The Meaning Of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Hey there! Are you ready to dive into the intriguing world of tarot? Today, we’ll be exploring the profound meaning behind the enigmatic Hanged Man Tarot card.

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The Hanged Man Tarot Card Description

The Hanged Man Tarot Card is anything but conventional.

The Hanged Man is the twelfth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. When you gaze upon this card, you are met with an image that challenges your perception.

Depicted is a figure suspended upside down from a tree branch, forming a perfect reflection of the number four. A serene expression graces his face, signifying inner peace and acceptance of his position.

This unusual positioning serves as a symbolic representation of surrender, sacrifice, and a shift in perspective.

It can indicate a period of introspection, letting go, or seeing things from a different perspective. When this card appears in a reading, it may suggest that it’s time for reflection or to release outdated beliefs.

With one leg crossed over the other, forming the shape of the number four, you are reminded of stability and balance even in the face of uncertainty.

Key Facts

UprightSacrifice, reflection, pause, new perspective, letting go
ReversedStagnation, unwillingness, stagnation, missed opportunities
Yes or NoMaybe
Astrological SignPisces
Key Facts: The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Hanged Man

When The Hanged Man appears upright in a tarot reading, it signifies a transformative period that demands introspection and a shift in perspective. It beckons you to let go of resistance and willingly embrace the unknown.

This card encourages you to surrender control and trust the journey, knowing that sometimes, your greatest lessons emerge from moments of suspension.

Embracing the energy of The Hanged Man places you in a unique position to pause, reflect, and reassess your priorities. It invites you to step back from the chaos of life and surrender to a higher understanding.

The state of tranquility and reflection allows you to perceive situations from a different angle, gaining valuable insights that were previously hidden.

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
Surrendering to the flow of love and embracing patience in relationshipsA period of suspension or waiting in the career, trusting that it will lead to growthTake a step back to focus on mental and emotional well-being, embracing stillness and self-reflection

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Hanged Man

In matters of the heart, The Hanged Man urges you to approach your relationships from a place of deep introspection. It encourages you to slow down, suspend judgment, and communicate openly with your partner.

This period of reflection paves the way for renewed emotional connection and a fresh perspective on any challenges you might be facing together.

For those seeking love, The Hanged Man advises you to embrace patience and allow the universe to guide you to the right person.

By surrendering to the flow of romance, you create space for divine timing to bring forth a love that aligns perfectly with your soul’s journey.

Career and Work – Upright, The Hanged Man

In the realm of career and work, The Hanged Man advises you to step back and reevaluate your professional path. It signals a time to explore alternative routes, rethink your goals, and consider creative or unconventional approaches.

This period of reflection can unveil unexpected opportunities and assist you in aligning your work with your authentic purpose.

Furthermore, embracing the energy of The Hanged Man can provide you with a fresh perspective on any challenges or stagnation you may be experiencing in your current job.

Thus, it may be time to let go of the need to control and surrender to the possibility of fresh perspectives, leading to professional growth and new endeavors.

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Hanged Man

In terms of health and wellness, The Hanged Man advises you to focus on self-care and relaxation techniques. It encourages you to adopt a holistic approach that nurtures both your mind and body.

This period may signify the need for gentle introspection and reflection on your overall well-being.

Through surrendering to self-care practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and gentle movement, you create space for healing and rejuvenation.

The Hanged Man reminds you that your well-being is a priority, and by embracing this concept, you can experience profound growth and transformation within your physical and emotional health.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Hanged Man

When it comes to spirituality, The Hanged Man is a potent symbol of spiritual awakening. It calls for a release of old belief systems and invites you to explore spiritual practices that resonate with your inner being.

This period of surrender and reflection will deepen your connection to higher realms of consciousness. Embracing The Hanged Man’s energy allows you to tap into your intuition and gain profound insights about who you truly are.

It presents an opportunity to expand your spiritual horizon and explore new paths of enlightenment. Trust the divine process and surrender to the wisdom that emerges from silence.

Reversed Meaning of The Hanged Man

In its reversed position, The Hanged Man indicates resistance to change and a refusal to let go of old patterns.

It suggests a fear of surrendering control, hindering personal growth and preventing you from fully embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

This reversal may also indicate a lack of perspective or a stubborn attachment to a certain outcome.

The Hanged Man reminds you that in order to move forward, you must be willing to relinquish old ways of thinking and open yourself up to new ideas and experiences.

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Feeling stuck or unyielding in relationshipsCareer stagnation or lack of progressWatch for potential health issues related to stress or feeling overwhelmed

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Hanged Man

In the realm of love and relationships, The Hanged Man appearing reversed may indicate difficulty in letting go of past hurts or relationships that no longer serve you.

It is a reminder to release any emotional baggage and embrace forgiveness and healing. To create a harmonious connection, it is essential to approach your relationships with an open heart and a willingness to learn from past experiences.

The Hanged Man encourages you to surrender control and allow love to flow freely, guiding you towards a deeper and more meaningful partnership.

Career and Work – Reversed, The Hanged Man

In your professional life, The Hanged Man reversed may suggest resistance to change, leading to stagnation or missed opportunities. It is crucial to identify any limiting beliefs or old patterns that may be holding you back from career growth.

Embrace the energy of surrender and allow for flexibility and adaptability in your work.

By letting go of control and being open to new perspectives or approaches, you can unlock new pathways and invite success and fulfillment into your professional life.

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Hanged Man

When The Hanged Man appears reversed in matters of health and wellness, it serves as a reminder to let go of self-imposed limitations or negative thought patterns affecting your well-being.

Identify any habits or beliefs that may be hindering your progress towards optimal health. Embrace this opportunity for personal growth and transformation in your physical and emotional health.

By surrendering to self-care practices, taking time to rest and reflect, and adopting a positive mindset, you can pave the way for healing and improved well-being.

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Hanged Man

When appearing reversed in a spiritual context, The Hanged Man suggests a resistance to spiritual growth or a refusal to embrace new perspectives.

It may be time to explore alternative spiritual practices to expand your understanding and deepen your connection to the divine.

Release any preconceived notions or skepticism and invite the energy of surrender into your spiritual journey.

It may also hint at missed spiritual opportunities due to fear or reluctance. The universe might be presenting chances for enlightenment or growth, but one’s resistance to change or fear of the unknown can hold them back.

To benefit spiritually when encountering the reversed Hanged Man, it’s essential to reflect on the areas in your spiritual journey where you feel stagnant.

Consider embracing change, letting go of preconceived notions, and trusting the universe’s guidance. Doing so can lead to breakthroughs, deeper understanding, and progress in one’s spiritual evolution.

The Hanged Man: Yes or No

The Hanged Man is a card of pause, introspection, and seeing things from a new perspective. When posed with a “Yes or No” question in a tarot reading, its answer is not straightforward.

Unlike cards that lean strongly towards affirmative or negative outcomes, The Hanged Man rests in a gray area.

If you draw this card, it’s suggesting that now might not be the right time to make a decision. Instead, it urges you to take a step back, gather more information, and reflect on the situation.

It may also hint that a sacrifice or change in perspective is needed before you can proceed.

So, if you’re seeking a direct “Yes” or “No,” The Hanged Man asks you to be patient. The answer you’re looking for may become clearer after a period of contemplation or after seeing the situation from a different angle.

In essence, while The Hanged Man doesn’t provide a direct yes or no response, it serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of patience, reflection, and open-mindedness in decision-making.

The Hanged Man and Astrology

The Hanged Man, a mysterious card in tarot, is often associated with the water sign Pisces in astrology. Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune, symbolizes the deep emotional and spiritual realms.

Much like The Hanged Man, Pisces is about introspection, dreams, and surrendering to the universal flow. It’s about dissolving boundaries and seeing beyond the physical world.

Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, governs your intuition, dreams, and connection to the spiritual world. The nebulous nature of Neptune matches The Hanged Man’s call to let go and trust in the unseen forces of the universe.

When The Hanged Man appears in a tarot reading, and there’s a strong Piscean or Neptunian influence in one’s astrological chart, it may amplify the card’s message.

The individual may be on the brink of a profound spiritual revelation or diving deep into their subconscious mind.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Hanged Man card is associated with the number 12. Number 12 is a combination of the numbers 1 and 2, carrying their energies of individuality and harmony, respectively. It represents balance and cooperation with others.

When you encounter the number 12 in your life, it’s a reminder to find harmony and balance within yourself and in your relationships with others. Embrace the Hanged Man’s spirit of surrender and release any conflicts or resistance.

Number 12 also encourages you to be patient and trust the divine timing of events. Sometimes, waiting and observing can bring better outcomes than rushing forward.

The Hanged Man as a Daily Card

Drawing The Hanged Man as your daily card prompts you to embrace a day of reflection and see things differently. Today might not be about rushing forward or completing tasks; instead, it’s about pausing and gaining a fresh perspective.

If faced with challenges, try looking at them from a different angle. Maybe there’s a lesson or insight you’re missing.

If things aren’t progressing as you’d like, understand that sometimes, delays can offer opportunities for growth and understanding.

This card is also a reminder to let go of the need to control every situation. Just as the man in the card hangs effortlessly, trusting in his position, you too should trust in the flow of your day.

Perhaps use today to meditate, journal, or engage in activities that allow for deep introspection. The insights you gain may surprise you and be beneficial in the coming days.

When The Hanged Man appears as your daily card, it’s an invitation to be patient, reflect, and open yourself up to new viewpoints. Let the day unfold naturally, and trust that everything is happening as it should.

How to Interpret it as a Daily Card?

When The Hanged Man emerges as your daily card, it’s signaling a need for reflection and possibly a shift in perception. Rather than indicating outward activity, this card leans towards inner work.

Is there something you’re clinging to? A viewpoint you haven’t considered? The Hanged Man suggests that answers may come from letting go and trusting your intuition.

Interpret it as an invitation to take a step back, realign, and view situations from a fresh angle. It’s less about action and more about understanding and patience.

How it might Impact your Day?

The Hanged Man’s influence on your day could manifest in several ways. You might experience delays or find that plans don’t go as expected. Instead of viewing these as setbacks, see them as opportunities to pause and reassess.

This card can also prompt unexpected moments of clarity or introspection. While the external world might seem to be in slow motion, your internal world could be buzzing with revelations.

Engage in activities that promote reflection, like meditation, reading, or nature walks. By the day’s end, you might realize that its slower pace and introspective moments were precisely what you needed.

How to use The Hanged Man in a Reading?

The Hanged Man’s appearance in a tarot reading is a gentle nudge towards introspection and gaining fresh insights. Another essential aspect of this card is the encouragement to view challenges or situations from a different angle.

When interpreting this card, it’s crucial to highlight the significance of taking a pause. Whether faced with a dilemma or at a crossroads, the message here is to step back and reflect before rushing into any decision.

The Hanged Man’s upside-down position symbolizes seeing things differently, which can lead to unexpected solutions or understanding.

At times, the card also speaks to the art of surrendering. Instead of striving to control every aspect of a situation, there’s a wisdom in allowing things to unfold naturally.

This doesn’t mean giving up but rather trusting the greater flow of events and understanding when to let go.

Finally, when interpreting The Hanged Man, emphasize the potential hidden blessings in delays or setbacks. Every challenge carries a lesson, and this card suggests that such lessons, when understood, can lead to profound personal growth.

How to use The Hanged Man in a Love Reading?

In a love reading, The Hanged Man signals a time of introspection within relationships. It may suggest that one or both partners need to take a step back and reflect on their feelings and needs.

It can also indicate that a relationship is in a holding pattern, awaiting clarity. This card encourages individuals to see their relationship from a new perspective, possibly reevaluating what they truly desire in love.

It could also hint at the need for sacrifice in the relationship for the greater good.

If single, it might suggest taking a pause from dating to understand oneself better before entering a new relationship.

How to use The Hanged Man in a Career Reading?

In a career context, The Hanged Man could indicate a period of stagnation or delay in job progression.

However, it’s not necessarily negative. It might be a time to reassess career goals, learn new skills, or simply wait for the right opportunity.

It emphasizes patience and understanding that sometimes, professional growth requires periods of pause.

This card might also advise someone to see a work situation from a colleague’s or boss’s viewpoint, encouraging better communication and understanding.

How to use The Hanged Man in a Health Reading?

For health readings, The Hanged Man suggests a phase of recovery or the need to view one’s health and well-being from a different angle.

It might be time to consider alternative healing methods or to seek a second opinion. The card also promotes mental and emotional introspection, indicating that emotional blockages or stress might be affecting physical health.

It encourages patience with healing processes, understanding that health journeys can have their moments of stillness before progress is evident.

The Hanged Man in Relation to Other Cards

The Hanged Man’s meaning deepens when viewed in the context of surrounding cards in a reading. Paired with cards like The Fool, it might emphasize a need to reconsider a leap of faith or approach life with a refreshed perspective.

When close to The Tower, it suggests that surrender and introspection could help navigate sudden upheavals or changes.

In the company of positive cards like The Sun or The World, The Hanged Man can indicate that delays or moments of reflection lead to positive outcomes, emphasizing the value of patience.

However, with cards like Ten of Swords or The Devil, it might hint at a self-imposed restriction or an unwillingness to let go of harmful patterns.

When seen alongside love cards like Two of Cups, it can imply that a relationship benefits from mutual understanding and viewing things from each other’s perspectives.

In contrast, with Pentacle cards in a career context, it might suggest evaluating financial decisions or seeing a work situation differently.

Overall, The Hanged Man acts as a catalyst, urging deeper reflection and open-mindedness in interpreting the broader message of a tarot spread.

Complementary Cards

In life, there are certain people who elevate your spirit and mirror your deeper self. Similarly, certain tarot cards naturally harmonize with others, magnifying their messages.

For The Hanged Man, with its themes of introspection, surrender, and a shift in perspective, there are particular cards that resonate and amplify its essence.

Below are the cards that align most harmoniously with The Hanged Man:

Contrasting Cards

In the world of tarot, the depth of a card’s message often emerges most vividly when set against its counterpoints. Certain tarot cards stand in stark contrast to others, providing clarity through their differences.

When it comes to The Hanged Man, known for its themes of pause, surrender, and introspective transformation, there are cards that offer a dynamic counterbalance.

Below are the cards that contrast with The Hanged Man, illuminating its message:


In conclusion, The Hanged Man, in its serene stillness, offers profound wisdom to those who encounter it. At its core, this card beckons you to embrace moments of pause, to willingly surrender control, and to view life through a refreshed lens.

While it might initially suggest stagnation or delay, its deeper message is one of growth through introspection. As you navigate the ebbs and flows of life, The Hanged Man serves as a gentle reminder that not every challenge requires immediate action.

Whether it emerges in matters of love, career, health, or personal growth, this card encourages patience, open-mindedness, and the transformative power of seeing things differently.

As you conclude, your exploration of The Hanged Man, let it be a guiding beacon, illuminating the value of internal journeys and the beauty of altered perspectives.


What does the Hanged Man Tarot card symbolize?

The Hanged Man represents surrender, letting go, and gaining a new perspective by suspending one’s usual way of thinking.

Is the Hanged Man a positive or negative card?

The Hanged Man is neither positive nor negative. It signifies a necessary sacrifice or pause in order to achieve personal growth and enlightenment.

How should I interpret the Hanged Man in a Tarot reading?

The Hanged Man suggests that you may need to change your perspective or sacrifice something in order to move forward in your current situation.

Does the Hanged Man card always indicate a literal hanging?

No, the Hanged Man card is symbolic and does not represent a literal hanging. It signifies a metaphorical suspension or pause in life.

Can the Hanged Man card indicate a period of stagnation or feeling stuck?

Yes, the Hanged Man can represent a period of feeling stuck or stagnant, but it also suggests that this pause is necessary for personal growth and transformation.

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