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Ever booked a doctor’s appointment then got carried away with life problems and forgot to cancel? Well, you’re not alone. 8m hospital outpatient appointments were missed last year due to patients not attending.

With each hospital outpatient appointment costing the NHS approximately £120 that means almost £1bn worth of appointments were missed. But what if you had to cough up the £120 fee? Not such a hypochondriac now, are we!

Perhaps you do genuinely need to see a GP but are facing barriers to entry, like a repugnant receptionist who makes you feel like a time waster, telephone queues and a 7-10 day waiting list.

It’s a sector that is clearly crying out for services like GPDQ –  the UK’s first on-demand app for GP home visits. It works just the same as ordering a taxi with Uber. Simply confirm your location – whether it’s at home or at the office, enter your payment details and request a GP.

The seamless service allows you to track their progress to your door with real-time updates. Consultations last 25 minutes and visits start at £120. A great option for people who want a doctor when it suits them. It also enables all GPs to see patients on a private basis, work flexibly and earn extra. And if it helps to reduce some of the burden on NHS surgeries and A&E departments, all the better!

All you need to do is download the GPDQ app (available on iOS and Android), register an account, and book an appointment via the app.

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