The Meaning Of The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

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Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

New to Tarot? Just pulled the Four of Pentacles? If the stable Four of Pentacles was pulled out of your deck and you want to know what this means, keep reading!

The Four of Pentacles confirms that you’re working hard to create stability; because of this, financial comfort may be yours soon, if it isn’t already. The Four of Pentacles helps us to reap the rewards of our work and save our resources for a rainy day.

The Four of Pentacles doesn’t spend his hard-earned cash on just anything; he wants to make sure that at the end of the day, he will be taken care of and secure, no matter what. He has a desire for controlsecurity, and wealth, and he’s going to work hard to get them!

Want to know what else this card wants to share with you? Read on!

Key Facts

UprightA need for control, greed, materialism, blocking progress, avoiding change, stinginess
ReversedRelease of the past, giving up control, generosity, acceptance, willingness to change, progress
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignCapricorn
Key Facts: The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Four of Pentacles

Hold on tight! That’s the motto of the self-preserving Four of Pentacles, showing a man holding on tightly to pentacles or coinsNo one is going to swindle him out of his money anytime soon, but he could miss out on more risky opportunities.

Although this card can indicate a bit of greed or self-focus, the Four of Pentacles knows that you worked hard for your money, and you should use it to your advantageEnjoy the fruits of your labor, but save a little bit; you never know when you might need it!

There’s a focus on stability and security when this card appears in a reading, and you may feel like you have to protect yourself or create a safety net by holding onto your resources at any cost. However, you might need to remind yourself that charity is a virtue. 

The Four of Pentacles reminds you to create stability without becoming controllingwealth without becoming greedy, and strong bonds without becoming possessive. The key is balance!

Upright Love MeaningUpright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
Represents a stable, secure relationship. It can signal a desire for long-term commitment.Indicate security and stability in one’s job or business.Signifies stability and balance in one’s physical well-being

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Four of Pentacles

In your love life, the Four of Pentacles can mean creating securitybeing flexible, or receiving reassurance is key. If the Four of Pentacles appears upright, it may even be letting you know that you have both created this needed security and have a strong bond.

One or both partners can create a safe space for each other when this card appears in a reading, and sharing your feelings becomes easier. Be sure to be receptive to your partner’s needs, which will help create this safety.

Additionally, financial savings are more likely to be improved or sustained when you see this card in a reading, but you may be less likely to move on from someone you are leaving.

Making cautiousserious decisions matters to the Four of Pentacles in love! 

Career and Work – Upright, The Four of Pentacles

In career readings, the Four of Pentacles can indicate financial stability in your career future. It may indicate that you’re creating material or job security and doing it like a boss. You’re managing your resources well, or you should be!

It can also mean that you’re being too possessive and rigid in your workplace, and you may struggle with stagnancy due to a lack of change. Be a champion of balancing the two elements so that stability doesn’t mean being frozen in time.

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles can signify balance and stability in health or a need for these things. Establishing healthy routines and allowing room for choice is the easiest way to make sure that you’re following these instructions sustainably. 

Pay attention to your body’s needs, and if there is a negative habit that you know is affecting your health for the worse, but you’re struggling to let it go, the Four of Pentacles appearing here may indicate that it is indeed time to let it go. 

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Four of Pentacles

In a spiritual reading, the Four of Pentacles wants you to find inner stability and security through your spiritual life. You may need to find more community members who can help provide this support to you and help you create more of a spiritual foundation

The Four of Pentacles upright in a spiritual reading can also indicate that you need some grounding because you may need more stability than you have right now. Centered meditation or prayer can help you to create this stability, as well as prayer partners.

The Four of Pentacles is stable, secure, and can be greedy instead of generous, unstable, or insecure.

Reversed Meaning of The Four of Pentacles

When the Four of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it might be trying to tell you that you need more stability. You might be all over the place right now, and the Four of Pentacles wants you to get it together and get more organized. 

Regarding your long-term goals and investments, the reversed Four of Pentacles helps you create a foundation for them to take place within. You don’t have that right now, or you might be too rigid to know when it’s time to let go of a bad investment.

You can also see the Four of Pentacles reversed as a sign that you’re avoiding necessary changes, where you may be possessive, stingy, greedy, ruthless, or rigid. This can happen when you’re too focused on yourself or material possessions. 

This card wants to show you that you’re worth creating a stable routine for and that you have the power to bring order and structure to your life. Just make sure that you’re not swinging too far in the other direction!

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Signifies letting go of possessiveness and control, leading to more freedom within the relationship.Suggests that one might be spending or risking too much in their career, leading to potential financial instability.Points toward a need to release pent-up stress or tension

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Four of Pentacles

When the Four of Pentacles is reversed in a love reading, you may both need to create more stability within the relationship. There may be no schedule, it may be erratic, or you may not be good about taking the initiative to plan outings or special gifts.

Money, possessions, and security are all implied here, and if your relationship is too centered on any of these themes, then you need to make a conscious change! Too much security can cause one to feel trapped, and jealousy or transactional relationships are other pitfalls.

The Four of Pentacles reversed wants you to create structure and feel secure in the relationship without becoming stagnant and rigid. You can be each other’s rock when you need someone to rely on and grow and change with them as well!

Career and Work – Reversed, The Four of Pentacles

When it comes to the workplace, the reversed Four of Pentacles is telling you to stop fearing change and be more flexible, or you’re unlikely to reach your career goals. Your stubbornness or rigidity in the workplace could be causing your progress to screech to a halt. 

You might have been struggling to adapt in your workplace recently, and it might be causing you to feel defensive or like you don’t have control. You could then lash out from a place of insecurity, so remember to be gentle with yourself when making mistakes. 

Stability is important, so a job with a set routine might be more positive for you if you have a schedule all over the place. A career with no rhyme or reason leaves little room for creating a stable environment for yourself. 

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Four of Pentacles

When the Four of Pentacles appears reversed in a health reading, unhealthy habits, resistance to change, and being overly rigid in your approach to your health could be causing health issues or preventing healing.

The Four of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you need to be more balanced in health situations where you are going to extremes in either direction. If you need someone to help guide you in this, doctors, therapists, and counselors can help you. 

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Four of Pentacles

You may be dogmatic and rigid in your spiritual mindset. Because of your insistence on being a stickler for the rules, you may be sacrificing genuine emotional connection and bonding with the people around you, stunting your spiritual growth.

Openness, forgiveness, compassion, and spiritual connection will likely be important for you now, and getting out of your own way by not being so dogmatic can help you. Alternatively, it can indicate that you need more balance between traditional and modern beliefs.

When the Four of Pentacles is reversed, this is your cue to create more stability through being more dedicated, balanced, and prepared.

The Four of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Four of Pentacles is a yes and can mean that you need to be careful with your decision. 

Ensure you’re stable and balanced, and set aside some money in an emergency. The answer is likely no if the question asks if you should take a large risk.

When the Four of Pentacles is here, the answer is yes, unless you’re asking about taking a huge risk.

The Four of Pentacles and Astrology

The structuredstable Four of Pentacles is associated with Capricorn in astrology. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn knows how to hang onto resources and survive.

The Four of Pentacles’s energy will feel more natural to Capricorn individuals. Similarly, earth signs like Taurus will understand discipline and resourcefulness, while Virgo will align with steadfastness and organization.

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will emotionally identify with the Four of Pentacles!

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Four of Pentacles is represented by the number 44 represents control, stability, security, and practicality. 

The number knows that hard times come into everyone’s lives, and preparing for those hard times can be the difference between weathering the storm and being blown away. A cautious attitude and resistance to change can be a tried and true way to survive. 

Balance, reliability, and dedication are key themes for the number 4, so ensure you give this the gravity it deserves. 

Number 4 can help us to experience security but cautions against becoming stagnant. 

The Four of Pentacles as a Daily Card

The Four of Pentacles might tell you you need to be cautious! When you see this card as your daily card, it can indicate that you need to step carefully, especially regarding financial matters. 

You need to be stable regarding the Four of Pentacles and keep an even keel when you see him in a daily reading. He’s letting you know that your inner stability is just as important and to guard your feelings. 

If you’re aware and intentional about being unflappable, this card can prevent you from losing wealth, acting erratically, and unfairness in businessBe on your toes today!

The Four of Pentacles wants you to hunker down and protect yourself by protecting your resources and acting cautiously.

The Four of Pentacles in Relation to Other Cards

All tarot cards have other major and minor arcana cards that back them up by complementing their energy or that challenge them by contrasting their energy. Are you doubling down or finding a balance? Let’s find out!

  • Four of Pentacles’s financial stability + The Emperor’s control Having power and control over your finances or life affairs
  • Four of Pentacles’s possessiveness + The Devil’s attachment Being overly attached to someone or something
  • Four of Pentacles’s wealth + The Ten of Pentacles’s shared prosperity A need to share the wealth
  • Four of Pentacles’s conservation of resources + The Five of Cups’s emotional loss Finding balance between material and emotional realms

Complementary Cards

  • The Two of Cups: The Four of Pentacles shares the emotional securityharmony, and stability with The Two of Cups
  • The Emperor: The Four of Pentacles has the same guardednesscontrol, and foundation as The Emperor
  • The Nine of Cups: The Four of Pentacles has a shared self-focus and selfsatisfaction with the Nine of Cups
  • The Nine of Pentacles: The Four of Pentacles shares abundance, wealth, and culmination with the Nine of Pentacles

Contrasting Cards

  • The Death: The Four of Pentacles isn’t as open to transformation or letting go as The Death, encouraging you to let go and embrace new beginnings
  • The Five of Cups: The Four of Pentacles isn’t about loss or grief like The Five of Cups, indicating a need to release emotional pain and find a balance between the material and emotional realm
  • The Fool: The Four of Pentacles isn’t as free or detached as The Fool, indicating a need to be more spontaneous and free-flowing
  • The Wheel of Fortune: The Four of Pentacles isn’t as risky or open to chance as The Four of Pentacles, reminding you to balance risk-taking with security

When the Four of Pentacles is with a complementary card, it might tell you to go for it in a specific way! If the Four of Pentacles is with a contrasting card, figure out what needs balancing.


The Four of Pentacles knows how to stretch out a dollar but doesn’t always know when it’s time to let go. Clinging onto everything in life can end up bogging you down, but it might be a good idea to have a little nest egg and to hang on to what’s really important to you

It can be challenging to let go of what once mattered to you to make room for the new. The Four of Pentacles understands this, and he’s here to let you know that holding on to something forever prevents you from opening your hands to receive what’s coming next

The Four of Pentacles wants to create security without stagnancy and to make sure you’re stable if you take a hit. Find a balance between freedom and security; you’ve already won half the battle!


What does Four of Pentacles tarot card symbolizes?

The Four of Pentacles symbolizes materialism, possessiveness, and a fear of change or loss.

What does it mean when the Four of Pentacles appears in a tarot reading?

When the Four of Pentacles appears, it suggests a need to find balance between holding onto possessions and being open to new opportunities.

Does the Four of Pentacles indicate financial stability?

Yes, the Four of Pentacles often represents financial stability and security, but it can also indicate a fear of spending or taking risks.

Can the Four of Pentacles represent a person in a tarot reading?

Yes, the Four of Pentacles can represent someone who is possessive, controlling, or overly focused on material possessions.

How can I interpret the Four of Pentacles in a love reading?

In a love reading, the Four of Pentacles may suggest a need to let go of possessiveness or fear of vulnerability in order to create a deeper connection.

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