5 Tips and Tricks for post workout success

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Want to hear 5 tips and tricks for post workout success from a top barre guru? We’re joined by New Yorker Ashley Yeater, a Broadway dancer turned founder of DEFINE London. You might want to invest in a foam roller, oh and a pair of her amazing grippy socks…


On a daily basis, I have clients leave the last three minutes of class in fear of a shower line or desperate to check their mobile phones. Walking away from the final stretch, the final moment for your body and mind to come back as one, is not fulfilling that full body workout.

Stretching after a exercise helps you achieve long, lean muscle. Throughout all Define.London concepts we incorporate stretches throughout the class but the longest and most important stretches are at the end.

During the resting phase between workouts, muscles naturally rebuild themselves to become stronger. Without stretching, muscles can shorten over time.


Roll baby, roll! Foam rolling is great for releasing muscle tightness post-workout. I suggest working on a single area for a few inches at a time. Try to find that trigger point and roll not only up and down but side to side.

You want to hit it from every angle and a side to side motion will help lift any sticking points. Thirty seconds may not be long enough and three minutes is most likely too long for one area, as you could bruise. It’s important to read your body – you don’t have to be in tears to know it works.

One to two minutes should be effective enough for lengthening out the muscle and allowing proper blood flow throughout. The beauty about a foam roller is that it makes a fantastic pre-workout too. The benefits of increasing blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue equals WINNING.


My 20’s have come and gone and let me tell you, I was no stranger to the motto “Well I just ran on a treadmill for 45 minutes, so I can totally have Domino’s Pizza”. Clearly this was not a great post-workout refuel.

Through my fitness journey, I have learned to listen to my body and take in what is likely to satisfy me in the long term so I don’t set myself up for that evening crash, for example I love a post workout smoothie.

My Define.London class concepts are based around interval training. I know I need to replace nutrients and have protein post workout. People who don’t refuel after class miss the opportunity to help their bodies benefit from the workout.


Cheers to a job well done in class, and cheers with H2O. Before you change into that cute little number and head out on the town, have you had enough water for the day and then some? You muscles are somewhere around 75% water, not champagne.

Your muscles however may feel champagne infused when they are lacking a proper amount of water. You need to stay hydrated pre and post workout. Staying hydrated aids healthy digestion, reduces fatigue and even tames stress.


Congrats! You just allowed 15, 30, 45, maybe even an hour of YOUR precious time to make YOUR health a priority. Be proud, amazed, all the positive vibes for doing something great for your body and the longevity of it. I never want my Define.London clients leaving a session with me or one of my trainers feeling defeated.

We are always available after class to chat so if you have questions and need tips, we are there to help. Don’t be intimidated… you have paid money for a service. You will get the most out of every workout if you walk out of the room feeling proud and confident. So lift the corners of your mouth up and have a smile, a laugh, a giggle. You took time out of your day to Define Yourself.

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