Action sports in Cape Town and Langebaan

If you’re into surfing and sundowners with a backdrop of mind-blowing scenery, plan a visit to Cape Town and Langebaan. Guest writer, Sophie Mathews, tells us how it’s done…

Cape Town is without a shadow of doubt one of the world’s finest cosmopolitan cities, set amongst mind-blowing scenery and things that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Those who have visited will agree that it has a unique energy that will always draw you back. That energy is consistent and translates into endless opportunity to make the most of the obvious natural playground and world class sporting conditions that the city provides.

Action sports are huge out there, especially watersports. From kiteboarding to windsurfing, Stand up Paddle and Surfing, there’s never a day when you can’t get in on the action. With accessibility and safety of all of the sports mentioned, having been majorly improved upon over the last few years, the fact of the matter is, any trip to Cape Town must be seasoned with some of this good stuff — after all, nothing makes bottle of Pinotage and a slap up Braii taste better quite like a session beforehand.

Action sports at Blouberg beach

For those of you who are already shredders, the strong winds of The Cape Doctor – he who brings the fierce easterly wind, dressing the glorious Table Mountain in a fluffy table cloth of clouds, an indication that it’s going to be a howler — can get in on the action over in Blouberg beach, 20 mins out of town up the west coast. Here you will find a trendy, growing community of young professionals looking to get their daily dopamine. It also hosts the exclusive RED BULL King of the Air each year, attracting adrenaline junkies and storm chasers from around the world. A true spectacle of extreme kiteboarding, of which I had the pleasure of hosting on RED BULL TV last year. It’s clear that Cape Town has now become a hub for those looking for an active lifestyle.

Penguins, sushi & marijuana oils

From the Atlantic side, cross behind Table Mountain to the Indian Ocean. Muizenberg has lighter winds and sometimes a bit of surf, perfect for beginners. You can also take the coastal road, passing through Camps Bay, Clifton, round to Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak, Scarborough, Simons Town to see the penguins, Noerdhook and Kalk Bay – definitely worth stopping here for a swim in the tidal pools, sushi at Osetra, a caipi at Cape to Cuba and a fascinating chat with a fabulous natural health mama who works with a herbal doctor on the east coast to create ‘natural’ remedies for physical and mental health; the good old marijuana oils, all available at Cash Boho.

Hiking at Green Point

Keeping fit is not a concern for people visiting. In addition to action sports, there’s more hiking and trails than you can shake a stick at, outdoor gyms along the seafront at Green Point. Fitness events and gatherings are hosted in and around the city every weekend, and if all else fails, biking around the vineyards counts, right?


It’s clear the city has an endless list of insanely good food and wine joints, buzzing beachfront vibe, off the charts music scene, booming nightlife, beautiful people, and the fact that for those fortunate enough to be earning in GBP or Euros making your money go a very long way. But set apart from all this hustle and bustle is a place that must make it on your to-do list when visiting and that’s Langebaan. With its huge lagoon and set in the heart of a nature park, it still takes my breath away 10 years later.

We all travel for a variety of reasons, but nearly always, we want to give something new a crack and the hottest way to do that right now is on the water. Watersports are everywhere and when it comes down to kitesurfing, SUP and windsurfing, I would go as far as saying that Langebaan is up there in the top 5 places to learn.

Now just because you are there, doesn’t me you have to do any of the above, nor does it mean that if you don’t, there won’t be anything for you to do. But I guarantee that if you watch others out there — women, men, kids, all ages in fact —  you’ll find it hard to not give it a go.

Langebaan is also incredibly family friendly and safe, but within the small side town, there’s a scene for everyone, just follow the music.


There are plenty of places to stay in the ‘baan,’ ranging from cheap and cheerful to private houses. However, if you’re looking for a luxury, chic and simple solution with all the toys thrown in, then Windtown is the one. A stones throw from the beach, you can fat bike to check the conditions and continue along the lagoon to discover more. The Watersports centre is fully equipped with the latest gear for the best experience.

Cape Town, South Africa is a must-visit destination for everyone regardless of what your interests are. And even though I would love to share everything I have discovered over the past 10 years, I feel like it will be a destination we will have to revisit numerous times for a variety of reasons. It really is a ‘whatever-your-DOSE’ kind of place.



Kitesurf – Blouberg Beach

Post session beer

Surf – Llandudno

SUP – Wednesday afternoon downwinder starting from the V&A Waterfront

Sunday Market – Hout Bay



Stay – Windtown

Eat –” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Friday Island

Sundowners – Pearly’s



The Brand Stable – Stocks Duotone Kiteboarding / Windsurfing / & Fanatic SUP

Wetsuit – 5.3 in Blouberg and 3.2 Langebaan



Red Bull King of the Air 2020

By Sophie Mathews

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