Detoxing With The Moon: I Timed My Detox According To The Lunar Cycle


Don’t worry, we haven’t gone full woo woo on you but if you need an excuse for a mind and body reset, this Lunar Cleanse from The Organic Pharmacy is your best bet. DOSE contributor Charlotte investigates how you can detox with the moon…

Detoxing with the moon

I had no idea what to expect from a Lunar Cleanse at The Organic Pharmacy, whose flagship is on Great Marlborough Street in Soho. All I knew was that the treatment is ideally timed according to the moon. This is because some people believe lunar cycles have huge impact on the fluctuations of our body, hormones and energy levels, particularly for women. “Yes, the Moon is feminine, and she pairs with the Sun, who is masculine,” moonologist Joanna Watters tells me.

In fact, some people believe that the moon has an effect on the gravitational pull on the earth as well as the water inside our bodies, and as the moon moves through its monthly lunar cycle, small shifts within our body occur at the same time. “Every month there is a New Moon and a Full Moon, and that these are associated with nature and growth cycles,” Watters says.

So, detoxing with the moon is seen as particularly beneficial. I’ll be honest: I was sceptical on that front, having never noticed myself feeling different whether the moon is waxing, waning or otherwise. But having had the treatment, I think it would be of value at any time.

Detoxing with the moon: I timed my detox according to the lunar cycle

I timed my detox according to the lunar cycle

The first half of the treatment involves an invigorating total body massage. It start with body brushing, using hard, upwards strokes to both direct energy and get rid of dead skin cells, as well as encourage lymphatic drainage. My masseuse asks what pressure I like and I choose medium but it’s seriously firm; almost akin to the sensation of a foam roller on knotted muscles that feels amazing afterwards, and the Green Coffee and Chilli Oil that is rubbed all over is super invigorating.

After this comes the more interesting and different part of the treatment, using a BioEnergetic device to do a full Vitamin and Mineral Scan. The process starts with a full lifestyle assessment as I discuss everything from bowel movements to happiness level and diet with my practitioner, before I am hooked up to wires, with straps going around my wrists, ankles and forehead. This Quantum QXCI machine, in-house homeopath Lisa tells me, checks how I am functioning from an energy perspective, checking vitamins, minerals and hormonal balance. I sit still for three minutes with it on, and then the results are in.

The results of my lunar detox

While I personally think the results are more to do with the time of day and stage of menstrual cycle than the moon. They’re still truly interesting to me. I don’t think of myself as a stressed person, but my adrenal function isn’t great (48 when it should be between 80 and 100). Meaning I’m often running around and not really relaxing. Which come to think of it, is true. I’m also fascinated to find that I am less hydrated than I expected. Given that I drink at least 2 litres of water per day, I thought I’d be fine on this front, but I’m not.

Lisa tells me it’s not just about what you consume, but how your body absorbs it, and I need to focus on that as much as anything else. My serotonin levels are also low at 47, and that, combined with adrenal function, has had a knock-on effect on my immunity, which is at 59. Again, this should optimally be between 80-100. However, my ph. levels and toxicity levels are normal.

What happens after my lunar cleanse

Next, Lisa talks me through my vitamin assessment. Most of these are good – I’m doing well on vitamin C, E and D, as well as sodium and selenium. However, my vitamin A levels are low. So Lisa suggests eating more orange veg, and my calcium, magnesium and fatty acids all need to be supplemented. Lisa prescribes these, from The Organic Pharmacy’s own brand. Other advice from her: eat more red meat to add iron, and chew food better. Which can help with absorbing vitamins and also reducing stress. Plus, my blood sugars aren’t balanced, which is what worries me most. Lisa suggests eating more regularly (a snack mid afternoon is a good idea) and adding protein to carb-rich meals. A proper breakfast will help too, she says.

Is a lunar detox worth it?

The machine, and indeed the whole treatment, is by no means a diagnostic or medical tool. But it is an excellent holistic aid. Offering an additional measurement to assess how the body is functioning. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt I learnt a lot about detoxing with the moon too. If I got more out of it because of the lunar cycle’s current stage, great. But I don’t believe it’s a necessary pre-requisite. If you feel otherwise, the next full moons are October 24, November 23 and December 22 – book in now.

The Organic Pharmacy Lunar Cleanse, 80 minutes – £75

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This article was written in 2018

By Charlotte

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