How to stay motivated to workout in winter

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Staying motivated to workout in winter is hard: it’s cold and dark and you just want to hibernate. So, we’ve called in the big guns to give us some tips on how to keep active during the chillier months…

Sarah Mariko, Barry’s Bootcamp trainer

“Why not use this season to try something new? Find an exercise class you enjoy and train alongside a group of like-minded people. It will help keep you motivated and can be a great way to make new friends.”

Lotti Maddox, head of fitness at BLOK

“Keep moving. It’s so tempting to go into hibernation when it’s cold. I love the adrenaline of Blok’s Cardio Killer to get me out of a slump but if you want to slow it down head to a yin class. Just remember moving, in whatever form, makes you feel better.”

Mantas Zvinas, Soulcycle instructor

“SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real and decreases motivation for working out, which then causes lower levels of serotonin. To fight against going down that spiral, get at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. Try and walk to work or at least walk to the next underground station just to get those extra few minutes in. Sunlight enhances mood and produces vitamin D which aids the absorption of minerals and vitamins, as well as helping with better sleep, improving eye health amongst countless other benefits.”

James Collins, strength & conditioning coach at BXR London

“Goal setting is a tried and tested tactic for adherence to behaviour change. By setting a realistic and achievable goal that you want to accomplish, such as a 10k, this will create the desire within you to persevere with your training through the cold months. However, with the festive period fast approaching, we all have Christmas parties and friends to catch up with, so be sure to schedule mornings off for the recovery.”

Alex Mateus, coach at Third Space London

“Plan out your workout week with a training partner to keep both of you accountable. Use social events to keep you motivated as well, for example, a HIIT class before brunch or a quick gym session before Friday night drinks with friends. Put it in the calendar.”

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