Tarot March 14th 2024: Completing Cycles with the World

Join Grace Gabriella for a Tarot card reading on March 14th, 2024, as we explore the theme of completing cycles with the World card. 🌍 Understand what closing chapters and new beginnings mean for you, and get insights into how to embrace the full circle moments life offers. 🌀

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Welcome to your unique March 14th tarot message!

The World is the 22nd major arcana (card 21) symbolizing completion, integration, accomplishment, travel, and wonderful cycles and chapters coming to a close plus new ones starting!

What Does the World Symbolism Represent?

The World represents a naked woman wrapped in a purple cloth, purple being the color of the Third Eye, vision, intuition, psychic and extrasensory perception, nobility, majesty, and higher wisdom and truth.

She is dancing inside a large laurel wreath, looking behind her to her past while moving her body forward to her future. This signifies knowledge and self-awareness coupled with forward movement and optimism

In her hands are two wands or batons similar to the ones the Magician holds, a symbol of manifestation, consciousness, and co- creation with the universe. The wreath is circular portraying completion- the soul’s journey back to the ultimate Self. 

Around the wreath are four figures: a lion, bull, cherub, and eagle, representative of the four Fixed signs, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Also, symbolic of the four elements, four suits of the tarot, and four seasons.

1. New Beginnings, integration, and Completion

New beginnings are on the horizon! It’s a magical day, with the mystical and genius Pisces sun shining down on us, and the World major arcana appearing. Major arcanas are alway a “level up” in material status and consciousness.

Everything to do with completions, closed chapters, and cleared space leading to new beginnings comes with the World. Old chapters are ending, and this is solely positive news. 

An old relationship, job, cycle, life chapter, or mission has been completed. If it was a tricky one, you have left that cycle with wisdom, experience, and important life lessons. Toxic energy has been released and transcended.

If it was a good one, you are so much more wise, wealthier, and self-assured within. The World symbolizes self-esteem, self-empowerment, and potent instinctive and intuitive forces.

Self-alignment with your life’s purpose, mission, and path too. Your destiny and legacy is in full flow! Old chapters that have bright pain or blessings, trauma or wisdom, and challenges or success are now ending.

You can expect a fertile and abundant future, full of love and luck. Truly, this is an amazing card, as long as you are karmically-free. Clearing your karma can be achieved for new chapters and connections. Take accountability, stay honest and transparent.

2. Travel, Adventure, and Fresh Starts!

Fresh starts are on the horizon involving travel, cultural opportunities, education, new communities to join, new business to create, and professional projects that set your soul alight. 

There is no negative energy associated with the World. The symbolism of the lion, bull, cherub, and eagle depict stability, longevity, and a fixated mindset and energy linked to the theme of fresh starts.

Whatever your new beginning, you can rest assured it will be a long one, possibly lifelong. You should incorporate the four elements into your daily life, such as exploring the qualities of each set of zodiac signs (fire, earth, air, and water).

Or through working directly with the elements of nature, like the sun, earth, air, and water. Some guidance to begin with:

  • Fire: Start a sun-gazing practice or meditate on burning candles.
  • Earth: Walk barefoot on the earth, begin using herbal and plant remedies, work with essential oils and flower essences, explore crystal healing, and learn about aromatherapy.
  • Air: Meditate, visualize, connect with your angels and Higher Self, be more imaginative, and fine-tune your intellectual gifts.
  • Water: spend more time around bodies of water, drink more natural water, and take healing salt baths with essential oils. 

Any new career, path, or journey you begin now will reap very positive rewards and effects for a long time. Travel, culture, education, career, community, love, finances- take your pick! The world is your oyster. 

3. Holistic, Spiritual, and Visionary Sight

Furthermore, you’re being guided to tune into holistic, visionary, and bigger-picture insight and ideas. A fine combination of holistic vision and spiritual perspectives can be combined with cerebral and logical gifts for ultimate “sight.”

This means taking wisdom from your past and creating your best future. Be aware of past, present, and future lives and the challenges and lessons that have come with it. 

Possible themes to look forward to include: a marriage, a childbirth or pregnancy, an exciting new career, a windfall or fortune, a new lover that is your true soulmate, a new community or project to join, or achieving a long-term vision or dream.

Hopes, dreams, and aspirations, as well as wonderful blessings and opportunities come with the World. You are glowing with a sense of wonder, miracles, achievement, fulfilling your goals, and purpose.

Finally, stay open-minded, curious, and adaptable without forgetting your lessons. Past lessons, failures, and wins should be fully integrated now; always remember your level ups! Not just physically or materially, but emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

4. Shadow Healing with the World. Be mindful of:

  • Shortcuts, detours, delays, cheating to win or get ahead, and “half intentions.” 
  • As for half intentions, this refers to only giving half of yourself in love, family, business, friendship, career, or community matters, and expecting ultimate victory and success. 
  • A lack of bigger-picture, visionary, and spiritual-holistic sight or wisdom; being closed off to the larger design and destined plan of your life.

Fresh Starts, New Cycles, and Opportunities Are Ahead; Stay Open With the World

IF you’ve been stressing, worrying, or concerned about a lack of opportunities or new beginnings, don’t be. Doors are open. Limitless possibilities surround you- your life is about to get exciting once again. 

Honor, cherish, and appreciate your journey so far, including all your lessons and achievements. Spiritual lessons for new challenges and projects should be reflected on now for full integration. Your past is shaping your future, and your destiny is strong.


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