Slice Studios | West


Located just a three minute stroll from Parsons Green tube, Slice Studios offers a range of classes under one roof from; pilates, yoga, barre and HIIT to 80’s aerobics and rebounding. Don’t be put off by the queue of prams at the entrance… that’s just the on-site crèche ‘Cupcake’, helping mums enjoy some well deserved trampolining action in peace, away from their terrorising toddlers…

Bouncing isn’t just for kids you know… it’s one of the best workouts for strengthening the lower core and pelvic floor muscles and does wonders for the lymph system. Without movement, cells are left stewing in their own waste products, a bit like a stagnant pond…It’s no wonder bouncing leaves you with a permanent grin – that’s your body draining away stale toxins!

Try a Rebounder class on a Monday morning to revitalise every cell in the body before the week ahead or on a Saturday followed by a nutritious brunch at Rude Health – a 13 minute walk away!

Address: Slice Urban Lifestyle Studios, 11 Heathman’s Road, London SW6 4TJ

Tube: Parson’s Green (District), Fulham (District)

Price: £15 drop in

Book: here

A destination for healthy hedonists that fuses the worlds of fitness, healthy food and drink.