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According to a report by health and fitness app, MINDBODY, Millennials (25-34s) have the lowest level of wellness in the UK thanks to stress and poor sleeping patterns.

Working with health and wellness professionals, the study of 2,000 UK adults considered the wellness habits of the nation, using a five-point Likert scale. Respondents were asked to rate their hours of sleep, sedentary hours, stress and anxiety levels, headspace (or ‘me time’), eating and drinking habits, time spent outside, current physical and mental health, and level of social satisfaction. On average, millennials had the lowest overall wellness score at 26 out of 45.

Stress and sleep levels were revealed to be the biggest negative influences, as nearly one in four (39%) said they feel somewhat stressed and anxious daily. This age group also revealed it gets just six hours and 38 minutes of sleep per night, out of the recommended eight hours.

Such findings come as no surprise to therapist Natalie Pennicotte-Collier aka The Mind Coach, who counts Hypnotherapy for Sleep and MBCTI (Mindfulness for Insomnia) as over 50% of her work.

“Over the past five years, I have seen a huge increase in my Gen Y clients with sleep and anxiety challenges”, she says.

“Chronic poor sleep feeds poor mental health and ‘eats up’ resilience for breakfast. Night shift modes and meditation apps can’t make up for time spent asleep. Matthew Walker’s brilliant book gave us the stark truth if we do nothing, but many are left more anxious and without answers as to OK but how?”

Photo: Natalie, The Mind Coach

Natalie also specialises in child and teen therapy. “I listen to students and grads and the lack of mental health and emotional wellbeing education is shocking. Many consider going to bed at 2am and waking up at 7am as the norm. We are solar powered out of harmony with the natural light of our world. For good mental health it takes 5/6 full sleep cycles and a full sleep cycle certainly before midnight (90mins)”.

Before even thinking about resigning yourself as an insomniac or poor sleeper, Natalie advises the first step is to lift the lid on your actual sleep.

“Consistent priority to rest and sleep even 4 days a week will bring massive gains to your creativity, focus and human potential. Then when you bolt on a 5 minute pre and post sleep visualisation and mediation routine, you are supercharging a daily habit into performance wellbeing. The natural magic potion is consistent patience and expert help to take action and commit to making friends with the best wellbeing elixir ever invented – rest and sleep. It takes 6 weeks to restore circadian rhythms and sleeping habits for good. As Jamie Oliver recently said ‘I’ve made sleep my work and work my hobby'”.

Natalie is a Performance Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist heralded for her work with Elite Sports Athletes, Celebrities and Corporate Companies. Join her on 29th April 2018 for a ‘Stress Less’ themed talk, brunch and Q&A and learn how to create a shift from surviving to thriving.

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