Crack a 10k with these 5 tips

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crack a 10k

Want to know how to crack a 10k like a pro? Just follow these 5 simple tips from the Track Mafioso himself, Cory Wharton-Malcolm, trainer at OneLDN and MinistryDoesFitness


First and foremost get yourself a training plan, preferably one that fits in well with your work and social commitments. This will hopefully help you to set realistic goals, not just one but bronze, silver and gold as come race day anything could happen!


Crack a 10k

A great way to work on speed as well as timings and consistency. Use this time to measure progress too – embrace discomfort and learn how to manage it, so come race day when you get that tingling feeling in your legs you will have already experienced it in training.


Crack a 10k
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Don’t just run, cross train, hit the gym work on strength, mobility and core as this will help you to become a more rounded, stronger, resilient athlete.


Crack a 10k

Look at your hydration and nutrition, as this is what fuels us. Do you best to eat a healthy balanced diet and experiment with foods and drinks to see what your favourite energy source is for the big day or day. This is sometimes overlooked but if we get it really wrong it’s like putting diesel in a petrol engine.


Crack a 10k

Some might take this as a given but shut that laptop and sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Why? During those 7 or 8 hours hormones are released that help to repair, restore and heal our bodies from the inside.

Bonus… Now I know we said 5 BUT here’s a bonus for you. Use this new hobby as an excuse to buy yourself some nice new kit that will help you smash those goals!

By Cory

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