Are you bored of training alone?

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bored of training alone

Are you bored of training alone? Or perhaps one of your teammates has stood you up, your personal trainer refuses to travel south of the river or you’ve dusted off your racquet after a lengthy hiatus only to discover all your friends have taken up golf! Spryt is your solution…

A new social network that lets you discover new teammates, opponents, training partners, coaches and facilities near you.

From Aikido to Athletics, Yoga to Wrestling, choose activities that most interest you, add a fitness bio (a quick snapshot of who you are in 20 words), a sports club that you’re a member of (if any) and hit search.

The results will throw up a list of ‘clubs and facilities’ as well as ‘players’ near you. Simply click on a person whose fitness interests match yours and connect!

It’s a little bit like dating…

Set up in 2017 by Daragh Donohoe and Paul Lyes, who met while working at Goldman Sachs, the app aims to remove awkward barriers and help people connect through a love of sport and exercise.

Why not give it a try!

Sign up to SPRYT for free here

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