Virgo Man: Personality, Characteristics, Traits, Love and More

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Virgo Man

Have you ever wondered about the Virgo man? Born between August 23rd and September 22nd, this eagle-eyed mutable earth sign is known for their careful actions and excellent problem-solving skills.

They might not be the most expressive of men (though, of course, this depends on their natal chart as a whole. A thorough study of a natal chart can paint a better picture of what he is like). The Virgo man can come across as quite stoic – uncomplaining and simply getting on with the task at hand.

But beneath their rather conservative demeanor beats a heart of gold, trustworthiness and dependability. They have rational minds. They are usually the one in their circle of friends to drive everyone home (because they’re the only one that is sober!), or they are the one to bail a friend out of a tight spot.

Dive in to understand more about the Virgo man!

Overview of Virgo Man

PersonalityDetail-oriented, analytical, and practical; strives for perfection.
CharacteristicsMethodical, reliable, and organized; a problem solver.
TraitsPatient, modest, and reserved; sometimes overly critical.
LoveSeeks stability and loyalty in relationships; values trust and sincerity.
In RelationshipsSupportive and caring; appreciates a partner who shares his values.
Career and AmbitionMeticulous and diligent; excels in roles that require precision and attention to detail.
FriendshipDependable and thoughtful; enjoys helping friends and offering practical advice.
Communication StylesClear and precise; values open and honest communication.
ChallengesTendency to worry excessively and be overly critical of oneself and others.
StrengthsPracticality, analytical skills, and a strong sense of responsibility.
WeaknessesPotential for overthinking and being overly critical.
Spiritual SymbolismThe Virgin – represents purity, service, and attention to detail.
Life Path NumberResonates with the number 6, symbolizing harmony, family, and service to others.
Angel Number222: signifying balance, cooperation, and diplomacy, reflecting a desire for perfection.
Tarot CardThe Hermit: symbolizes wisdom and guidance; Virgo’s association with Mercury aligns with the card.
Disclaimer: This table is a creative blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot and may not align with the traditional teachings of these systems.

What is Our Virgo Man Like as a Person?

If there is one word to describe Virgo men (or Virgo in general), it’s practical. This sign cares about detail. They are not the type to just fling themselves into a situation without giving it extremely careful thought.

The other two mutable signs are more free-flowing. Mutable fire sign Sagittarius is the great explorer of the zodiac and has an adventurous spirit. Mutable water sign Pisces goes with the flow to such a degree that they can struggle to come out of it sometimes! But Virgo is careful, methodical and detail-oriented.

The Virgo man’s reserved nature can frustrate other signs that are more expressive with their emotions by nature. But never be fooled by the Virgo man’s outer appearance. This man combines logic and warmth, making them both reliable friends and thoughtful companions. 

He is a highly practical person who doesn’t leap in without thinking. This man has a big heart, and while it takes some time to see it, once you do, you will realize what a wonderful and caring man he is.

What Kind of Personality Does the Virgo Man Have?

Organise, organize! This is our Virgo man. He likes to rearrange his books in chronological order. He likes to have his bowls and plates in the correct place at all times. While your workspace looks like a bomb hit it, the Virgo man has everything meticulously placed, along with a calendar detailing every event for the next month.

No, it’s not that they’re all struggling with OCD – it’s just that they like things to be in order. This man can get very stressed when things are not in order, whether it’s in regard to work, love, family or finances. A stressed Virgo man usually brings out that one Virgo quality that has everyone running for cover – endless criticism!

You can look forward to being bombarded with criticisms about everything, from the way you manage your finances to the fact that the vacuum cleaner was not put in its proper spot. So unless you want him hissing at you like an angry goose, try not to activate those stress triggers!

But when he isn’t allowing stressful situations to get the better of him, he is the most dependable, trustworthy, compassionate and caring man you can imagine. He will spend hours helping you fix your broken cupboard, assisting you with your health regime in whatever way he can (the Virgo man cares about his health, and he cares about yours, too) and going above and beyond the line of duty to make sure that you are safe and protected. A truly wonderful man indeed.

While he may have his flaws like everyone else, the Virgo man’s reliable and kind nature brings a great sense of trust to everyone he comes into contact with.

Virgo Man Positive Traits

Here are some of the Virgo man’s most endearing qualities:

  • Attention to Detail: They have a keen eye for detail.
  • Dependability: One can count on these men to be there when needed as they are reliable and responsible.
  • Practicality: They’re all about being practical and making sensible decisions.
  • Orderliness: Virgo men like things to be organized and neat, which can create a sense of order in their lives.
  • Warm-hearted: These men have big hearts and a paternal instinct.
  • Loyal: The Virgo man is loyal and will stand by those he cares for through thick and thin.

Virgo Man Bad Traits

Now, here are some of the negative traits often associated with the Virgo men:

  • Overcritical Nature: These men have a tendency to be overly critical, not only of themselves but also of others, which can sometimes lead to tension in relationships.
  • Perfectionism: They often strive for perfection in everything which can create stress for themselves and those around them when things don’t meet their high standards.
  • Worrying Too Much: Virgo men tend to overthink and worry about various aspects of their lives, which can lead to anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Reserved: While they are dependable and supportive, they can be reserved and hesitant to express their feelings or take risks in personal matters. This can sometimes be seen as aloofness or emotional distance.

What Type of Career Suits the Virgo Man?

Think analyst, think financial advisor, think health-related jobs! Virgo rules the 5th house in astrology, the house of health and routine, so Virgo men are some of the best at holding down a job and sticking to it.

Being an earth sign, they are one of the best when it comes to money. They know how to handle it, and they know how to save for a rainy day.

Their analytical minds and problem-solving abilities often lead to successful careers in fields such as science, engineering, or healthcare. 

Virgo men have a strong work ethic – employers love the Virgo man! This is not the sort of man who stays in a job for six months and then packs it all in; he is in it for the long haul. The Virgo man can stay in the same job for a lifetime – commitment is his middle name!

Their analytical and practical nature makes them suited for scientific careers, anything related to health, and roles that require logical thinking, such as data analyst.

What is He Like in Love & Relationships?

Don’t expect wild gestures of romance or random romantic weekends in Paris at the drop of a hat! The Virgo man does things differently. He is a cautious and stable character, and he likes to plan everything in his life, including romance.

Rather than drop a dozen roses off at your house, you can expect this man to fix your broken washing machine or unplug a blocked toilet. Rather than serenade you with love songs and smitten emojis through Whatsapp, expect him to enquire whether you are wrapped up warm enough while you’re on your way to work on a chilly day in December.

This is the Virgo man in love and relationships: thoughtful, practical, kind, caring and protective. When he loves you, your safety and well-being are essential to him, and he wants to make sure you are safe, warm and comfortable. He does not always express himself with the greatest verve and passion, but a lot is going on beneath the surface.

He takes the courting stage of romance very seriously, and he is willing to wait a long time (like years) to make sure you are the one and that the two of you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. For those who get frustrated at his slow pace, just remember that what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in loyalty, devotion and staying power.

The Virgo man is not one for grand romantic gestures or dropping to one knee with a rose in his mouth, but he is practical, loyal, devoted and dedicated. He is in it for the long-haul.

What is He Like Between the Sheets?

You sit down for something to eat, you watch your favourite show together, and then your Virgo man says, “It’s almost 10pm – let’s go to the bedroom!”

The Virgo man isn’t typically impulsive in his sexual encounters. He prioritizes the satisfaction of both partners. He is a patient lover, and you will be amazed at his sexual stamina.

These men value a strong emotional connection and seek to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort in the bedroom. A happy sex life filled with routine and mutual understanding is this man’s dream!

He isn’t one for random sexual exploits and instead prefers one partner whom he can have a happy, regular sex life with.

5 Signs a Virgo Man is in Love With You

Is the Virgo man in your life in love with you? Here are 5 ways to find out:

  1. He is extremely thoughtful: He may not be the most expressive, but boy, does his thoughtful nature run deep! Remember, this man has a keen eye for detail. He will iron your blouse so it’s ready for work the next day or send you a text message in the morning reminding you about your doctor’s appointment – these seemingly little gestures are all signs of how deeply he cares for you.
  2. He is very practical with you: When it comes to love, the Virgo man harnesses his most powerful quality: practicality. This man will assemble your chest of drawers, fix your boiler, or point out ways you can make life easier for yourself by rearranging your furniture.
  3. Communicates openly: While it can take some time for him to open up, the Virgo man will gradually begin to speak about his dreams, vulnerabilities, fears and aspirations. He is not one to be openly expressive with his feelings; when he does start to talk about them, you can be sure his feelings run deep.
  4. He is consistent: This is no fly-by-night man who is there one minute and gone the next. A Virgo man in love shows consistency. He will text you at 5pm on the dot every day, remind you to set your alarm every night, and he will never forget your birthday or anniversary.
  5. He is protective: A Virgo man is extremely protective of the one he loves. He does not want you walking outside on your own late at night, and he will walk on the side closest to the road (He’s a gentleman like that!).

Virgo Man Likes and Dislikes

What kind of stuff does the Virgo man like and dislike?


  • He is organised: This man doesn’t do well in disorganised environments. So, if you’re the type to leave your socks lying around or dirty plates by the side of the sink, prepare for rebuke!
  • He appreciates kindness in others: The Virgo man is a kind soul, and he appreciates the same in others. He is happy to give much of his time, energy and money, and he likes it when others have the same values as he does.
  • Intellectual conversation: There’s nothing a Virgo man enjoys more than a good chat, preferably over a slap-up meal or a couple of drinks. He is a cultured individual and likes to discuss a broad range of subjects.


  • Disorderly environments or people: This is a highly orderly individual who values routine. Mess or muck of any kind is his pet peeve, and you will often find his home tidy, well-organised and with everything in the correct place.
  • Drama: The Virgo man needs a peaceful atmosphere to function well. Dramatic displays of emotion or meltdowns can be enough to have him scuttling for cover.
  • Unreliability: This man stands by his word, and he values it when others do the same. Making an appointment with him and then not showing up is a big no-no with him.


If you’re looking for a caring, loving partner who wants security for both you and him, look no further than the Virgo man. When this man is serious about a relationship, he will do anything to make sure he can provide for his loved one.

Settling down is very appealing to our mutable earthman. He will stay in the same job or relationship for years – he loves routine, after all. This is a wonderful man to build a home with. He will not flake out on you or leave you in the lurch.

Now, here’s the thing – he can be obsessively orderly, over-critical and impatient at times, and this is bound to grate on anyone’s nerves. But ultimately, the Virgo man is a kind and loving soul who will do anything for the one he loves. His reliable nature is greatly admired by friends and loved ones, and if there is ever an emergency, this is the best person to call. The Virgo man is extraordinary, and beneath his conservative and stoic approach, he beats a kind and gentle heart.

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