The Meaning Of The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

New to Tarot? Just pull the Ace of Pentacles? If the practical Ace of Pentacles appeared in your reading and you want to know what it means, then read on!

The Ace of Pentacles is letting you know that abundance and material may be coming for you in the form of new beginningsnew opportunities, and new mindsetsInvestmentssecurity, and stability could be in the mail headed your way with the Ace of Pentacles! 

The Ace of Pentacles can also represent a person entering your life who can bring you these themes through their bond with you, or you might create a secure foundation with this person in love or friendship.

Want to know what else this card wants to share with you? Read on!

Key Facts

UprightNew emotions, love, romance, creativity, charm, joy, overflowing emotions, positivity
ReversedStubbornness, procrastination, poor planning, frustration, obstacles, negativity
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignCapricorn
Key Facts: The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Ace of Pentacles

Financial success could be on the horizon! The Ace of Pentacles brings new prosperity after another chapter closes, and this can come in many forms through job opportunitiesunexpected windfalls, and lucrative investments. The possibilities go on and on! 

The card depicts a hand holding a coin over a garden wall with a door, representing the lushprosperous new life that you are approaching, and the first step through this door comes with an opportunity, usually a financial one. 

There’s going to be a focus on new businesses, new forms of revenue, and new business partners, and you shouldn’t be shying away. These are only the beginnings of what could be a very fortunate journey.

The Ace of Pentacles reminds you that staying committed, staying tenacious, and having ambition are important when you’re receiving these new opportunities. Once you have the green light, you better hit the gas!

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
New beginnings or a potential for a prosperous and stable relationship; embrace abundanceA new job offer or career opportunity leading to financial stability; be open to growthA period of good health and vitality; focus on your physical well-being

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Ace of Pentacles

In love, the Ace of Pentacles can mean taking an opportunity with a partner or with someone new. The Ace cards are some of the most likely to indicate that a new relationship is coming for you, and it’s likely to be a more secure and stable one than some past relationships.

If you know you’re striking while the iron is hot and making sure that you’re not allowing any moments to slip away, you’re making sure that you’re not leaving this romantic or emotional connection with someone on the table.

Someone once said that you regret what you didn’t do more than what you did in most cases, and if you never ask out that one person or let them know about an opportunity that you wanted to chase together, you’ll never know what might have happened!

Career and Work – Upright, The Ace of Pentacles

In career readings, the Ace of Pentacles can mean you’re achieving great success by seizing the day, or you may have several opportunities coming your way. When you see the Ace of Pentacles here, you can expect new positive ways of bringing in revenue or security.

It can also mean that you’re ready for a change of pace in your career. You may know that you need a promotion or a raise in order to feel appreciated where you are, and if they’re not willing to renegotiate, then it may be time for you to look for greener pastures

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles shows you that you’re starting new health habits and being practical in your health pursuits or that there is a need to do this. You may have been sticking with a routine that no longer resonates for you or no routine at all, and you’re ready to make a change. 

Prioritizing health for the first time may be indicated with this card as well. Fresh starts are usually indicated with the Ace of Pentacles when it is upright, and health is no exception. Don’t be afraid to start again when it comes to taking care of yourself, as it’s better late than never!

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Ace of Pentacles

In a spiritual reading, the Ace of Pentacles is encouraging you to create foundations for yourself and to pay attention to what’s going on in the present. The Ace of Pentacles helps you to ground yourself spiritually to understand your inner self and the world around you. 

The Ace of Pentacles shows up in a spiritual reading here, which can let you know that you need to start new practices in spirituality because you might be adrift or at the end of a difficult chapter of your life. Find a way to start again!

The Ace of Pentacles is tenacious, eager to start again, and ready to create security and wealth instead of resistant, aloof, or unfocused.

Reversed Meaning of The Ace of Pentacles

When the Ace of Pentacles is reversed in a reading, it may be trying to tell you that you are missing important opportunities. You could be avoiding or not noticing these opportunities and wondering why your life isn’t progressing.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles may also be letting you know that you need to wait and avoid starting new projects right now. Since the upright meaning is fresh starts, the reversed meaning is that you either have unfinished business or that there isn’t an opportunity yet.

You could also see the Ace of Pentacles reversed as a sign that you’re not living in moderation or your lifestyle prevents you from taking these opportunities. Make it easier to accept the abundance that’s waiting for you on the other side!

Reversed Love
Reversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Missed opportunities or financial strain affecting relationships; seek stabilityA job offer or career opportunity that may not be as promising as it seems; reevaluate your optionsWatch for health issues related to overindulgence or lack of balance; maintain moderation

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Ace of Pentacles

When you see the Ace of Pentacles upside down in a love reading, there might be unfinished business with an ex-partner, temporary instability with a current lover, or that you need to be more practical in love. A partner should support you, but sometimes, it’s impossible.

Leaning on one another is a positive outcome for the Ace of Pentacles being upside down. Still, the less fun outcome is one where the relationship is unbalanced, where one person is doing all the leaning and the other is doing all the stabilizing. Make sure you’re both contributing!

Career and Work – Reversed, The Ace of Pentacles

In workplace readings, the reversed Ace of Pentacles can show that there are struggles with instability, imbalances, and a lack of forward momentum. If you’re not the one causing a lack of balance and setbacks, then you might be working with a boss or coworker who is.

Your work life may be feeling stagnant, or delays may have created problems for you in your career. It can be difficult, but the Ace of Pentacles is asking you to be patient and resilient while waiting for improvement or for something better to come along. 

You likely feel inhibited, and because of this, you may be itching to move on to somewhere else. Unfortunately, new opportunities likely aren’t available yet, so brush up on that resumé and start applying so you’ll be ready when they open up again!

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Ace of Pentacles

When the Ace of Pentacles shows up reversed in a health reading, temporary setbacks or low energy could be causing issues for you! You might just have to be patient while you’re in therapy or working through issues for yourself, slowly but surely

The Ace of Pentacles reversed can also let you know that you need to not give up, and starting over is not likely to be beneficial for you. Keep persevering, and know that you’re doing your best as long as you don’t give up.

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Ace of Pentacles

You might be experiencing some spiritual or emotional setback, and because of this, you may then feel like giving up. The Ace of Pentacles reversed is letting you know that you need to hang in there because you might be close to a breakthrough if you wait a little longer. 

Perseverance is of the utmost importance when you see this card because it lets you know that you can experience deep introspection and transformation if you refuse to give up. It’s difficult when you feel like you’re losing an inner battle, but keep at it!

When the Ace of Pentacles is reversed, this is your cue to be more ambitious, more optimistic, and willing to start again.

The Ace of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Ace of Pentacles is generally a yes and can mean that you need to take a new opportunity that’s been presented to you. 

If you’re asking if you should seize an opportunity, take practical steps, or work towards a positive outcome, the answer is yes! If the question is if you should hold back or wait, then the answer could possibly be no.

When the Ace of Pentacles is here, the answer is yes, especially when it comes to new opportunities. 

The Ace of Pentacles and Astrology

In astrology, the quick-mindeddecisive Ace of Pentacles is associated with Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo knows how to stay focused and driven. 

The Ace of Pentacles’s energy will feel more natural to Virgo individuals. Similarly, earth signs, such as Taurus, will understand consistency and abundance, while Capricorn will understand tenacity and taking charge.

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will emotionally identify with the Ace of Pentacles!

The Ace of Pentacles and Numerology

In numerology, the Ace of Pentacles is represented by the number 11 represents leadership, ambition, and independence. 

The number knows that putting potential to good use requires you to take opportunities and put your best foot forward. It’s not always easy to start fresh, but the number 1 encourages you to take that first step. 

Individuality and self-reliance are some of the key themes when you see the number 1. The more you’re able to show others who you are inside and the unique talents you bring to the table, the more you’re embodying this energy.

Number 1 can help us to show the world who we are, be independent, and create new beginnings where past chapters have ended.

The Ace of Pentacles as a Daily Card

The Ace of Pentacles lets you know that a fresh start is on the horizon, and you better get ready for it! You have the potential to create your abundance right now, and if you’re not paying attention when it comes, you could miss it!

You need to be willing to put yourself out there when you see this card because the Ace of Pentacles doesn’t want you to be a wallflower and avoid new meetings or introductions.

If you’re alert and ready to go when opportunity comes knocking, you’ll be in the best position possible to make it work for you!

The Ace of Pentacles wants you to stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready when opportunity knocks.

The Ace of Pentacles in Relation to Other Cards

All tarot cards have other cards in the major and minor arcana that back them up by complementing their energy, or that challenge them by contrasting their energy. Are you doubling down or finding a balance? Let’s find out!

  • Ace of Pentacles’s new beginnings + The Fool’s faith Taking a leap of faith with a fresh start
  • Ace of Pentacles’s practicality + The Emperor’s leadership Structured decision-making with financial matters or investments
  • Ace of Pentacles’s abundance + The Magician’s manifestation Creating or manifesting abundance
  • Ace of Pentacles’s material wealth + The Seven of Pentacles’s contemplation Reevaluating how resources are being used or managed

Complementary Cards

Complementary cards enhance and highlight the energy of your ace. It amplifies the vibe of expansion and opportunity and it also signifies abundant joy and satisfaction.

A few examples of cards that complement The Ace of Pentacles and add depth to your reading are the following:

  • The Three of Cups: The Ace of Pentacles shares the celebrationcamaraderie, and abundance with the Three of Cups
  • The Three of Wands: The Ace of Pentacles has the same broadening horizonsopportunities, and sense of adventure as the Three of Wands
  • The Ten of Cups: The Ace of Pentacles has a similar celebration, happiness, and security as the Ten of Cups
  • The Ace of Cups: The Ace of Pentacles shares new beginnings, fresh starts, and optimism with the Ace of Cups

Contrasting Cards

Let’s explore the contrasting cards to the Ace of Pentacles. These contrasts help you understand your readings better, providing depth and perspective.

  • The Three of Swords: The Ace of Pentacles isn’t as emotionally hurt or wounded as the Three of Swords, encouraging you to find new opportunities after grief or pain
  • The Tower: The Ace of Pentacles isn’t about upheaval or destructive change like The Tower, indicating a need to rebuild and find a new structure
  • The Five of Pentacles: The Ace of Pentacles isn’t as scarce or struggling as the Five of Pentacles, reminding you to give back as well as seek opportunities for abundance
  • The Five of Cups: The Ace of Pentacles isn’t as mournful or regretful as the Five of Cups, indicating a need to move on from difficult situations and find gratitude

When the Ace of Pentacles is with a complementary card, it might be telling you to go for it, but in a specific way! If the Ace of Pentacles is with a contrasting card, figure out what needs balancing out.


The Ace of Pentacles knows how to start again and find opportunities for abundance instead of wallowing in past regrets or worries. Seizing the day is the name of the game, and when you commit to this, the Ace of Pentacles will back you up. 

Becoming more tenacious, eager, and stable helps you to move on from past struggles and close the door to situations that no longer serve you. With the Ace of Pentacles on your side, you’re sure to find a brighter tomorrow!


What does the Ace of Pentacles tarot card symbolize?

The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings, opportunities, and material abundance in the realm of finances, career, and physical well-being.

How does the Ace of Pentacles card relate to money and wealth?

The Ace of Pentacles signifies financial prosperity, wealth creation, and the potential for material success in business ventures or investments.

What does the Ace of Pentacles card suggest about career and work?

The Ace of Pentacles indicates new job opportunities, career advancements, and the potential for professional growth and stability.

How does the Ace of Pentacles card influence health and well-being?

The Ace of Pentacles suggests improved physical health, vitality, and overall well-being. It signifies the potential for positive lifestyle changes and wellness practices

What does the Ace of Pentacles card advise in terms of practicality and groundedness?

The Ace of Pentacles encourages practicality, groundedness, and a focus on tangible results. It advises taking a realistic approach and making practical decisions in life.

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