I tried Barry’s LIFT – a new strength-based class concept

Barry’s will forever be known as the pioneers of the treadmill-hybrid workout. But for the first time in the UK it has launched a new class concept that’s all about those strength gains. We sent Sam to try Barry’s LIFT…

What is Barry’s LIFT?

Barry’s LIFT is a dedicated strength class designed to complement the work done in the original Red Room by building muscle mass and concentrating on form.

It follows the regular class format in that each day of the week hones in on a different body part. However, unlike double floor (the weights-only traditional option), this 50-minute class slows things down. The focus is on a variety of loads and rep ranges and using techniques such as time under tension.

There is also a ‘benchmark lift’ that you work on for four weeks. The idea here is you track your progress and lift heavier each time.

Barry's LIFT

The studio

So where does this class take place? At the new Barry’s Soho branch in Kingley Street, which is the Rolls Royce of gyms. It’s the fanciest studio to date with a sign made out of filament bulbs and a marble smoothie bar.

Alongside a massive Red Room, there is a separate studio called the Flex room lined with weights and benches for 15 people.

My verdict

I went to Izy George’s ass and abs class as I love her ethos, which is about helping women to feel strong and empowered.

This babe means business: straight away she told us not to be afraid to pick up a heavy weight (10kg or more). We used this for our benchmark lift, which was a single arm deadlift.

The class was also full of accessory exercises like hip bridges, Russian swings and banded donkey kicks to set our glutes on fire.

Barry's LIFT

I liked the intimacy, which felt almost like a group PT session. It meant Izy was able to spot our form and provide expert tips.

Another plus point? The weights section of a gym can be often be intimidating and, let’s be honest, ultra-macho. Here, however, I felt confident pumping iron under the sexy red lighting.

Bottom line

If you enjoy lifting some proper heavy weights or want to get strong but don’t know where to start, Barry’s LIFT will be your new go-to.

To book a class visit barrys.com

By Sam

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