International Women’s Day – Wise Words from Female Fitness Icons

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s some boss advice from our favourite female fitness icons, from hula-hoop masters to weight-lifters and spin instructors, who continue to inspire us every day. Who runs the world again? Oh yeah…

Rebekah Abdeen @rebekahadbeen

Constantly delivering experiential and demanding cycle classes can become all consuming. You want to give your heart and soul to every person you connect with, whether on or off the bike. “If you’ve seen it all, close your eyes” reignites the passion, originality and excitement of my ‘why’ and ‘how’. But when the going gets really tough, I always remind myself “the only way out is through.” My Mum taught me this, it’s my go-to when I need to regain some focus and power on.

Ida May @idamayyy

‘The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself’

nesrine daily

Nesrine Daily @hijabi.lifts

For me I am forever trying to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. Being different is good, so don’t try to fit in and don’t ever try to be less than what you are. If you live this life trying to impress others around you will never satisfy your soul and fill your true purpose. You are destined to be great and if that means you have to be the first to do something then you better do it. Handle every test in life like it’s the only chance for you to succeed. All you will leave behind is what you did, who you helped and what you changed. Be the change you want to see….You are enough!

Bonnie Parsons @bonnieparsons

I believe when it comes to your own happiness and success, you are very much in the drivers seat. But of course, we can be held back by self-doubt, bullies, mistakes, financial struggles, bias… and it can get really hard. It’s in these moments, when we feel like we can’t keep going, that our choices can define us our success, and our happiness. At times when I need to get centred, I meditate, and recently I did a mediation where the affirmations were about choice. Choosing self-esteem, choosing forgiveness, choosing love. So next time you beat yourself up, or you get hurt, you can choose how you want to emotionally respond so you can move forward, get better, get stronger and heal faster.

Kim Ngo @Kimmayco

What I live by and the purpose behind what I do is to ‘Be who you needed when you were younger’.

When I’m scared to do something new I remind myself – ‘Don’t prepare. Begin… Start before you’re ready’

Everyday I try to enjoy the process of what I do– the end goal will last a small amount of time but the process of getting there will influence a lifetime.

Samantha Stone @samantha.stone1

‘For me, I try to make everything about positive energy. I start every day with a fresh, happy approach and try to maintain this throughout the day despite any logistical or interpersonal challenges. I try to embrace anything that may occur and see the resolution as a learning process. Feeling positive helps me to encourage those around me to be happy and active- friends, colleagues, clients. I try to move and train in some way every day to help energise me, so I can put my efforts into motivating others and helping them to fulfil their goals.

With regards to my teaching approach, for me it is all about making everyone feel good about themselves, encouraging them to not make comparisons to others but instead focus on their strengths, try to improve on their weaknesses and treat every day with a different approach. Not every training session is it about hitting your PB on the treadmill, lifting the heaviest weights on the floor, some days it is just about movement, blood flow and escapism’.

Laura Hoggins @laurabiceps

Being a PT, and a competitive athlete, it can be very easy to get caught up in trying to constantly improve, PB, develop my work capacity, when in reality, I am also a trainer, an author, a business owner, a friend, a daughter, consultant, marathon runner… and last time I checked, I wasn’t superwoman. Despite what social media may portray, I am not always motivated, but I do practice discipline, so for me I focus on personal effort, whatever that day brings me. Effort in many facets of my life, in work, in the gym, being the best that I can possibly be to everyone that experiences me, approaching every situation with optimism and ambition, and remembering to be kind and considerate to myself and those around me. If I tried my best, that’s what counts to me.

1. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

2. Don’t get stuck being busy, be productive, don’t just talk about it, DO it.

3. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

“Always a little further”, it is something that the team of SAS Who Dares Wins training day taught me, when the going gets tough, how do you react? Under intensity, it then becomes a mental challenge, if you think the task is too great, it may overwhelm and defeat you. So break it up into small manageable steps, remember why you’re doing it, keep moving in the right direction and never quit.

Tara Margulies @movewithtara

Motivation; the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. We’re all want to do what we love, right? I’ve found sports that I love, and a community of wonderful people to train with which is all the motivation I need. I’ve been through so many different goals; get leaner, get fitter, get stronger… but the only one that has fuelled my motivation is to have fun. Find movement that makes you feel good and that’s all the motivation you’ll ever need.

Marawa the Amazing @marawa

I live by three simple statements:

1. Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards!
2. Who doesn’t have 20 minutes?
3. Are you breathing? Breath more!

Melissa Weldon @melissaweldonuk

“I’m a believer in leaning into struggle and challenge. Without it there’s no growth so even if it’s hard or painful, I try to embrace every challenge that’s ever been placed in front of me. Fitness for me replicates life’s challenges; every time you’re finding something physically tough, remember a time in your life when you had to get through something particularly shitty. Somehow you are still standing strong; apply that same energy and tenacity to your fitness challenges!”

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Spin instructor by morning, co-founder of DOSE by day. Shara’s fitness favourites include a sweaty yoga class, reformer pilates, HIIT and spinning of course. Her Spotify list includes nothing but tracks you can spin to. She doesn’t go a day without eggs and avocado and travel is always on her mind! Dreams of Malbec and vodka cocktails.

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