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Hilary Rowland

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we get up close and personal with Hilary Rowland – the former model and party girl turned founder of BOOM Cycle – one of London’s most addictive spin studios and original “party on a bike”.

Read on to hear the secret to her success and career highs to date including a BOOM Cycle Hip Hop takeover at her wedding: “It was one of those moments I realised we had built something very special”.

Describe your twenties in one sentence…
My twenties were adventurous – a total ‘soul education’.

What’s your definition of hedonism then and now?
I know more about what I truly enjoy – music, dancing, partying, eating, drinking and travelling – as a result of extensive research in my 20’s!

What words of advice would you give to your younger self?
Hmmm… I would definitely tell my younger self to dream bigger!

Why do you think there’s a new fashion for abstinence among young people?
I think the choice to not drink and party all night like the kids of my generation is due to the world being more open to the youth of today. When I was 15 living in Kentucky, it wasn’t easy to communicate with friends living on the other side of the world (I think I still had a pen pal at that point). Today, we can all feel connected without going out. There are so many exciting things at our finger tips. Going out has also got a lot more expensive!

Hilary Rowland

You run one of London’s most successful spin studios. Any highs and lows along the way?
There were loads of highs and lows – yes. We’re about to make some big announcements and I feel such a high seeing our newest instructors own it on the bikes as they’re introduced to the BOOM Cycle community. I don’t like to pay too much attention to the lows, except to learn from them. They don’t tend to last very long anyway.

Career highlight to date?
Having the BOOM Cycle team take over the dance floor with us during the Hip Hop Half Hour at our wedding. There was such a family vibe! It was one of those moments I realised we had built something very special.

What’s the secret to BOOM Cycle’s success?
Effort is the secret to our success. We learned a lot on the job. Sometimes the only thing that sets you apart from others is your commitment to carry on.

The fitness industry will be better when…
There are more BOOM Cycle studios.

People don’t know that I can…
Cook apparently! But I can. And I’m rather good.

What does the future hold for BOOM Cycle?
We will continue to expand nationally for the next few years and then see where to go from there!

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