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Wellness during the winter season with Acupuncturist Sarah Bradden

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Renowned cosmetic acupuncturist Sarah Bradden shares her top tips for self-care and calm during the busy festive season, using three techniques: body tapping, reiki and her signature ear massage. The acupuncturist to the stars says: “The festive season is a time of immense busyness – buying presents, work parties, children’s plays, visiting friends and family… If you do some or all of these self-care practices for even a few minutes during the day you will notice a real difference in your mood and energy”.

Sarah Bradden Technique one: Ear Massage

“The ear is like a direct line to the brain; when you massage the ears you are actually massaging your parasympathetic nervous system to restore energy and calm. There are more than two hundred nerve ending points in the ear, particularly in the ear lobes, which is why it is considered one of the most powerful microsystems. Through massage, the appropriate signals are sent to these nerve centres to body parts, to either heal, boost or ease discomfort.”

Ear Massage Introduction

Start with hands together, reiki hand rub energetically

Cover your ears with your hands and hold for a few seconds

Pull the ear lobes in a downward motion thirty times

Repeat sequence three times

Ear Massage Activation

Place the index finger in the lower centre cavity of the ear. Circle thirty times forwards and back. This area is connected to the heart and lungs

Place the finger into the top part of the cavity of the ear, massage backwards and forwards quite vigorously. This area is working the abdominal cavity: liver, spleen, stomach, intestines kidney and bladder. Repeat thirty times. You should start to feel the heat in your ears

Massage the triangular part at the top of the ear. This is the pelvic cavity, linked to the uterus, ovaries, testicles. Rub thirty times

Rub the apex of the ear all the way down to the down to the lobe

Massage the back of the ear using the thumb, which works the spine and lowers blood pressure

Massage the neck area, the sternocleidomastoid muscle which is used for chewing and swallowing, which can become very tense through stress and tension

Pinch each side of the neck pulling and releasing the muscle, thirty times

Open the jaw, place the index finger in the ridge below the lobe of ear and the middle finger in the tragus. Rotate mouth eight times to the left and then eight times to right

Sarah Bradden Acupucture.001
Sarah Bradden Acupucture.001

Sarah Bradden Technique two: Face & Body Tapping

“A type of acupressure, Body Tapping operates on many meridians of the body, to balance energy flow in the body, helping you feel more refreshed and releasing any stagnant energies or stress that may occur during this time.”

Body Tapping

Start by shaking the wrists, with palms facing inwards so they become loose

Lightly bend your knees and bring your hands back and forth in a fluid motion

Apply pressure with cupped hands and ‘hand tap’ around the body, starting with the crown of the head, which is connected to our mood, our focus and memory and stimulating blood flow in the face

Bring your hands down the face, the back of the neck at the top of the spine, down the shoulders and arms, across your chest and abdomen, across hips and down the legs

These can be gentle motions and should not hurt. Lightly tap the fingers across the jaw to under your lip and then above the lip into the cupids bow

Face Tapping

Bring fingers to the cheekbones, under the eyes and back to the cheekbones

Along the forehead up and down and back and forth

Then using the hands, drag fingers through the hair down to the back of the neck

Using three fingers on each hand, place on to the top of the scalp and circle twelve times

Take some deep breaths and slowly release your hands down to your sides

Sarah Bradden Technique two: Reiki or Qi Rub

Reiki or Qi Rub is a very quick way to centre yourself. Qi is believed to be the life force that runs through each individual. It is an energy current that passes through the inside and outside of the body. When you are rubbing your hands together you are activating your Qi: you can feel energy between your hands. This can bring you inner calm and self empowerment. When your Qi is strong-it courses through you and fills you with life and health.”


Close eyes and place palms to them, hold for 7-10 seconds, repeating three times

Use your thumb and finger to place into the front part of the eye socket by the beginning of your eyebrow, hold and massage

Using your index finger at the end of the eye by the ridge, massage gently for 7-10 seconds

Place the entire finger flat under the eye socket and press down and in for 10 seconds repeat three times

Lightly press tear duct, holding for 10 seconds, repeating three times

Energy Activation

Apply a small amount of oil to the forehead and into the hairline

Reiki rub hands close to the face and close the eyes. Take a three big deep breaths and then bring the hands down to the heart in a prayer position

Bring your fingers to the base of your chin and rub your hands to the top of your face, then to the side and back to the chin. Repeat this six times.

Bring hands into your hairline and using thumbs, vigorously massage to the top of the skull bringing it round to the ears. Repeat fifty times.

Place thumbs together, placing them over the bridge of the nose, bring up to the eyes and around to the outside of the head. Repeat three times

Repeat same movement under the eye socket

Bring the thumbs together at the top of the forehead and bring down to the bridge of the nose and out to the side of the mouth and down to the chin

Using acupressure points, place fingers either side of the mouth and circle ten times

Then bring fingers up to either side of the nostrils using circular motions thirty times

Circle across the eyebrow with fingertips, exhaling through the mouth. This helps the bladder meridians

Gently massage to the third eye in circular motions

Drag your fingers over the top of the eyebrows six times and then circle the side the eyes gently

To book a Sarah Bradden treatment, visit Sarahbradden.com

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