What is a healthy form of fat according to a clean and lean warrior

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What is a healthy form of fat according to a clean and lean warrior

Want to know what is a healthy form of fat verses an unhealthy form of fat? James Duigan, author of the ‘clean and lean diet’ books explains all…

We all know that sugar “the dangerous substance that’s making us fat, sick, tired and prematurely wrinkled”, as James Duigan so delightfully puts it, is the biggest health issue of our generation – not fat. In fact, in May 2015, the US government dropped fatty foods containing cholesterol from the list of nutrients of concern, to focus on sugar instead.

But until recently, fat phobia has been ruining our diet and has directly resulted in the twin epidemics of obesity and type II diabetes. Why? Because we thought fat from foods such as meat, butter, eggs and cheese gave us heart disease. As a result we reduced our fat and upped our intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed vegetable oils. What a disaster that turned out to be.

“We’d grown fat on the low fat message”, Duigan says. “It’s drummed into us all that fat makes us, well, fat. But guess what? It doesn’t. Sugar does and so do bad carbs (both of which, ironically are almost entirely fat free). But fat? Absolutely not.

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Why eating fat is good

“In fact, eating good fat will make you very slim indeed. It’s like the anti-sugar. In the same way that sugar gives you premature wrinkles, makes you hungry and causes you to gain weight, good fat will take years off your face and banish your hunger and cravings. So don’t be afraid of fats.

“But just to re-iterate, I am talking about ‘good fat’ here, not ‘bad fat. Not all fats are equal.

“When I talk about ‘good’ fat, I’m talking about natural, unprocessed fat. Not some funky junk from a packet, processed cheap meat, donuts or biscuits, but succulent (organic if possible) free-range meats, avocado, nuts, seeds, oils and butter – ideally from grass fed cows”.


“Trans fats – found in all processed foods (a nasty, reheated oil) used to prolong a products shelf life and add flavour – think those muffins that can survive in sweaty plastic wrappers for months on end.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger banned trans fats from all restaurants in LA. They are seriously bad news. The worst offenders are processed biscuits, muffins, margarines, pastries, crisps, but they can also be found in mousses, protein shakes and bars – anything with a long shelf life.

Stay clear of industrial seed oils and vegetable oils such as sunflower and corn oil”.

So what is a healthy form of fat?


Monounsaturated fat – nuts, avocados, olive oil.

Polyunsaturated fats – fish, seafood.

Extra Virgin Olive oil – anti-inflammatory, good cholesterol.

Coconut oil – its antioxidant properties stay intact when heated at high temperatures. A wonderful fat that can help boost your metabolism.

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