is wealth, abundance, and money, both actual money and resources & opportunities. 

Fixation comes with the 4 of Pentacles, so this can reap positive and negative karma. Positively, focusing on security and wealth is a sign of maturity; it allows for stability, grounding, and protection. It also increases practicalities, responsibilities, and duties.

Negatively, being so fixated can make you miss out on so much life has to offer. This includes:-

  • The excitement, spontaneity, playfulness, fun, connection, community, and creativity of FIRE.
  • The cerebral gifts, innovation, imagination, sociability, expression, and optimism of AIR.
  • The empathy, depth, intimacy, nurturance of bonds, and spirituality of WATER.

Pentacles relate to the earth element, so there is a strong emphasis on materialism. Materialism is both applied in a positive and negative context as mentioned. But one thing to take note of is the Fixed signs.

Consult your natal chart to find out which planets, if any, fall in the Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This can shed insight on where you can be improving or evolving, or at least learning deeper about yourself and beliefs. 

3. Scattered Energy; Indecision

There is also a dual energy to the 4 of Pentacles. The pentacles in so many different places -in his hands, above him linked to fire, excitement, and the sky, and below him linked to grounding, sensibilities, and the earth, can create confusion.

Your energy may be scattered or simply creating a “yo-yo” effect. In one moment, you may be wanting to travel, be totally spontaneous, and leave behind your lonely but security-driven life for something more exciting. Impulsiveness is possible!

On the other hand, you focus only on security, forgetting the importance of joy, play, fun, adventure, community, and travel. Number 4 is made up of two ‘2s.’ the number, in numerology, that is associated with duality.

This means indecision, repetitive backward and forward motions, and ultimately stagnation. You never really make a decision, so stay in a stalemate. Poverty consciousness coupled with a scarcity mindset is possible. 

Wealth is supposed to bring joy, and then lead to deeper connections, family and community bonds, and long-term happiness. It’s not supposed to keep you wallowing in stress! Something to ponder.

4. Shadow Healing with the 4 of Pentacles. Be mindful of:

  • Greed, materialism, and hoarding mindset and mentality.
  • Scarcity or poverty mindset or consciousness- there is always enough!
  • Overspending, underspending, extreme isolation or self-preservation, and unwillingness to let go of rigid mindsets, worldviews, or belief systems. 
  • Number 4 energy is practical, ambitious, hard-working, conservative, and grounded, so when combined with the pentacles energy, the 4 of Pentacles can lead to “too much” of all of these usually positive qualities. 

Learn to Let Go of Greed, Solitude, and Extreme Self-Protection with the 4 of Pentacles:

The message now and over the next few weeks is to balance security and practicalities with fun, joy, and play. Social and mingle more- be with your community too. What’s the point in having so much money or “things” if you’re depressed, bored, or lonely?

Try to overcome the “catch 22” energy of the two 2s, duality and harmony. A yo-yo effect is possible, which only keeps you stuck and blocked.


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