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Adam Husler

Meet Adam Husler, one of the city’s most in demand yoga teachers, with an eclectic background including boxing, ultramarathons, a law degree and over 9 years on a yoga mat.

When he’s not jet setting between Tuscany and the Philippines, you can find him teaching all over London at Equinox, Indaba, Triyoga and Yotopia.

We catch up with the dark and brooding yogi, who takes us through some common yoga moves we’re doing wrong…

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Updog: Less squashing and more lengthening
Issue: You’re compressing the lower back and neck with little engagement.
Improvement: Pull your shoulder blades down, chest forward and externally rotate the arms.

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Chaturanga: Elbows no higher than the back of those ribs
Issue: You’re collapsing into your shoulders, risking long term damage.
Improvement: Engage your lats, squeeze the elbows in and lower to 90 degrees only. If that’s too hard, do the same thing with your knees down and your chest slightly lifted.

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Half Lift: Because touching the floor isn’t ‘winning’
Issue: You haven’t bothered to use any muscles in your back. This is the shape we assume when looking at our phones on the tube.
Improvement: Imagine you are almost trying to backbend and awaken that back chain.

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Side-plank: “But it feels easier if i do it like this”
Issue: By making no attempt to lift the hip, the pelvis is beginning to turn towards the ceiling, and you’ll feel less resistance.
Improvement: Lift the hips up and square them to the wall.

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Lizard: Stop looking at your groin
Issue: An unhealthy obsession with getting close to the floor leads to curving of the spine.
The Improvement: Pull you chest towards your fingertips and keep your back working. Don’t let that back knee roll in.

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Extended Side angle: Touching the floor won’t make your a better person
Issue: In our quest to get the hand down, the hips and body turns down and the and you skip the side lengthening and rotation.
Improvement: Start below on leg and find a straight line from ankle to fingertips. Feel it in the side of the body and don’t strain the body by going to deep, too quickly.

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Low Lunge: Save option 1 for your dramatic beach yoga selfies
Issue: There’s a huge tilt to the pelvis, no core engagement, and plenty of compression of the neck.
Improvement: This is far less photogenic, but the core is strong, the muscles around the pelvis are stabilising, and you can sure feel it in the front of that back leg.

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