What Is Clean Coffee And Will It Stop Me Getting Jittery?

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After the Christmas and New Year splurge, we’ve given up the booze for Dry January and meat for Veganuary but there’s one thing we most certainly aren’t giving up and that’s coffee. It’s hard to imagine a morning without our caffeine hit that perks us up no end. But is drinking coffee good for you? Some of us are slower to metabolise it than others and can be left feeling sick, jittery or even tired when we’ve had too much… So how does the quality and quantity of our coffee play a part in this? Are some types of coffee better for us than others? We spoke to coffee expert Genevieve Kappler all about clean coffee and what we can do to keep those jitters at bay…

What is clean coffee?

Clean coffee starts at the source! All of the green coffee beans that Roasting Plant sources from the best farms around the world have been produced with strict guidelines to preserve the true taste of the origin without contamination.  From the moment it is hand-picked to the instant it is dropped in the roasting chamber.

At that point we employee our proprietary innovation called Javabot, a fluid bed (air) roaster and coffee brewing system.  It produces “cleaner” coffee than the traditional heated barrel roasters that most coffee companies use. We believe our micro-batch air roasting technology delivers the truest and purest form of roasted taste, bringing to life like no other method, the delicate and fragile balance of the origin countries the beans come from. Our Javabot precisely adds just the right amount of caramelization and maillard related notes to each of our coffees, according to our carefully developed custom roast profiles for every single origin bean, helping to develop a delicious lingering aftertaste.

Fresh and clean are the foundation of the Roasting Plant Coffee buying and production vademecum. They’re equally important and are, simply put, WHAT WE  DO and WHO WE ARE.

We take pride in being able to assure our customers that every time they walk into a Roasting Plant shop they will find the freshest, most pristine reflection of the taste of each of the terroir we curate, micro batch roasted with love, and served with a smile!

Roasting plant coffee

What happens to coffee when it’s not clean?

Again, it starts at the source, and we only buy clean coffee of the highest Specialty Coffee grades. We have stringent quality control when it comes to coffee buying, CLEAN coffee starts in green bean form, and it’s our professional mission to find clean coffee and only source the absolute best quality. From Origin up to the Cup.

Drinking coffee makes me feel tired – why is this?

Well, if your body is exhausted, coffee will keep it going despite the need to recuperate. It allows you to go that extra mile but bottom line, if coffee makes you tired, it is because YOU are tired and need rest. it may be time to go on a vacation… and then try a Roasting Plant FlashChilled™ Guatemalan Antigua … it will bring you back to life!

Drinking coffee makes me feel jittery – why is this?

Jittery: Caffeine intolerance is a known effect that happens to some individuals. If this happens to you, it may be best to drink coffee after you have eaten something, and more importantly to keep well hydrated. Sparkling water is fantastic to lower the caffeine in your body… there are many tricks that work to limit this annoying side effect!  After 3 or 4 pm try our Zen Blend (half decaf) or our Swiss Water pure decaf selection. We make sure that every decaf we source is equally delicious, clean, and fresh as our other origins – we never cut corners on RP decaf quality.

What’s the cleanest coffee in your opinion?

It’s not easy to spot so either just pick Roasting Plant Coffee when you can (all of our coffees are the cleanest available in each origin and always just-roasted!) or just ask. Clean coffee should be fully traceable to the source and no more than a few days from roasting for the fullest flavour, smoothness and no bitter aftertaste. We recommend that roasted coffee be used in 7 to 10 days from roasting.

Lots of scientific research has been done to explain the chemistry behind the loss of flavour and aroma. One of the seminal studies is the Coffee Freshness Handbook published by the Specialty Coffee Association and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. It documents how volatile freshly roasted coffee is, how rapidly it stales and becomes bitter, and the futility of trying to preserve it.

Why not just drink clean coffee and enjoy the best?!

Roasting Plant Coffee focuses on clean like no one else, sourcing the highest grade clean coffee, roasting in every shop, giving customers a choice of any bean or blend of up to three, made to order by the cup any way they want in less than a minute! Just-Roasted. Just-Brewed. Just for You.


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